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    one of the only pictures of silume available
    another one of the only pictures of silume

    Ircimages is a poor man's Google Images. It spiders images placed in the topics of IRC channels, and allows its users to make comments on said images. Ircimages was started at least 100 years ago after IRC was invented by Khaled. Recently, Ircimages has become less focused on its original goals, and at least 50% of the images posted are by "respected" members, not spidered from IRC topics anymore, and usually are pictures of fat women or memes at least 100 years old.

    Typical Ircimage users are probably obese, much like CowboyNeal and exhibit taste in women as if they were worldwide heart throbs who could have anyone. In reality, most of them are probably virgins.

    Ircimages Memes

    Ircimages team

    It is often a race amongst Ircimages users to liken almost every image to an Australian troll named "nate", from being nate's mum to being nate's passport picture. nate is allegedly a "well hated person" according to Wikipedia, and thus is the source of all lulz against him on Ircimages. He was originally named adolfH, but since being banned multiple times he has returned as "nate," "fingerbang," "fingerbangII," and "adolphH."

    It is also customary for users to post "it's a man" on pictures of beautiful women, and users posting that some women are ugly, yet in reality these same users are probably lucky to have sex with a mare, just like Mr. Hands, never mind a man. Also, everyone hates anons, because of course, they are lifeless faggots whose opinions will never matter =D. European anons are especially hated because all Europeans, without exception, are slobbering fucktards who don't even have the balls to post with a fake name. Anyone with a job can delete their comments. Silume is known on Ircimages as the village gorilla. Sadly in the pictures provided, we can't see the inbred retard's face. The Ircimages chatroom(s) can be found on Quakenet or 1BadAssBird

    Usnjay is a frequent poster but only on images he feels are useful to reinforce his particular political agenda. A usnjay post is inevitably followed by a Yamamoto post, resulting in long, stunningly dull diatribes about politics, occasionally leavened with insults and threats of violence from Yamamoto. Usnjay seems to be some sort of Republican, Yamamoto's politics seem to be calculated to annoy most people.

    The Anon Troll

    Recently, an Anon has been trolling notable Ircimages users, posting items such as:

    "Anon> The Christmas Spamerama - Ends 01.01.07. Meh, fucking pointless, clueless, overweight 
    loner, who insists on droning everyone with his banal office bore humour. Let's hope Santa 
    brings him testicular cancer. Palffy, some fag newb who gets easily wound up and follows meh 
    like a brainless puppy, shares his lack of humour. Tard. RayNinBlood, a chubby 15 yr old who 
    gets overexcited at naked images, and got royally owned by me on several occasions, now hides 
    at the back like a scared bitch. Watcher, remember the little fat kid at school who smelled of 
    disinfectant and piss? This is him. Does deleting errands for Jason in the hope he will get 
    noticed, when he gets angry enough he uses a random insult generator off the net. Daft cunt. 
    Whitetrash and CAMELTOE, typical thick American kiddy-fiddlers, the internet is the only place 
    where they can speak their tiny hillbilly minds. They probably work for Mexicans in a 7-11. I 
    owned them so badly last year they switched the anons off. Weak as piss."

    The troll has had its success in provoking reaction including:

    "Zarion> anon you have yet to "own" anyone, however you have proven that you are 
    one sad individual, without the ability to compose even a single interesting insult, beyond 
    that you show a great graving for attention by posting the same useless attempts at 
    provoking the members. And when you start provoking or "owning" me, please try to come 
    up something original."


    "Whitetrash> The Christmas Spamerama - Ends 01.01.07............hopefully that is how much 
    more time the Dr. has given me to live.I know I was pwned hard by Anon and my britches are down 
    around my ankles. One who copies and pastes the repeated pile of shit like I do, appreciate a guy 
    like anon .You, are they champion anon, one who all anons can look to for advice. Rally your troops
     and bring along some cock for good measure. My brain cells can't match the turd I just dropped in
     the shitter.Even if I could figure out how to register there is another way there is no way I'd be 
    more then a sorry ass. I amuse myself by taking pictures of my asshole and emailing them to 

    Whitetrash's reply is typical of the "Phantom ignore"; where a user tells the world and makes it clear that he has ignored someone, yet will still reply to "ignored" posts.

    Hiding User Images

    A typical page on Ircimages

    Despite the original premise of Ircimages being a site that indexed picture files various 12 year olds had posted in IRC Channel topics, users were allowed to upload their own pictures. Some argue that Ircimages is thus no better than sites such as Flickr. After time, at least 99 out of 100 images were posted by Whitetrash and were either women he has no means of attracting or images from Rotten. Thus, Ircimages is losing its original idea and now becoming Whitetrash's own personal photo album. Sadly, as in real life for the CowboyNeal body double, no one actually cares. Jason decided to leave user posted images hidden by default, which restored what the site was actually meant to do (to an extent). This had the effect of creating pages upon pages of nothingness, like exhibit A to the left.

    Ircimages Catch Phrases

    There are quite a few catch phrases on ircimages, they include but are not limited to:

    • "Buttsecks" - Scottsters.
    • "bukkake" - a shitload of people.
    • "Enjoy your aids" - Nocturnal.
    • "aka gay" - nate <--- notice he isn't capitalised, he doesn't deserve it.
    • "yala yala" - Dr0ne.
    • "Token gay" - Tokengay.
    • "Token female" - moot <--- notice she isn't capitalised, she doesn't deserve it.
      • moot also masquerades as a female on IRCimages.com - none of the other users there buy his story, but he still insists it to be true.
    • "finds more pictures of the same girl" - Cuzman.
    • "White power or similar" - WhiteTrash / CAMELTOE / other members of "The White Knights".
    • "Cheeseburger" - anyone who says nigger, nigga, or similar.
    • "waterheads in my name" - CAMELTOE
    • "Dick Diving Cum Catcher" - CAMELTOE
    • "I have had my ass handed to my yet again. Therefore, you are a socialist." - usnjay
    • "Nazis are Socialists." -usnjay
    • "Usnjay is a cunt" -nearly everybody
    • "You're a stooge, UNSGAY" -Yamamoto
    • "Har x N" -LaFong
    • "I'd fuck her" - razz7uk
    • "i hate yanks the age of consint in europe is 12" - European anons



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