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Irina Dobrzhanskaya

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Irina Dobrzhanskaya (Template:Lang-ru) is a young girl (20-year-old at that moment) that lived in Bryansk, who became famous after accident videos with her participation on October 7, 2011 were published on YouTube.

View from bus View from police car

The circumstances of the accident

Several times I was driven by her - she was very neat driver


—Irina's mother

The records clearly show that 29-year-old Anna Sivakova and her 3-year-old daughter Sonia were crossing the road at uncontrolled pedestrian crossing. As a result, Sonia was smeared on the asphalt, and the child's mother got in the hospital.

The accident was widely discussed on the Russian Internet. It was found that at the time of the accident Irina was talking on a cell phone, and before that, she was fined 4 times: twice for the absence of insurance, and twice for driving without seat belts. A troll in one of these discussions posted some photos of cars of the same brand, which drove Irina at the time of the accident, and said that the car was stolen in Belarus shortly before the accident. This information was quite quickly spread through other discussions, but in the end it turned out to be false.

Irina's father is a Wikipedia Favicon.png FSIN retired colonel, who worked as an electrician in a local school. Once he learned what had happened, he had a stroke. Some on online messageboard thought her colonel daddy would be able to keep her out of trouble.

Further events

Good people found her page in social network VKontakte, where she was registered with nickname kisochka (pussy). In discussions of the circumstances of this accident clever trolls actively participated, who, on behalf of Irina expressed outrage at the fact that Anna Sivakova carelessly crossed the road. In response, the others rapidly generated megabytes of copypasta with hatred. Her address and telephone number were published and prankers began to call Irina to commit suicide, and she almost managed to do it, but her mother stopped her.

Meanwhile, the local showed activity IRL and at October 12, 2011 organized a mass-meeting at the place of the accident, apprehended that Irina would escape punishment. Later, another mass-meeting was held in the yard of the Irina's house that did not like her father, and special squad began to protect the house, and even several people were arrested for taking part in the riots.

Meanwhile, Irina was sent to a psychiatric hospital, where she was guarded by the police. After discharge from the psychiatric hospital, she was placed under house arrest.

Her time in the hospital did her good - before it Irina strongly blamed herself for the death of the little girl, and after discharge from the psychiatric hospital, she said that she refused to admit her guilt, that Anna Sivakova had herself to blame for the death of her daughter - Anna Sivakova should have been more carefully watch at the road. And things in general are not very bad - in fact Anna Sivakova is alive and is able to give birth whoever she wants - either a boy, or a girl though. As far as Sonia killed - there's nothing you can do about it - on the road, anything can happen, and Irina considers wrong to reproach herself with this.

As a result, Dobrzhanskaya was sentenced to 4 years in prison and sentenced to pay 1.5 million rubles (about $50,000) as compensation to the victims.

Since at this pedestrian crossing before the accident also occurred accidents with damaged pedestrians (in 2011 - 1 dead and 9 disabled), the authorities, in addition to the allocation of the special forces and police to protect Dobzhansky family, decided on an unheard-of generosity - to punch a huge hole in the local budget and put on this pedestrian crossing ... traffic light. Yet, however, did not put, but they promised!


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