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so you can't say anything bad! :-(

Be aware of that, you insensitive fuck.

Inmendham (aka Inbedlam, Inbredham or Gary) is an old, burned out hermit and part-time e-lawyer who lives somewhere in the middle of nowhere. He is also a pussy neo-Nazi and the self-proclaimed leader of the YouTube holocaust denial movement, that could make Crossmack seem like a mentally balanced faggot.

He's also the TheAmazingAtheist's number one fanboy who tries to ride the coattails of his mates channels by having a love-hate relationship. His hard-drive is full of TAA, VH and TFTB videos which he keeps for legal reasons only. Inbetween giving social commentaries about YT drama and watching reruns of TOMMYfromtheBRONX episodes (looking for content that he can sue over), he also talks about world issues and how he's the man with all the solutions. When confronted by other opinions about different issues, he cusses his opponent out, waits for a 24 hours and then makes a video about how they are dumb and immoral for challenging his God complex. He is notable for being a LIAR, and a huge internet asshole. Whenever questioned or challenged about anything, Inmendam's response is always "I will take a $20,000 Polygraph Test!!! to prove that I am right!!!", as if ....

  1. He can afford $20,000
  2. Anybody Cares.
  3. He could actually tell the truth.
  4. Him believing something to be true is the same as it being true.

EDiot research has concluded that years ago whilst drunk after work at "Guitars 'R' Us"; Inmendam was challenged about his opinion that a "TalkBox" was actually invented by Lenin. To prove this, he plugged his Penis, directly into a mainline powerstation which would enable Eddie Van Halen to "speak through me, with Truth". The resulting electrification of Inmendam's brain, explains both his lack of logic, "hairstyle" and his involuntary "Polygraph Test" vocal tick.

He also thinks the internets needs to be controlled by a central computer and wants men to dress up as werewolves and police the internets for him. This is the only way that he can continue fagging up the tubes without getting the ban hammer and having to move to Iraq where he can broadcast anti-American crap, and be surrounded by Mujaheddin and diamond trade niggers. He is also a LIAR. His personal information:

Gary Mosher 147 Ironia Rd. Mendham, New Jersey 07945 United States (973)-543-6003

Youtube Content

Cockmongler in Mendham showing off his homemade device that will lead people into his slave machine virtual reality world.

Inmendham enjoys posting up to 200 videos on YouTube a day about various topics, many of which, due to his tendencies to ramble like an idiot, are so long that he has to speed up his voice in all or part of a video, which causes his already snobby voice to sound even more unbearable. In nearly all of his videos he accuses VirtualHolocaust of dropping dox on him and ringing his house at 3am (this is the only slightly good thing VirtualHolocaust has ever done and is ever likely to do).He is also a Liar.

I want to be TheAmazingAtheist, I think I'm more amazing and more Atheist!


—Inmendham revealing his plans

Cody, if your book isn't eloquent and meaningful, YOU WILL BE HEARING FROM MY LAWYER! YOU FUCKING FUCK FACE MOTHERFUCKING FUCKER MOTHERFUCKER FUCK....but I'm just saying you know?


—Inmendham trying to put down people who have done something IRL

TOMMYfromtheBRONX the series, eerr..episode 74, 16 (numbers confuse him) or whatever it is you subscriber fuckers. It was really boring, too long and stupid.


—The pot calling the kettle black


FakeSagan, TommyfromtheBronx, and Inbredham's Lawlsuit

Inmendumb's thumbnail for his "Condolence" video

Inmendham initiated a lulzfest when he got all butthurt over a video TommyfromtheBronx posted in which he accused Inmendham of being a liar for faking sympathy for TheAmazingAtheist's dead father, and had made a "Condolence" video simply for views and popularity.

Inmendham proceeded to threaten to sue Tommy for slander (even though it would technically be libel, even if he had a case in the first place), which caused Tommy to remove the video. But fakesagan decided he would have none of that and reposted it on his own channel.

It is clear from both the tags and the thumbnail from Inbredham's "Condolence" video what his intentions were:

TheAmazingAtheist's, Dad's Dead, Ha Ha Ha, That is so Funny,Tits, Booty Shaking, Teen Strips, Polygraph Test me Fuckers, the machine don't work on my fried brain!!!!

After he lost the LoLsuit against Tommy, he went back to RL for ONE WHOLE HOUR to rethink his plans. After realizing he couldn't make any money from frivolous lawsuits, he decided he would try and use the word "nigger" as a shield for his viewpoints on world issues. After everyone called him a stupid nigger for not knowing how to take a joke, he then pulled the "It's all about historical context YOU FUCK!" card. While he thought that this would be enough to silence his more popular peers, Bella and TAA slapped that white nigger around with two videos that sent him over the edge. He tried his best to fight back with his liberal hippy opinions, but was quickly lol'd out by his own subscribers. He soon began to realize that it was all a big conspiracy by the Jew and that TheAmazingAtheist's subscribers are actually an underground voting army on steroids. Even thought he supposedly hates people who say "nigger", he never blocks Dendrophilian because he got tagged by him ("historical context" huh?). He is also a LIAR.

File:Dendrophilian Context.JPG
inmendham's friend dendrophilian has been blocked until he publicly apologizes for saying "nigger", amirite?
TOMMYfromTHEBRONX protecting his wife from LoLSuits

InBredLamb finally has his day in internet court **Back-up!**

Inmendham is basically the employee of every guitar store in the United States



he's kinda like one of those guys who walk around Manhattan half naked raving about the end of the world



Inmendham sues over truthful depiction

YouTube's resident E-lawyer is at it again. last Thursday, some YouTuber called bcj999 made a shoop of inmendham, wherein our beloved inbedlam appears as his lifelong idol, Hitler. Scared that people would see through to his Nazi interior, Inbrednam attempted to move with his auntie and uncle in Bel Air. Failing this, he decided the only reasonable course of action would be to sue the random YouTube troll. That's right, Inbrednam is going to be first person in the world to sue over a shoop. Of course, previously he has tried to sue over someone pointing a video camera at his YouTube page, so this hasn't come as much of a shock. This gives more evidence to the theory that decades of loneliness, and the constant inwards struggle between Nazism and Communism has led to inmendham going totally batshit insane. As usual, Inbedlam's collection of Nazi/communist subscribers have sucked his cock and defended him throughout the ordeal. Claiming that Inbrednam is god, therefore can do no wrong. To try and help calm down inbredlamb from his hunger for Jew gold, Themaskedanalyst and Gimmeabreakman tried to throw in some legal advice and reality to help the situation. Unfortunately, inbednan as gone so far up his own ass with greed, that he cannot be saved from his own desires for a change in the system Jew gold.


Due to Inbrednams constant drama whoring, this news was met with widespread apathy from the YouTube community. Everyone seems to realize that a court most likely wont award Inbrednam with any delicious jew gold. Mostly because he is a mangy fuck who needs a fucking shave, wash and haircut, but also because they would then have to deal with sites like ED, which has offensive shoops on pretty much every page. And that sort of effort will not be made just because of a dirty, 60 year old, delusional hippie from Mendham. Chances are Inbrednam will be laughed out of court, spat at by the judge, be issued with a court mandate to cut his hair, and crawl back to his life of lonely squalor and YouTube, where everyone now hates him.

People he has made legal threats against


Will the Plaintiff, Mr. Butthurt, Please Rise

"This has caught the attention of the U.S. Marshall's Service. Fox 26 has learned that Mosher is being monitored by the Federal Agents who protect judges.




Reasons for his actions

  • People letting him know that he is a Liar
  • People shooping his images
  • People re-editing his videos
  • People having an opinion
  • People disagreeing with his "Astroturf and plastic animals." solution to life's problems
  • People hurting his little feelings
  • Latent Homosexuality
  • People posting NUDE pictures of him on the internets
Straightd0pe Trying to make InMendham understand Simple Logic

His methods

  • Polygraph machine
  • Abusing the DMCA with false reports
  • Saying "fuck" every other word during a discussion
  • Losing his medication
  • Running through the town of Mendham Naked,demanding justice.
  • Claims to be a "litigious motherfucker."
  • Sends out NUDE photos of himself on the internets for all to see.

Nigger War

File:Retarded Subscriber War.JPG
Nodding dog army has been mobilized GO GO GO!!!!

As the feud between TheAmazingAtheist and Inmendham escalated, TJ’s loyal pseudo intellectual subscribers began to question things for once in their lives and wondered if he was so “amazing“ after all. TAA’s subscribers soon began to side with Inmendham’s liberal shit and started their journey to a brighter tomorrow through YT. Unfortunately they have forgotten that he’s a LIAR and he can’t tell the difference between OL and RL. Flaming raged for millions of seconds on their comment sections until it became the general consensus (Inmendham’s opinion) that VirtualHolocaust gave TheAmazingAtheist Inmendham’s dox to drop all over YT. Inmendham being the “rational” guy that he is clarified this by saying “That’s fact FUCKER, I would never use misinformation for my own personal goals.” and was crowned the new Atheist Messiah by the backstabbers. This resulted in TheAmazingAtheist losing A WHOLE 10!!!!!!oneoneone subscribers to Inmendham. Some say it’s because pseudo subscribers are great at looking at all the evidence and making their own opinions on different subjects. Never falling for mob mentality and questioning everything with their “rationality” and “reason”. Truly Inmendham is pure and true with his judgments and would never tell a lie. Others say it was a result of the Cloverfield incident, either way it’s megalulz. He has also repeatedly said that if anyone wants to make their own opinions or rate videos as they see fit without consulting him first, they will be sued on site unless they can provide a powerpoint presentation listing reasons why they have an opinion (if someone could tell him that he's not on the township council any more, it would be greatly appreciated).

SUMMARY: YouTube is real life and if you disagree or question me...YOU SUCK AT FREETHINKING!

Uh Oh! DMCA-lovin' Jackhole....get's DMCA'd

Here's an example of what Wannabe Witches would call "The Threefold Law of Return": InBentHam, who can barely fit through a door because of his raging DMCA-lovin' erection....had one of his accounts, DoNotGod, Yanked from YouTube because of false DMCA's. What made this comeuppance all the Lulz-worthy, is that they Pretended to BE Inmendham. So, hypothetically, it would look like he DMCA'd himself.

"It wasn't Me! It was my EVIL TWIN"

Now, granted, Inmendham is enough of a schitzoid screwhead that really could've DMCA'd himself. I mean, He hurls out enough legal paperwork that could've subpeona'd, sued, convicted and incarcerated himself without ever realizing it.


Inmendham's massive hammer collection
'Thomas Haden Church' Inmendham's alter ego
File:Oh my god wtf is thi slolwut.png
Another of his alter egos
File:Sci perlman vincentRose.jpg
Yet ANOTHER of his alter egos.
  • Inmendham ate macaroni and cheese everynight for dinner for 20 straight years
  • He claims to own over 25 hammers?!
  • Inmendham admits he didn't get laid til he was an old man. (Nope, still a virgin)
  • He still thinks about his first boyfriend every day even after 10 years.
  • He thinks YT is the start of the revolution.
  • Over 10,000 subscribers is tantamount to an army.
  • He watches Terminator 2 every morning.
  • Inmendham is an undercover Jew.
  • He gets a boner over the music video 'Land Of Confusion' and dead animals.
  • Inmendham is a white traitor.
  • If you five star a video you agree 100% with everything in that video. (K Hitler)
  • Occasionally posts videos of himself drawing attractive young female YouTubers. These drawings fuel his snuff fantasies.
  • Has a face that only a mother could love. Unfortunately, his mother died without ever loving him.
  • Inmendham lists his heroes as Jack Thompson, David Koresh,Jim Jones, Adolf Hitler and Crossmack
  • Inmendham lost his virginity to his pet chicken Leopold
  • The first woman Inmendham ever had sex with was also his sister,making him a bisexual.
  • Inmendham believes animals are made of plastic.
  • His sister received the inheritance money, he received the trailer house in Mendham.
  • His sister donated her inheritance to the "Church" forcing Gary to become an Atheist.
  • Has not been more than a mile from his house in 25 years; this sanction is imposed by the people of his town who patrol daily.
  • Still lives with his mother, even though she died over 9000 years ago.
  • Collects artistic nudes of young girls.
  • Will sue you for calling him litigious.
  • Hates niggers
  • Has replaced every mirror in his house with portraits of Goatse to give him something better to look at.
  • Wants Virtual Reality so he can experience all the natural world has to offer.
  • Will not file a lawsuit without first checking it's frivolous.
  • Inmendham only ever tells the Truth.

Inmendham Quotes

*sigh*, sorry, I'm just, you know, I'm really ughhh today, ya know? Still doing the 'quit smoking thing'. I'm CHEATING, ya know, but I'm still quit smoking! *sigh* But I'm not liking it, and I *gaw* I really feel uncomfortable; I feel like a have a fever. *sigh* I don't know. Ya know. I don't know. I don't know! I don't know, you understand?!? I DON'T KNOW! I'm just having problems dealing with the FUCKING AIR in this room at the moment! I mean, nothing is quite right, you understand me? Nothing is QUITE right, right. And I'm okay, really. *sigh* 'Cuz is YouTube, and everything's okay on YouTube (blank stare at the camera for 8 seconds). HAHA! Froze! Sorry! HAHA! It wasn't the camera it was me, I FROZE!


—Having a meth-induced flip out at the end of one of his videos

If a black person wants to use the word 'nigger' it's his fucking goddamn right. But no white person should have the right to use that word in anything FUCK IT! It's not their fucking goddamn word anymore.


You're such an asshole. I would call you something else but I'll be politically correct. But man you're such an ignorant fucking KKKKKCCCC....UUHHHnntt.


—Talking to BellaTheHappyLoser

Lego games.


These races are fucking explosive!


All my subscribers suck!


So I'm fucking blocking everybody who comments on their fucking videos.


—After throwing a shit fit about TAA





There is a high incidence of mongoloid retardation in Croatians. So I can assume that all Croats are mongoloid retards.


I always expected the internet to be full of intelligent people. But it’s full of assholes.


I'm not going to be owned by that world.


Jew, I'm fighting for a change.


You comment favorably on a Bella the happy fucking loser video, I will block you. If you five star one of her videos I'll block you; and the same goes for TheAmazingAtheist, that's the game.


I'm a crusader.


If you play with black person you're not a friend of mine. People complaining because I said "worser and worser", that's a demonstration of something. Look I play with words all the fucking time.


—What a fucking nigger

I've made over 600 videos, whatever ass I'm going to make of myself I've already made it.


Fuck this idiotic argument. I am an Atheist.


I support white only.


Jesus could visit him and tell him "Thank you for not being a strong Atheist, and I'm going to cure you because you are a weak Atheist."


Atheist's were like that *rambles a long name* woman, she was called a fucking Atheist! She went to fucking court rooms and the street yelling at fucking people; that's what Atheist's are supposed to do!


There’s no situations in the outside world, it’s going to be virtual reality. Replace everything in the outside world with plastic ok? All the animals are replaced with plastic, there’s Astroturf and plastic animals, that’s all the outside world is anymore ok? It‘s fucking over, no more life on Earth, except human brains in virtual reality that’s it.


That's fine! We'll see what the JUDGE says about YOUR definition.




Hey, it'd be like a juicer! We could squash the Jews, and then we could like feed the blood and guts to, you know, our farm animals, then we could fertilize our fields with them!






The Many Hypocrisies Of Inmendham

  • Calling FakeSagan a "dangerous terrorist" for supporting gun ownership, but bragging about how he can make bombs
  • Claiming that all carnivores should be killed while having pet cats
  • Making a video wearing a Hitler mustache, but then suing someone over a shooped image of him with a Hitler mustache
  • Claiming others have no respect for the law while calling federal judges cunts and fucktards
  • Bitching about how humans are "addicted" to everything while smoking
  • Obsessing over "productivity" while being unemployed and living off disability penchants
  • Thinking that the words "frivolous" and "liar" are defamatory while calling everyone in sight retards, fuckers, fucktards, and cunts
  • Saying business owners should admit everyone to their stores while blocking hundreds of people from his channel
  • Making a big stink about free speech while censoring anyone who disagrees with him
  • Attacking religious nuts for their twisted version of reality while supporting virtual reality
  • Attacking those who "use his image" in videos while constantly using the images of others
  • Baselessly stating that epigenetics is false while claiming to be an upholder of science
  • Claiming there's a negative value assigned to life while still being alive


'What Kinda Peckertrack would Abuse the DMCA!?'
BEHOLD! the Dark Stain of DMCA Abusing Dograpists!
Brett Keane...Frank'sVoice...MPAA...RIAA...VenomFangX

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