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    Internet Model

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    Glitter Bitch being a classy mother fucker.
    Typical internet model.
    File:Kotakoti Megaphotoshop.jpg
    Kotakoti AKA. Dakota Ostrenga, also an internet model.

    Internet Models are similar to camwhores in the way that they usually don't have a job out side of whoring or stripping, and spend a great deal of their time online begging for people to buy them stuff off of their Amazon wish list.

    They are a similar beast, but the defining difference is that the "models" don't spend most of their time in front of a web cam, and if they do, it is usually in connection with a porn site. The pictures that they post of themselves are almost never self-taken, but are taken by aspiring photographers, artists and pornographers. They also operate under the guise as artists themselves, claiming to be a muse.

    They are also a part of the modeling subculture, which should not be confused with the modeling industry. The difference between the two concepts is that if you succeed, you can actually make a living in the modeling industry. "Making it" in the modeling subculture consists of appearing in music videos for no-name bands and people posting to your twenty different profiles on assorted social networking sites gushing about how lovely you are.

    Even though it is impossible to make it modeling (even if these people actually were attractive outside of Photoshop), they still indulge in the circle jerk of considering themselves "professionals".


    What attention whores would like you to believe Internet Modeling is:

    Fame achieved... sort of...

    A fast paced and glamorous career of the bold and beautiful. When you are an Internet Model, everyone loves you for your style and personality, the fact that you are drop-dead gorgeous is only a side-benefit.

    While a majority of professional Internet Modeling work is for erotic and glamorous art sites, there is absolutely no shame in baring all. Especially when it is in the name of art and feminism, challenging the ideal of beauty and the expectations of women that society has. If you pose nude, you are an independent and knowledgeable thinker with more guts and self-esteem than a great majority of the prudes. Plus, you'll get at least 100 friend requests on ModelMayhem. Totally worth it, amirite? Most of the models are uglier than an ant's ballsack so if you are uglier than an ant's ballsack get the fuck out.

    Even if you don't pursue a professional career, you can still make it big by posting hot pictures of yourself on social networking sites such as Instagram or by vlogging on YouTube. Even if you're not getting paid for it, people will still appreciate your creativeness and beauty.


    What Internet Modeling really is:

    How internet models make money.

    A bunch of prostitots, strippers and middle-aged house wives trying to make it big by wearing cheap corsets they bought at Walmart and posting pics to /b/, Instagram and other places where sick fucks will fap to them and tell them how pretty they are.

    Considering how few of these Internet Models are actually professionals or have any idea how the industry really works, they make easy pickings for assholes and others that are looking to use them like a tissue and throw them away after they cum in them.

    The only real way to make money by being an Internet Model is to work with professional porn sites. Many Internet Models actually make the leap into being full fledged porn stars through these. They go from posting softcore artsy pictures to posting hardcore fucking videos in a matter of months. After spending time around porn stars they realize quickly that fans aren't interested in their face, but their pussy.

    Sometimes attention whores like to claim to be Internet Models, but ask them for a list of credentials and they will only stare at you like you have three heads. Most commonly they will just direct you to their Facebook and act like how many "friends" they have actually means something.

    Gallery of Fame and Beauty

    Internet Models

    File:Raquel reed.jpg
    Raquel Reed: making sure the fine folks over at Photoshop have a job.
    Zui Suicide: keeping your local crack house in business since 1978.
    File:Before surgery.jpg
    Jeffree Star Photoshopped before his surgery

    This list is only a small portion of this lulzy and fucked up subculture of self-important whores with USI and unrealistic expectations. There are moar than you can even begin to imagine.

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