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    Inuki is actually a man IRL.

    Enjoy your cock!   8====D (_(__)

    Inuki is a female furry drama whore from Germany. Her biggest achievement in life so far is to be the second person ever to be permanently banned from the German furry convention Eurofurence, since its conception in 1995 (the only other individual being Nekobe, a convicted sexual predator from Belgium).

    Conference B&

    She got B& after making false claims that a dog was molested at the convention in the year 2007 one week afterward. However, there were several eye witnesses that claim this dog was not molested, but merely given a tummy rub. Now, why would anybody believe that giving a dog a tummy rub would be as bad as sticking it in its pooper? The obvious answer is that Inuki was extremely butthurt because the cub porn magazine Softpaw Magazine was banned from Eurofurence; she herself had drawn a shitty comic for this magazine and obviously wanted to make millions off of mindless furfags by selling it at this con, and so attempted an act of revenge to piss down the backs of the con staff, but it ended up backfiring in the end.
    She deleted the original FurAffinity journal entry in which she made the false claims shortly after the Eurofurence staff threatened to take legal action against her. She replaced it with this (now also defunct) entry to erase all the evidence in the now deleted comments that she is indeed the lying cunt she is (on an unrelated note, the owner of the relevant dog seems to have had a bad day because of this incident according to a comment in this journal entry). On top of this, she later wrote another entry in which she claimed that this was all just a social experiment from her in a last failed attempt to save her butt.

    FChan Drama

    In October 2007, there was an extremely retarded and completely unnecessary argument on Fchan about what board her "art" was to be posted in. As a result of this, she is now on its ever growing DNP list.

    Car Sex

    As of March 16, 2009, Inuki has left DeviantART over a single image violation, similar in action with many other notable tartlets. The image in question was first removed for allegations of art theft due to a username mixup, because her rabid fans couldn't seem to realize that the Inuki on FA was obviously the same Ikuni on DA. This was soon rectified, but removed again days later because the content was "not welcome here".

    so my picture "car sex" was removed for art thief :/

    oh yeah funny thats a joke or? they just deleted the picc even when Im the ORGINAL creator. and nobody even dared to ask me if I can prove to be the creator. I dont even wanne think of that some of the people here thought "oh but its art thief its was done by INUKI"

    fucking damm Im inuki :/ its not hard to guess is it?

    this is really the first time I rant like that but hell a picc was removed cause they think Im an art thief????? hello? especially a picc like that :/

    I probarly will reupload it just for the hell of it since its my picc and I can prove it from the sketch to the end file.


    This would easily have been avoidable had she bothered to use the same spelling on both accounts.

    yush I just got the car sex picc removed again but this time because the content is not welcome here(yeah since a mature report and ART THIEF can be mistaken so easy ohh)

    Yeah well the picc was mean to be a parody and nothing really sexuall in teh first case but yeah if DA Staff thinks its fapable wel yeah than fine.

    I not really upload much here anyway no more since you get your art removed or report for reasons far away from my understanding. also most my friends leave this place here so yeah I will pretty much do the same. Sadly some my real good friends are still here so I will be around to favo and comment but thats it bascilly.


    Not even DA tolerates your furfaggotry.


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