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    Internet Humanitarianism

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    Who to "help" and how much to help them

    Internet Humanitarianism is a severe form of internet disease which existed throughout the world for centuries, but started to accelerate during the coming of the web 2.0. Internet Humanitarians are frequently referred to as Internet Paladins.

    Symptoms of Humanitarianism

    • Claiming to act purely to help others, despite being purely for their own benefit.
    • Selfless, until they realize no one around is regretful
    • Value vigilantism, until they're the ones being vigilante
    • Value freedom of speech, until their privacy is broken
    • Value open source, until their system breaks
    • Value socialism, until they are broke from paying for Niggas' health care.
    • Value morality, until the world finds out about their own mistakes.
    • Value the opinion of others, unless it's critique, then you are hater.
    • Believe in the power of the people, until they realize they can't dictate what happens, X is not your personal army.
    • Starting an internets genocide against all trolls.
    • Falling in love while using a random loli's pictures.

    Known internet humanitarians

    Known IRL humanitarians

    The only fags that care about other people are just desperately craving attention, negating whatever humanitarian impact they were trying to have in the first place. Including Especially Oprah and Bono.

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