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    File:Inuyasha jesus.jpg
    InuYasha meets Inu-Yeshua
    A typical fight scene between Kagome and a demon.

    InuYasha is the classical tale of a girl and her dog-wolf-demon. Set in the Sengoku feudal era, Japanese jailbait schoolgirl Kagome travels to the past through her grandfathers wishing well and arrives in the past. She finds the Japan of yore was inhabited by demons and rednecks (who presumably interbred to form the modern Japanese population) and meets pedo-necro-zoophile InuYasha pegged to a tree by a magic arrow. Fulfilling her female duty to immediately fuck everything up, Kagome unleashes InuYasha from the tree and also destroys the shikon no who-gives-a-shit into the tiny sacred jewel shards all in the first episode. Consequently, InuYasha, once a powerful demon with super rape powers, is demoted from pitcher to catcher and must literally respond to Kagome's beck and call.

    Epic win.gif
    Down boy.


    —dear god help us all


    File:InuyashaXSesshomaru Collab by CarSoda.jpg
    Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru are fierce rivals.

    Most of the first episodes revolve around InuYasha trying to hunt down his ex-girlfriend's corpse so he can fuck it for old times' sake. Kagome is ok with this because IRL Kagome is obviously dying alone, which is the main reason she has a furfag, pervert, a whiny old slut and her pet cat for friends. Arguably, the medieval Japanese setting might just be Kagome's delusional autism-induced fantasy land and Kagome just snapped her spine and went into a coma after jumping into the well.

    For the rest of the series Kagome gets in trouble prompting her to yell "INUYAAASHAAAAA", to which he replies "KAGOOMEEEEEEE" (sometimes it's the other way around, and happens over 50 times in an episode). There's also a bunch of stupid fights which they always lose. Rinse and repeat for 167 TV episodes, four movies, 56 manga volumes and a twelve year run on Adult Swim. Nothing ever fucking happens.

    Sometimes, the plot changes to center around Inuyasha's cross-dressing pedophile older brother Sesshomaru at random moments. The only reason he's around at all is probably because yaoi fangirls think he's hot, and often write incestuous fanfics involving him and Inuyasha. Sesshomaru is also accompanied by a token loli to appease the pedos, and to satisfy his own pedo desires when the show isn't revolved around him.

    This happens all the time.

    Video Examples of the plot


    TL;DR: Over 9,000 other characters: They're so interesting that you should already know about them by now!

    • Inuyasha (Pronounced as "In-your-washer"): Typical butthurt hero. He's half-demon because his mom was constantly whoring herself out to all the furries in town, thus, he was born with cat ears (no, they don't look like dog ears at all). He got pinned to a tree for over 9000 years by a single arrow, because he fails just that hard. He's constantly bitching because he loves two different girls, despite the fact that THEY'RE BOTH THE SAME BITCH, and that he's a frickin' demon, and therefore could just take any pussy he wants. He's got a sword that grows when you hold it complete with a furry hilt. Inuyasha's main goal is to yiff with both the corpse and the schoolgirl (which are both the same chick by some fucked up Quantum Leap logic).
    • Naraku : Ancient Japan's Vladimir Putin complete with Soviet army. Also luvs VODKA VODKA All he does is crush poor demon souls with his merciless Socialist-Communist ideology and then reform them from artists, musicians and hippies into productive doctors, scientists or officers. Naraku spams Inuyasha with a bunch of poverty-stricken capitalist demons and then runs away on a Segway. He also loves to spam Inuyasha with fake Flash Player downloads. He loves it to kill his enemies with a gas, which is called Miasma.
    • Kagome : A clone of Kikyo who likes torturing Inuyasha, getting kidnapped at least 100 times and saying she's not Kikyo. If she just said "YES, I AM KIKYO!" then the 2,042,904,209 episode series would have never existed, saving humanity. In combat, she basically stands around saying "EENOOYAASHAA" over and over, and can very rarely be seen shooting magical arrows from her vagina which never have any effect. She goes back and forth through time by going through a magical well that only her and Inuyasha can use for no explained reason. Apparently there wasn't enough room for plot in 558 fucking chapters.
    • Kikyo : A dead chick made of clay who used to be some magical priestess but now is just a zombie who falls off cliffs and eats souls. Inuyasha and Naraku both want her hot, decaying ass, even though she wants to kill them both. She's a total emo, as throughout the series when she's alive (she dies like 500 fucking times), she just walks around looking at shit and not talking.
    • Miroku : Like every guy on /b/, he will fuck anything with tits and has a hole in his hand so he can go fuck himself, too. Only exists to provide the standard animu pervert jokes. In the past he was cursed by Naraku with the Carpal Tunnel Curse in his right hand. He gets raped in the ass if any of Naraku's stupid little bug things get sucked into his black hole. The endless black hole in his hand is just another one of InuYasha's many plot holes.
    • Sango : A brunette dominatrix who tries everything to save her 11 year old brother. She wants cock but hides it by raping her pet cat/fox-thing, Kirara, when nobody is looking. She agrees to live with Miroku later even though he didn't agree to stop fondling other women, and afterwards still won't let him grope her ass like the cocktease she is. Miroku later turns her into a baby farm. She uses a giant tampon in battle, and refuses to attack with it unless she can shriek "HIRAIKOETZ" at the top of her lungs; which of course makes for a stealthy attack. She is as useless in combat as Kagome, but is marginally hotter with a greater ass and allows for threesomes in fanfiction.
    • Shippo : A fox demon who is always wanting yiff from a "human female." He's fucking useless and his only power is turning into a mushroom or a pink balloon thing and getting lolis to ride his 2 inch ten-year-old dick as shown in episode 16 he has no genitalia, he was castrated and penectomized in his very early childhood; did you never ask yourself why the fuck he sounds like a girl? He constantly bitches about everything and everyone, despite the fact that he literally does nothing for the group.
    • Jaken : Sesshomaru's pet Jew. He resembles the unholy offspring of a Smurf and a Battletoad. He just runs around not doing anything, like most of the characters in the series.
    • Rin : Annoying little girl who follows Sesshoumaru and won't shut the fuck up after she decides to stop being mute. Her purpose in plot is predictably nil, except for a few times where she's predictably kidnapped.
    • Kohaku : Sango's little "special" brother. He dies near the beginning but gets brought back by Naraku (also a famous Necrophiliac) as a zombeh!! He spends the entire show drooling and doing a whole lot of NOTHING. Everyone knows the only reason he's there is to appease the dangerously boy-hungry pedo masses.
    • Kanna: Albino loli who says like 3 words during the entire series. She has a gay little mirror that allows her to watch porn or some shit. Naraku spawned her, probably by fucking a soft serve ice cream machine. Her name translated means "duck shit."
    • Kagura : Some dumb whore who was spawned after Kanna. She uses her fan to direct her flatulence at her foes, and is notable as the only character in the series who both participated in combat and had plot relevance. She gets a boner for Sesshoumaru and refuses to let Naraku rape her, so he pwns her and she deflates or some shit, thus ending possibly the only piece of interesting plot present during the series.
    • Kaede : Kikyo's sister, and great in bed. Her role in the series is to be a whiny old whore and little else. Spams "ye" and "yonder" in EVERY FUCKING SENTENCE which makes about as much sense as Nazis speaking with British accents.

    The Band of Seven

    The Band of Seven is noted as the only season where the episodes had a linear plot line instead of the usual two filler episodes, something plot related, two more filler episodes, rinse and repeat. Basically, a band of rapists who died at least 100 years ago were resurrected by Naraku last Thursday so he could have a necrophilic orgy, which he intended to have on top of a magical mountain with a l337 shield hack. This plan backfired however, Eeeenoooyaaaashaaaaaa and his merry band of filler characters managed to troll them all to death, which is not very impressive considering several members were quite obviously retarded (this applies to both the Band and Inuyasha's entourage).

    • Kyokotsu - Giant tree-thing whose weapon is a huge anal bead on a string. He is a closet furry and tried to yiff the wolf demons, but Koga showed up and gave him AIDS.
    • Jakotsu - A slightly retarded tranny who faps whenever he sees Inuyasha. His weapon is an infinitely long multi-segmented dildo which he uses to rape people during unnecessarily long battles. He dies when Renkotsu penetrates his flesh and steals his jewel, much to the BAWWWW of fangirls everywhere.
    • Ginkotsu - Some kind of cyborg/tank with Down Syndrome, his weaponry consists of various S+M toys concealed about his person.
    • Suikotsu - Lazy plagiarism of Wolverine. He apparently loves himself soem loli. Has two personalities, but both of them love the CP, the personality change just denotes his fetishes, as regular Suikotsu prefers guro.
    • Bankotsu - Fag with an irritating voice; is the leader of the Band (because he's the one with the biggest sword) and fights with a huge metallic penis. Is predictably killed by Inuyasha, most likely yiffed to death.

    Dialogue Sample

    Inuyasha: NARAKU! Let's go get him with full knowledge that he'll just puss out when he's in danger!

    Kagome: INUYASHA!

    Naraku: Now you must deal with my latest puppet thing I jizzed out last episode!

    Sango: HIRAIKOTSU! *her attack has no effect* Oh well, I guess I should stop trying and do FUCKING NOTHING FOR THE ENTIRE BATTLE NOW.


    Miroku: Don't worry, I'll just use my deus ex machina magic hand thing! OH NOES IT'S THE deus ex machina BUGS AGAIN!

    Sango: Stop grabbing my ass god-fucking-damnit!


    Naraku: Blah blah Shikon Jewel blah blah Inuyasha blah blah I'm a trap blah blah!

    Sesshoumaru: MmmMmmMmm Here I am, mysterious and pretty MmmMmmMmm


    Sesshoumaru: Something about Tetsusaiga, nobody is listening by this point anyway


    Inuyasha: KAGOOMEEEE!


    Inuyasha: KAGOOMEEEE!


    Inuyasha: KAGOOMEEEE!

    Kagura: We're here for no reason!

    Kanna: Watch out for my mirror that doesn't actually do anything!


    Inuyasha: Stfu plz


    Inuyasha: Back off creep. I want to stand in the front. (okay, this one is for real)

    Kagome: [email protected]#%2265427892NEJETKRTGNWRJHTIRT

    Shippou: HURP DE DURP

    Inuyasha: Haha, Naraku is nearly dead w00tz0rs

    Naraku: Yo holmes, smell you later!


    Sesshoumaru: I'm leaving now, despite the fact I never even clarified why I came in the first place.

    Jaken: Mmm, Lord Sesshoumaru, durka durka Me Lord durka durka

    Miroku: Hey anyone want to have my baby?

    Kaede: YouYe are all fucking useless pieces of shite.

    Inu Yasha Fandom

    Speaks for itself.
    A combination of animu cosplay and a fatal case of internet disease and fur faggotry.

    Most of the fans that like Inuyasha are awesome like Inuyasha too, seeing as they spend most of their time watching Inuyasha posters and spamming animu forums with yaoi fanfics that are filled with exclamation points and fail. Most of them are otherkin and cosplay anything with dog or cat ears, even if it's a pot of steamy shit.

    /b/, I think Inuyasha is a great show. It is definitely the best anime to come out of Japan in the last 10 years. I don't see why everyone bad mouths it so much. It doesn't deserve ANY of the hate it gets. It has undisputedly the greatest romance in anime history- Inuyasha and Kagome's love has touched my heart on numerous occasions. Inuyasha's struggle to cope with the death of his previous love Kikyo adds immeasurable depth to the story. And the supporting cast is superb. Miroku the lecherous monk is my favorite comic relief character of all time, and he can be serious too! I think it was a VERY courageous decision on the part of Rumiko Takashi to make a lecherous monk character. And Sango's missing brother, so good. And Naraku! Naraku is the best villain EVER. He's so sadistic, evil, and cool. He'll stop at nothing to get those Shikon Jewel Shards. And Sesshomaru. Sesshomaru, is not only the coolest guy in all anime, he's a really deep anti-hero character. But there's one that stands out above all- The Hero. Inuyasha. Inuyasha is my favorite character in anything I've ever watched or read. He can be hillarious, loving and fierce all in one episode. And he's got such beautifully drawn silver locks. And his dog ears are so cute, I just want to rub them everytime I see them. And he has such an awesome robe. And his MC Hammer pants. And his sword is the coolest anime weapon ever, Tetsusaiga! I think the reason that people hate Inuyasha is because it was written by a woman, and they're just sad they'll never write anything as good as Inuyasha


    —example fan

    Many will post crappy YouTube tributes (which all have the same overused shitty fanart presented in a well-made slideshow) or write TL;DR fanfiction explaining why Kagome/Kikyo/Sango/Shippo/Koga deserves Inuyasha. What they all fail to see is that Inuyasha is probably the least desirable personage in all of imagination.

    Those who aren't writing about which slut or fag should hop on Inuyasha's cock write outlandish non-canonical pairings to Mary Sues and bad poetry. Even mentioning the possibility of the opposite pairing than the one suggested will send them into a rage of bad grammar, noncanon references, and their personal thoughts on the matter.

    Although the series has ended, most are unaware of this fact and eventually will lose interest and become obsessed with the latest anime showing on Adult Swim. More is on the way, however, so expect this faggotry to go on forever.

    Incest Obsession

    Every single Inuyasha fan writes these. We don't know why they are so obsessed with it, we think it has something to do with the fact that they're all inbred themselves or they were molested and liked it.

    None the less, here is an example....

    A more acceptable gay incest.
    It's a shame nobody ever writes these.
    The retards who fap to this call it Inucest
    I expected the pain of his fist when it came, and I was not quick enough to duck, or to run to my mother for protection. He shoved me to the floor, and I could hear my mother's gasp as he shredded my clothing and forced his hips against me, dry mounting me.


    This sensation...it startled me, and I yipped my distress, whining and crying, though he did not penetrate me. Not then. His hips thrust against my ass over and over again and his hand, with the claws poking the thin skin of my neck held my face to the floor, his body pressed against mine, covering mine. And when he was done humping me I was properly contrite, writhing around on the floor, showing him my belly and neck and groveling for his forgiveness. For his acceptance. His dominance. He ignored me. I had not pleased him enough. But when I tried to rejoin the meal, all it took was a glance and a narrowing of his eyes and I nearly fell to the floor, so fast was my retreat from my chair. I remained, despite my mother's soft voiced protests and coaxing, on the floor for the rest of that meal. He did not always disrobe me, or his own male parts. He did not always become erect. It was never about sex, but dominance, status and submission. Power. He had it, and I submitted to it. The first time he penetrated me, I cried like the pup I was. I was far too young for such a thing, but that did not concern my brother at all. He mounted me like a misbehaving bitch and fucked me hard. I sobbed and begged and bled until he finished and shoved me away. Then I came crawling back, rolling around at his feet and groveling until he allowed me to redeem myself somewhat by cleaning my mess from his cock.



    Screenshots from InuYasha About missing Pics
    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]



    This summarises the series quite well.
    • Action: 4 (They try to cover up lack of plot by having the characters constantly fighting the monster-of-the-week)
    • Lulz: 3 (5 after you realize the script is mainly "KAGOOOOOOOMEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!" "INUUUYASHAAAAAA!" "KAGOOOMEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!" "INUUUUYASHAAAAA!!!!" sometimes you get a "KIKYOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" "INUYASHA!" Kikyo never says anything.)
    • Furfaggotry: Over 9000! So much, that one glance at it could explode your head all over the sidewalk outside of the electronics store, and if it doesn't explode your head you will have a sudden craving to go to San Francisco.
    • Guro: -100. There is no gore, just bones.

    Example Fans

    • Superdemon-Inuyasha - totally does not trace.
    • Boxxy - Once tried selling an InuYasha messenger bag for $999,999.99. You'd buy it.

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