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    InvaderMar's definition of senior membership on dA...

    Even on deviantART, few people possess egos as enormous as the one that belongs to File:Deviantart-favicon.png InvaderMar. A lulzcow of only the highest caliber and the widest girth, Mar appears to hold the belief that she is in the top ten percent of artists on devianTART, a claim which can be disproved simply by skimming through her gallery.

    The predictions of many have finally come to fruition, as InvaderMar has earned a senior membership on devianTART. Apparently not even Mar herself knows how she came about this honor (SPOILER: Chimpantalones sucked a few dicks to get it for her), though the fact that she has been gagging on the penises of dA admins for a long time now would help explain it. After all, outside of fellatio and hideous art, Mar has contributed nothing to the site. For more information and an absolute mass of congratulatory comments from her fans, check out the announcement here: http://invadermar.deviantart.com/journal/17101369/


    File:Me in the Morning by InvaderMar.png
    Finally, she uploads an accurate pic of herself.

    If InvaderMar draws something, it will belong in one of two categories:

    If it's not drawn work, then it's more likely than not a photo of herself that has been put through Photoshop numerous times in an attempt to remove the acne from her wide face. But because the stupid whore can't even use the smudge tool correctly, it doesn't always work properly.

    Now, these traits aren't uncommon amongst devianTARTlets, but there remains one thing that differs InvaderMar from the average TARTlet: the size of her ego. Most talentless 16-year-old internet girls take unwarranted pride in their "art", but Mar takes the biscuit. She seems to be under the impression that she can draw well at all, and has also convinced the rest of her fandom to believe this. Each of her drawings is filled to the brim with anatomical problems, but it's NOT HER FAULT, OKAY? SHE MEANT TO DO IT THAT WAY. IT'S JUST HER STYLE. SHE'S STILL A GREAT ARTIST YOU GUYS. God.


    File:I LOVE COOKIES.gif
    Cookies first, boyfriend later.

    Finally something everyone agrees to, even Mar herself: She worships cookies. Even though it's somehow weird to worship something you eat, Mar cannot help it. Her obsession over cookies started at least 100 years ago and it has influenced many to take webcam pictures of several kinds of cookies all over the world. It is said that Mar has foreseen a day when the world runs out of cookies.


    File:InvaderMar is teh spammed.jpg
    Don't worry, they'll be banned!

    There came a point in InvaderMar's shining internet-stardom at which she decided it would be a good idea to build a devianTART chatroom to shelter the flocks of fansheep she had accumulated while they blew her e-cock. The chat was christened Fun4Fun because that's exactly what Mar expected to have as her fanbase performed emotional fellatio on her. Amusingly, her predictions came true, as said fanbase congregated around her to take turns blowing her e-penis. And as a result, we have Fun4Fun, a chatroom brimming with Mar's followers, a shrine meant solely for the worship and inflation of her already engorged ego. The entire population of Fun4Fun is weeaboos, who actually use emoticons more than words.

    Entertainingly enough, even though Mar and her fansheep claim that this article is "actually pretty funny", that it "doesn't bother them at all" and that the contributors are "just immature", they seem to stalk the damned thing, reacting nearly immediately whenever it's updated.

    Apparently, Mar's page has been spammed recently. This is how she gets it cleaned up since she cannot be arsed to use the hide comment button.


    Probably, the most fascinating thing about Mar is her incredibly devoted, clit-licking fanbase: the foundation of her horribly inflated ego, an entity matched only by her rubenesquely obese physique. Although, who can blame her when they fucking appease it with godawful fanvids? As expected, it consists primarily of virgin boys upon which it has not dawned that the photos she posts on her devianTART are LIES!!11one1! It has been estimated that if Mar posted a full-body photo of herself that had not been touched by Photoshop, at least 80% of her fanbase would simply leave devianTART forevar due to going blind at the sight of her multiple, acne-riddled chins.

    Basefag, nearly as self-centered as InvaderMar herself, under the impression that this entire article is about her.


    InvaderMar's military leader. Her gallery is filled with MySpace shots of herself being an emo or bland, uninspired cookie-cutter "nature" photography reminiscent of the type of landscapes one finds at those "art" shows held in sports arenas and tastelessly advertised during the "paid programming" time slot on TV. When there's some sort of drama that Mar doesn't want to get directly involved in, she will send out the troops. Unfortunately, while she thinks she poses some sort of threat to her opponents, Baseballfag tends to stick her face in places she might regret, making herself look like a complete and utter fool in the process. She claims to have some sort of life, but somehow still manages to spend all day in Fun4Fun abusing her mod powers. (Don't believe this? Have some proof.)

    Some argue that Baseballfag used to like Baseball even though she claims that she definitely does not. She had been dumped by her ex-boyfriend when he found out she has been giving Mar sexual favors in return of promotion to an operator which pushed her to slit her wrists, 4 times a day since then, until she met a muscular, gorgeous, intelligent guy. The couple will typically meet and get married next week.

    Would you like those sexual favors about now, hon?


    — baseballfag, truthing.


    A 23-year-old ephebophile that eagerly snatches up every possible opportunity to lick InvaderMar's ass, not only because she is the founder of Fun4Fun, but because she is delicious loli. Of course now that she has come of age, his interest in her has not changed, probably because she reeks of gonorrhea due to her uncontrollably humping the cocks of every male in her near vicinity.

    He also gets butthurt very fast making him an easy target for trolling.


    On the subject of child molesters, this charming fellow is the newest addition to InvaderMar's team of righteous defenders. A 17-year-old who currently cybers with the underage baseballfag all over the devianTART site, he has taken it upon himself to protect the innocent and punish those who have something horrible to say about InvaderMar with his devastating one word insults. Stream-Sun has also hilariously attempted to edit and delete this article four times, only to have it promptly reverted back to its original, true form.


    A TARTlet on deviantART who has nothing better to do but attempt at style stealing and possibly tracing. NotsoCuteTreats looks as InvaderFat as an "Inspiration". Sure, she's an Inspiration to ALL! Since she's so inspired by Mar she knows its best to draw a rip off picture. Holy Shit and the original. Compareplz. And just like Mar, this girl's anatomy looks like fucking shit!

    Chibi-Mimi demonstrates why people like Mar at all - they're fucking batshit.


    Another little InvaderMar wannabe. She fails to create her own style so she copies Mar's. The girl even copied her ID. God dammit she even copied Mar's older ID. Oh, but she totally didn't copy her relax picture. She also imitates Mar's cookie fetish, by going insane for icees And no, we shit you not.


    Don't you just want to thigh fuck her?! DON'T YOU?!

    Mar changes her "boyfriends" more often than she changes her panties. It's safe to say that the entire point of being in a relationship escapes her, because she is constantly hanging about in her chatroom, flirting with other 13-year-old boys, or fantasizing about screwing cartoon aliens. Her definition of 'boyfriend' is really just the leader of her ridiculously gigantic fanbase, someone who must unwillingly devote the entirety of their money and time to the slut. Below are a couple of examples.


    (aka Lee) A poor sap who fell head over heels for the bitch, completely unaware that it was a trap. He never realized that Mar had been sucking the money out of him until it was far too late. It was only after they met IRL that he finally figured out Mar was just another obese, acne-plastered 16-year-old girl and everything she said about her being in any way attractive was a lie.

    Ironically, it was Mar herself who initiated the breakup between them, claiming she no longer loved him, likely because she noticed she'd driven the kid into the poorhouse and he no longer had any monetary value. In an attempt to make herself look less like the cold bitch that she is, she immediately went around crying that Link3Kokiri had dumped her and how he was so horrible and cruel, and that he must have been gay to have broken up with a girl like herself. What's more, her entire fanbase believed her without question.

    emmm no i dont hate lee [...] i kept telling my current boyfriend that he was a nice boy


    —InvaderMar, forgetting she'd been calling said ex a "stupid idiot" for weeks prior.


    (aka Will Garvin) After the incredibly traumatizing breakup with Link3Kokiri, Mar went to draw questionable pictures of herself being a fat-thighed whore and posting them in her gallery. She often squealed about how she loved being single and how she was going to find herself some college boiz.

    She decided it would be a good idea to display just how much she appreciated being single by announcing the e-marriage of herself to devianTART Gallery Director/opportunity for her to suck admin cock, Chimpatalones. Wait, what?

    Regardless, the pair of TARTlets seem to be absolutely smitten with each other, even though InvaderMar has been seen flirting with operators in other chatrooms.

    It's too late. Just let go.

    Mar and Will. Lol, fattie.

    After further research, it seems that Chimpanties himself has been turned into a bit of a shmuck by Marilyn's elitist whore powers, rather deserving of his own article, if you will. For instance, as Gallery Moderator on devianTART, Will is assigned to the upkeep of his designated gallery. So naturally, what does he do? He stays offline for long stretches of time, presumably rolling around on his lazy arse, coming back for about five minutes a week so he can keep his status and not do anything with it. Not to mention as a person considerably high on the list of people on devianTART with power, he allows his slutty girlfriend to influence the shit out of him so that anyone she dislikes is pretty much on dA's hit list. Blocking people from his page for no reason, ignoring and even partaking in harassment against people his girlfriend hates, and forever acting pseudo-intellectual, he is probably one of the least mature admins on the site, and that's saying something.

    Also, he's from Texas.

    UPDATE: It looks like the dA staff has finally realized this and fired his pathetic ass. Of course, he uses gentle terms to describe his reception of the pink slip, such as "...frankly I wasn't able to devote enough of my time to deviantART for me to continue with moderating the emotes gallery." This, of course, means, "I was so lazy seeing as I was only visiting dA in order to keep my status but not do anything with it, that dA decided to fire me." Bets are being placed on whether or not InvaderMar will perform her sexual wiles on enough of the admins to claim the position herself.

    ANOTHER UPDATE: Judging by the present infrequency with which Marilyn has been screeching about how much internet sex she and Chimpantalones have been having, we have reason to believe that she and Will have finally split up. Normally, we should be proud of one such as Chimp to have pulled his head out of the recesses of his colon and seen what a hideous slut the girl is, but it took so god damn long that at this point, we really can't praise the little intelligence he has. Now that his visits to devianTART have become even more infrequent, it's safe to say that he has gone back to throwing his own shit at passers-by. Who will be InvaderMar's next unfortunate victim? We need only to sit and wait.


    It seems that Mar is attempting to add a little diversity to the ranks of those whose heads she most oft dunks into her yeast-infected crevices. We would say the bitch will get AIDS, but she most likely has already contracted it several thousand times over.

    Yet, BlackSen and InvaderMar seem to be a match made in heaven. Look in the gallery of either one and you will see more UNREALISTICALLY LARGE FANSERVICE TITS THAN EVER BEFORE. They are both so obsessed with giants breasts that Mar even draws him with man tits. Look at that shit.

    Research is in progress.


    Mar's first reaction to this article was to pretend to be amused by it, as is her knee-jerk reaction to anything negative in life (such as diets). Over time the false amusement has faded, replaced by a sad realization that this collection of truth was not going anywhere. When asked what people have against her to create something like this, she would tell them that she did "nothing" to deserve it. InvaderMar is actually under the delusion that she is completely innocent of anything, wherein reality she is just the bitch that is stated here.

    Nonetheless, she will tell anybody who will listen that she is a just a victim, and that anybody who insults her is doing it for "nothing". In the world of Mar, she is not even capable of performing negative acts to others. She is a pristine Scottish girl who has, in her own words, done "nothing". In truth, this is only partially correct. She has done nothing of value with her life, but that is all. She also, as is evident from this ridiculous defense, has nothing in her head.

    Mar finally admits to being a FatArse

    After weeks of bitching and complaining that ED was being immature and ludicrous for calling her fat, Mar, probably thinking that we were tired of watching her, posted a journal on devianTART, convinced that people actually gave a shit about her personal life.

    Hold on a minute. What's that?

    As if she wasn't already convincing enough, she then proceeded to whine about not getting shit to eat for her birthday.

    I was meaning to do something but didn't. I didn't even get a cake...which hit me. Alot.


    —InvaderMar, as if she needed one.

    UPDATE: A quick trip to Mar's facebook reveals that this 'fat whore' shit seems to run in the family. Check it out:

    The Epic Lol: Link3Kokiri Returns

    Once upon a time, InvaderMar wrote a journal asking her "fans" to ask her any question they could think of, to which she'd answer honestly. At about the same time, some File:Deviantart-favicon.png arrogant furfaggot thought this a golden opportunity to poke a bit of fun at Mar's incredible ego by asking some questions like the journal suggested. This earned her a block from Mar's page. After this, you'd think everything would be resolved.

    But being said arrogant furfaggot, she pushed just a little too fucking hard.

    And soon she was banned.

    Coincidentally (or not?), this furfag just so happened to be a close friend of Mar's ex-boyfriend Link3Kokiri. Link3Kokiri decided he had FUCKING HAD ENOUGH of Mar's more-important-than-thou attitude and unleashed the whole truth in his journal:

    I'm shocked, appalled and simply very upset that !Kameira was banned from deviantART. Now for all of you who may wonder why this is, I'll explain right here as short and to the point as I can. Unfortunately I'll have to explain from the beginning so many of you can come up with the lame excuse of "tl;dr". Whatever, it's necessary in order to explain this. Trust me when I say it's intended to not be biased and I'll stick more to facts than opinion.

    InvaderMar as many of you know, was my 'girlfriend' for nearly 2 years. At the time I had wonderful memories, but then began to realize I was being played for a fool, a toy, something to grab money out of. To be taken advantage of. When Mar suggested we break up, I agreed. Then just one day later (and this is an example of how she liked to toy with my life like it were some sort of soap opera) she exclaimed that we made a huge mistake and we should get back together because we were SO destined for each other. I reluctantly agreed to give it one more chance, but the illogical/immature arguments, the flirting, the bitching and the complete lack of actual passion continued. And I decided that it was definitely best for both of our sakes that the relationship had to end.

    From then on, I saw her for what she really was. Truly my eyes had been further opened. I still meant to stay as goodwill friends, still wanted to keep all the good memories. But she shattered it all and then some. I realized that Mar doesn't actually seem to have the capacity to know that she's not the only person in this world, and the earth doesn't revolve around her. She became a total bitch, for want (or not) of a better word. Claiming that, even after everything we'd been through, I had broken her heart, never cared for her and that (oh yes, of course) "You'll be back. You won't be able to leave me and when you do come back I won't forgive you". So many false and nasty rumors got spread about me and I do believe that I even mentioned in an earlier journal that Mar unblock me from msn so that we could talk like human beings for once and sort it all out in a civilized and proper manner, despite that constant rubbish I was getting my way due to her. Unfortunately she decided to completely ignore the fact it was just a reasonable question, and instead sent in her "fans" to rough me up a bit for it. Not that they done much more than made me laugh in disbelief.

    Then, roughly 5 or 6 months afterwords I became much closer to my best friend whom I've known since I pretty much started out at dA, !Kameira.

    Now Kam also helped me a hell of a lot through the rubbish times I was getting on dA and I still to this day could not thank her enough for her wonderful support. When I was getting spat upon and shunned by many due to Mar's lies, I wouldn't be on my own. And when it came a bit more apparent that we were seen as more of a couple than just friends, the rumors and lies began to spread about Kam herself. And so she decided to lash out about this with the truth. How Mar's unbelievable opinion of herself is no excuse to go around on a high horse being a bitch.

    Someone who considers herself a friend of Mar told me this, I'm not going to name names, but it goes far enough as to prove a few things to me. Including that fact that her ban was being - planned - by Mar and her 'fans'

    Got the picture yet? Well there's more. More than I could possibly write down about it all, but half of you would get all offended by it cause it sure is surprisingly nasty stuff. Besides it's not the point.

    The point is that I don't think. I know this has been a horribly unfair ban of an extremely talented and wonderful artist. Who, despite having many 'fans' of the artwork, actually considered them more as friends. We're talking about a 15 year old girl who's been art'ing and going about with her friendly personality for almost 3 years. A subscribed deviant. And this is why she was banned.

    After finding out of the latest rumors from mar calling out that she's a "whore" she posted this comment to a journal saying to ask any question. link

    Then after getting blocked for this with no reply, she posted this comment: link

    This is what she was perma-banned for. Extreme, much?

    I've never actually said anything uncalled for to Mar. On dA or off. But now she's simply gone too far. I'd say it on her page rather than this journal, but she blocked me from her page a few days ago already (for no reason. No seriously, ask her for a note or comment or any remark that gives a valid reason and see what she comes up with if you like).

    So yes, InvaderMar Please either grow up and stop being such a paranoid bitch that thinks she's important enough to warrant an "anti-mar" army. Because you're only making yourself even more hateful by more and more people. Or. Please do go to hell or something. Whichever you prefer suits me fine by now.

    We're supposed to be a community of artists working together and you've been solely fixated with making yourself believe you're some sort of celebrity on a website by posting photoshopped images and drawings of yourself and sucking up to admins to manipulate them into over seeing just who is actually deserving of getting a smack in the face to wake you up, while putting out hate and propaganda upon anyone who so much as gives you a bit of criticism on how you think you're above everyone. Especially after I realized we weren't made for each other and ended the relationship. Get over yourself already.

    Now I ask friends of my own, friends of Kam and whoever also finds this unacceptable, to help get a fellow deviant unbanned and back into the community with us. Or if some admin of dA reckons this is pretty much unjust as well, by all means, please correct it. Because it's as if this site enjoys booting out people just for the sake of it. If Kameira ain't going to be around anymore, then there's hardly enough reason for me to be here either. Peace, out.


    —Link3Kokiri, for great justice.

    Wow! So Mar is actually the lying, gossiping, selfish, manipulative, fat bitch that we always said she was!

    As anyone can imagine, both supporters of Link3Kokiri and Mar's fanbase unleashed their unbridled rage all over the place, and the journal became a horrible mess. And as expected, Mar's fanbase, including the host to her cock-sucking parasitic ways, immediately tripped all over themselves in an explosion of uninspired insults, policy quotations and hypocrisy.

    Sources say that it took well over a month of crying for Kameira to be unbanned.

    You can find lulz of the highest quality from the incident in the gallery directly below.

    Mar is a Nazi

    Do what you want 'cause a Nazi is free, you are a Nazi! HEIL! HEIL! No freedom there be, being a Nazi is alright for me! Do what you want 'cause a Nazi is free, you are a Nazi!

    Oh shut up. Mar can do whatever she wants, alright? YOUR not the boss of her.


    Catlover980, on InvaderMar...so, like Hitler, right?

    Mar Has Enough

    "Making the most of your life" is code for "wasting away on dA, as usual".
    "MarInvader" defends InvaderMar from trolls.

    UPDATE 2: she's back. That's right, her ego couldn't deflate properly and she just had to come crawling back, like a fucking dog with her tail between those massive thighs...which is surprising, as it was considered impossible for anything to fit between them. She continues to put up "artwork" like Invader Zim sexcapades while apologizing to her die-hard fans, saying "Apologies for my absence :( ILU ALL <3333." Any 16-year-old knows that ILU really means continue to suck my e-dick, but her fans all nod in obedience and swear to Justin Bieber that they never once questioned their faith to her.

    UPDATE: Found her! Mar isn't gone, she's still whoring around using the alias MarInvader! So much for will power. Well, she did say she might be back soon!

    On the 30th of August, 2008, Mar finally decided she had to leave devianTART, like all attention whores eventually do. And, as all attention whores eventually do, she made a huge deal of it by writing a whining journal about how she wanted to abandon the internets and make the most of her real life. The journal looks vaguely convincing, and just when you begin to think she's serious, she says the following:

    I will likely be back, either that meaning very soon or a very long time. And when I do come back, I plan to also finish one last tiny thing I'm taking care of. Mmmm, revenge is sweet. Can't wait to clear up everything and much moooore...


    —InvaderMar, promising to return with moar dramas!

    But why is she leaving? Is she really looking for a better life? Or is there something more behind it?

    Obviously! Further down in her journal, you notice...

    To clear up the retarded comments I got: I do not think I am dA's 'top 10% artist' and never did, I do not at all have a big ego (of course they would think so because I DRAW, LOL), and as people have already known, I always put others before myself, online and off. Get to know me before what you see/hear kthx. Didn't your parents tell you not to judge others before getting to know them?



    ...she is fairly quick to reassure us that she does NOT think she is in the top 10%. Which happens to be mentioned in a line from a recent song made about her. Not only that, but evidence has been found of Mar mentioning that the main reason she left devianTART was because of all the "harassment" she was receiving. So, ultimately, she left because of us.

    Gentlemen, rejoice. You have done well.

    Also, she changed her online status from invisible to visible so we could see how long she was gone for. But she's not fooling anybody. We know she just remains logged out logs into another account as she browses through the festering cesspool of pleading, crying comments begging her not to leave, while chuckling to herself and rhythmically stroking her plump, smegma-caked e-dick. We know.


    According to Chimpantalones, her account has been HACKED. Is this true? Nobody knows.

    Except that it was impossible for anybody not to be able to "hack" her, because she apparently inadvertently posted the answer to her security question EVERYWHERE ON THE INTERNET because she talks about herself too fucking god damn much.

    InvaderMar Yiffs!

    Just when we thought this could not possibly, in any way, get worse.

    Pictures such as the following have made themselves disturbingly prevalent on devianTART:


    Well I'm still a happy, beautiful, lucky girl with a veeeery handsome, and most handsome boyfriend yet (which I hear I'm living with soon!), who has a great future awaiting me, so it doesn't bother me one bit. XD


    InvaderMar, definitely not trying to make herself feel better.

    jealous wee girl


    —InvaderMar, convinced this article was written by a girl.

    i have hips and boobs, i have nothing to complain about


    —InvaderMar, obviously forgetting about all the fat attached to her.

    So I asked him, what does he see as succeeding? And his answer was happiness. He said courses and art school is basically there to teach and bring something out of a student, that I'm so talented within anyway so there's no need to go through with that, that that's just there to give you even more education for the future. Why need it if you already have all the education yourself; your talent within?


    InvaderMar, thinking rather highly of herself by considering herself talented at all.

    If you're going to judge me without getting to know me then if that's your eye of success then by all means you do that, but that isn't going to stop me from what makes me happy, not you.


    —InvaderMar, ibidem, channeling George W. Bush.

    No `InvaderMar or ^Chimpantalones for a week peeps! We're going to have hott hott s- .... s... s.... sausages?? (lmao I fail)


    Trying to hide her sexing with the devianTART emoticon GD.


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