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    Intervocalic, which means "to occur between vowels," operates under many aliases, the most widely-known of which are "get_busy_living" (which was recently changed to "intervocalic1"), "ms_dramatica" and "Cheeseboy." He is colloquially referred to as "Crazy Dave," owing to the fact that he's fucked up in the head.

    Intervocalic is most BALL famous for the "faggot incident" of October 2004, which was outrageous enough to get him featured on LJDrama. During the incident, intervocalic went on a huge rampage about how being called a faggot was the worst thing ever.

    His tirade resulted in people modifying his userpic to flash the word "faggot" across it, which they then posted to his LiveJournal via comments. Thus it was that the faggot icon fad, as facilitated by jeremyjx and rfjason, was born. Of course, once Crazy Dave (pencil neck that he is) realized all the "cool kids" were getting faggot icons, he made a request for one of his own, completely reversing his earlier position.

    His request was flatly denied.

    IN THIS ISSUE: Ms. Dramatica ... UNMASKED!

    Intervocalic is also notorious in certain circles for his personal all time low of telling a cancer patient to "just hurry up and die already," as well as for his feeble attempt to embrace teh drama and get "in" with his circle of detractors by posting e-hate under the charming sobriquet "ms_dramatica." This clever ploy was unsurprisingly exposed in about ten minutes, though it nevertheless marks a key development in intervocalic's dramatic rebirth.

    Both prior to and during many of the above-listed occurrences, intervocalic stalked LJ user tuicanis for what seemed like an eternity, and later set his sights on LJ User xtex. These days he is obsessed with File:Lj-favicon.png bryen, who also used to date xtex. In a shocking turn of events, CheeseBoy is now going to try the bi-sexual route according to his latest online profile.

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