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    /int/ summed up in one picture.

    /int/ is a board on many Chan websites dedicated to discussion about international stuff. The most notable ones are on 4chan and Krautchan, but there are already multiple articles about the Krautchan bullshit, so fuck off because this article is about the 4chan one.

    On 4chan

    This is pretty much what every thread on /int/ is like.

    Probably one of the shittiest and at the same time lulziest boards on 4chan. Before the deletion of /new/, 4chan's /int/ was pretty much like the one on KC(Krautchan). At that time, it was basically faggots from around the world sucking each others dicks because they happened to be born in a country. Most of this nationalistic faggotry came from the Scandinavian countries who thought that they were all vikings when really they are all fat virgins who never leave the house, just like any other person on /int/.

    Mewt deletes /new/

    Last thursday, joo decided to troll everyone on 4chan by deleting the board /new/. Moot knew this would not be an end to the /new/faggotry; instead, they all moved to other boards (most of them to /int/) and made their home there. This caused a lot of drama that basically transformed the /int/ on 4chan into stormfront. Ever since /new/ was deleted, /int/ became a haven for white nationalists and now is only made up of Nazi threads, people asking if they are white and anti-American threads. However, because the people on /int/ are faggots trying to bolster their nationality, it is a board that begs to be trolled.

    In a effort to stem the amount of drama occurring on /int/ due to /new/ closing, The Mods created the sub-boards /newnew/ and /newpol/. These two text boards quickly disintegrated into the same fail that killed /new/ with the only exception that no one that gives a fuck about those two issues ever goes there.

    Trolling /int/

    File:Japanese war crimes denial.gif
    You'll be seeing a lot of these

    Trolling /int/ will probably only require 2% of your power. Here's a guide anyways:

    1. Make a thread claiming that Blacks/Arabs are the master race and that whites are their slaves (don't forget to use pictures)
    2. Claim that the jews have never done anything wrong (be careful, directly saying "jew" on /int/ is an auto-ban.)
    3. Make fun of SNSD
    4. Make a Japanese war crimes denial thread
    5. Alternatively, make a thread saying how great the Japanese are. koreaboos hate the Japs.
    6. Make a thread saying how great America is (preferably comparing America to either Russia or Europe)
    7. Call Americans "USAins" and call Europeans "muslims". Lulz will ensue.
    8. Promote multiculturalism. Everyone on /int/ is a wannabe Anders.
    9. Be a smart and logical person
    10. Mention a country's Nuclear Stockpile
    11. Say "Argentina is white"
    12. Make a Putin appreciation thread
    13. Talk about or even mention /new/
    14. Mistake /int/ for /b/ (although just about every board buttrages over this)
    15. Claim that /b/ is much better for international discussions
    16. Use the word soccer
    17. If a person has dubz, trips, quads etc., make sure to praise them for their GET
    18. Keep fail threads from 404ing (Counter-sage)
    19. Be a mod
    20.  ????
    21. Profit!

    Types of /int/ users

    One who ventures into /int/ will find that, although it is one of the slower boards and doesn't have as many frequenters, it still has the most infighting out of any board, superior even to /b/. This is because of nationalism. Understanding why /int/ is a battlezone requires knowledge of the different types of scum that use the board.

    • The Eurofag: Spends half of their day calling America shit, although less productive than an average American. Constant inferiority complex. Very likely to respond to troll threads. Also, for some unexplained reason, think that America being taken over by China will benefit them somehow.
    • The Koreaboo: Half of all threads are basically a competition of who can suck the most Korean chode. Most aren't even Korean and don't even know/want to learn Korean, which should be mentioned automatically. Also, they will try to tell you that it is spelled "Corea", not Korea. This is obvious bullshit that is used to confuse newfags. Finally, like the Eurofags, they buttrage constantly, but instead of America they rage over Japan. Always remember to remind them that Japan>Korea.
    • The Arab/Turk: Act like classic muslims by trying to convince you that Islam is the answer and want death to Western society because Israel and because AIDS.
    • The Troll: Hey, remember that guy on /int/ that everyone was talking about because he was supposedly from a poor-ass country like Afghanistan that has no internet? Yeah, that was a troll. Half of any given thread is trolls pretending to be from a different country. Provided you know what you're doing, this is the only way to be a regular on /int/ that does not involve being a faggot.
    • The Mod: The only Jews on the board. Due to all the anti-Semitism, they also have an inferiority complex and ban everyone. Easy to troll, however unlike the others can troll you back.

    • Lower-Case Anon (also known as Fatcam) : Brit serial shitposter who's too lazy to make a trip so he namefags with a Lower case "a" in the name field. Legendary /brit/ poster. Famous for being fat. Created one of the first /brit/ /int/ threads in 2012. Doxxed himself by posting his own house on an unrelated thread. Doxxed a South Asian gentleman from Birmingham. doxxed a scottish tranny. Fell on his own sword and was driven out of /brit/ by /sp/ irish potato niggers. Last seen posting in 2014. Fatcam is a regular fixture on /brit/ and oldfags still post copypasta and pictures to this very day as a way of showing how old they are that they remember something this irrelevent happening 4 years ago. If you don't know fatcam you are a newfag.
    • Riley Sticka: Posts anonymously but has a distinctive style of shitposting. Regularly posts on /sp/ and /int/, he is well known for posting obviously false data on how the UK has a lower HDI rating that Mississippi. He is often seen together with Lower-case anon helping each other out in shitposting threads. It was recently discovered that Riley has a British Step-Father, which is ironic considered how much you attacks the UK on a daily basis

    • The Brazilian:

    HUE HUE HUE.jpg


    So you got banned from /int/. This isn't much of an achievement, because the mods use this board as banhammar practice and having any sort of viewpoint on /int/ is likely to get you banned. Well, you're not the only one feeling the oppression. People on /int/ LOVE to see threads where you complain about corrupt moderators. Always remember to make it clear to the mods that it is your right to say "nigger" and "jew" and make nazi threads on their website because of the first amendment.


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