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    Internet Freedom Movement

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    The Internet Freedom Movement (IFM) is a movement intended to stop the Anti-Counterfeit Trade Agreement from taking effect. They thought it would be the next potential epic movement since Chanology but it's pretty much dying thanks to all the drama.


    Get it viral


    The IFM was started when Cthulhu rose from the depths of Sarah Palin's filthy vagina in an attempt to thwart said faggotry. First recruiting Van Helsing, Cthulhu then immediately demanded /b/lackup, and the war upon faggotry commenced in earnest. As of current, the movement consists of two websites, a forum, and an IRC channel.


    Seisatsu: A weeaboo fapping with a flacid cock

    A lot of drama has occurred in IFM's old IRC but was fixed when the entire operation moved to a server with more whiney, butthurt admins, like Seisatsu (pictured). Seisatsu, as his name implies, is a whiny weeaboo who has no business running an IRC server.

    The excess drama has caused the project to end, and those that got out of it early are enjoying many lulz watching the few remaining members cling to what's left, which is nothing.


    The IFM has two websites, and an IRC channel which averages about > 60 users at any time, usually consisting of everyone talking at the same time and unable to shut the fuck up. This makes the mods on the IRC butthurt and ban random people. Disregard that, IFM imploded onto itself!

    Howard Berman

    Howard Berman will be targeted. The man who is promoting ACTA is Howard Berman. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Howard_Berman

    These are his top 4 contributors. Top four campaign contributions for 2006: Time Warner $21,000 News Corp $15,000 Sony Corp of America $14,000 Walt Disney Co $13,550

    Top two Industries: TV/Movies/Music $181,050 Lawyers/Law Firms $114,200 http://www.p2pnet.net/story/16026

    See Operation_GTFO

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