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    Jesus Christ, you could land a airplane on that fivehead! (If it weren't for all those craters)
    A summary of Inflatablewolfi's art.

    Inflatablewolfi is a furfag who claims to be a 17 year old German boy, but has the mental development of a 3 year old Americunt. He likes to post his unpolished turds he calls "art" to FurAffinity, where they tend to blind anyone who looks directly at them. Inflatablewolfi claims that it's MS Paint's fault that his pictures look so shitty, but this turned out to be false after he posted some stuff he drew by hand, which somehow managed to be a step down from his digital stuff. He is also recognized as one of the internets biggest morons.

    Wolfi believes that there is absolutely no reason for people to make fun of furries, because they do "much more as just yiffi and are peacefull too". This is however slander and lies, since everyone knows that all furries are sick minded perverts who want to get their small furry testicles off on Agumon. Of course, nearly every single piece of 'work' he's produced has something to do with his unmissable inflation fetish, deeming himself an "Inflatafur".

    Because Wolfi is German, his English is really, really awful, and would like help with it. Because Wolfi is slow witted in nature, it's suggested you take advantage of this, and teach him such facts as "Castration is a food", i.e. "I'd like one castration with cream cheese", something we can all agree that he desperately needs.

    His Boyfriend, Quicksilver

    His fugly boyfriend.

    Wolfi also has an e-boyfriend named Quicksilver, who writes emo poetry and draws shitty artwork like his lover, although it's nowhere near as bad as Wolfi's stuff. He complains that he was fursecuted by his parents, as if someone's forcing him to be a furry. Because Wolfi has no regard for others' well being, he willingly gave up Quicksilver's information to a complete stranger. This might be due to too much air going to Wolfi's head.

    Quicksilver has also revealed that he doesn't mind if his love sluts around with other furries, as long as there's "no touching", and it "doesn't mean anything". Despite the fact that going behind his back for yiffs would surely constitute that it does mean something, Quicksilver is a sad, lonely human being who clings to his status of being in a relationship in order to feel worthy of living. When the two break up, it's likely that Quicksilver will become an hero, due to the grief of not having someone to make e-love to. CRAAAWLING IN MY FUUUUR! THIS FURSECUUUUTION WILL NOT EEEEEND!

    Soon, the world will weep as this furfag celebrates his eighteenth year avoiding a wood chipper demise. His parents, already grossly disappointed with raising a complete failure, are sure to get a shock before they legally throw him out of their house. Quicksilver apparently is planning on coming out of the closet to his parents while everyone eats birthday cake and tripe.

    Quotes & Journal Entries

    The biggest day of my life is rapidly approaching.

    In november i will be celebrating my 18th birthday, but there is a catch. >< I have secretly invited a few furry friends from uk and ireland. u know who u r. On this special day i am not only gonna be 18, but i will also be coming out and telling my parents and family that i am gay and am a furry.

    The few furs i am inviting have ofered morral support for this occasion. There is still someone else i wish to invite but am not sure how to get them here or if they r even able to come.

    Another thing is, someone else that has been invited, no one knows who it is except themself but this person is the guest of honour and if things do not go as planned with my parents, they have offered a temporary place in their home for me. but i am uncertain on how i will manage all the preperations. It truely is a day that will go down in history for my family and in my life. i will be the first gay member of my familt ever. Its kinda strange but i am proud, so wotever happens i am ok.




    i dont wanna upset anyone or cause any trouble. this is aimed at many people but also to one person mainly.

    i been in a bad way lately and feel real bad. this is why i dont want any relationship or anyone.

    i just wanna be left alone by everyone unless they r told otherwise.

    i just dont feel up to anything especially not a comitted relationship or people to worry about.

    hope i have not dissapointed anyone but this is just how i feel and im sorry. :(




    my life has once again changed so i have decided to get my leathers, get another style, smash a few items and get back into old habbits.

    i am protesting against lies, stupidity and mistreating others, i am sick of people playing me for a fool so have decided to do something about it. the new poem is how i want this world to turn out. the corruption has already started thanx to certain idiots in this world and the end is near. figting and violence is beggining to dominate humanity and i bet it is eventually goin to lead to another stupid war. i do not want to be a part of this, i just want to watch the human race make a fool of itself.

    i know i sound kinda lame right now but i really dont care, this is who i am and how i feel, if u dont like it then u can just rot for all i care.

    good day to u all!



    Literary Masterworks

    Not satisfied with merely assaulting the vision of those who look at his artwork, Inflatablewolfi has crossed over into the literary world. The impact upon academia was felt immediately. Though he states this is his story, it is part of a public domain website. This four chapter opus is on the level of any of the greats. It is also true, according to the furfag.

    Steilas end of Life

    A Story of Steila wich goes along his last hours of his life before turning with a left Soul to a toy.

    chapter one

    Something wrong

    Wolfi swimms and enjoys his time in the pool and wondered about Steila. e were normaly already at home but nope he were not here, not there... nowhere to find. So he started to worry about his friend and decided to take a visit arround the house. Wolfi gets out of the pool, drys self and at no spot where his friend wich makes him sare. "Steila please be okay and don't say ur going to end ur life!" wolfi shouted scared. But at the door he saw him lie down sleeping all tired since he were unmoveable. Wolfi took him inside, feeling pulse and listens to the Heartbeat but both were very weak. <Don't say please ur dieing> wolfi just had in mind and Steila opened eyes. "Wolfi my livetime is over my friend" steila said as he teared a lot sadly. "I'll make ur last time be the best ever my friend... i promise!" wich wanted to make true even that there is a chance to make the life go on ll the time, but Wolfi wants back his toy.

    chapter two

    time for fun the last time

    "May we play with some balloons and other cute toys, please?" steila asks with a sad sad look to wolfi and he just nods meaning he will use more as just balloons. "I hope you will like the place we are going my cute friend" he said as steila blew up a belly in exitement. he took steila on the back and walked outside making steila more and more happy. Soon they went through a portal as they end up in a great area just made for balloonies and so steila felt totaly happy. He played arround till he fell on ground "My legs and body even tail and head won't react anymore so i cannot move anymore >_< please help!" and whimpers. But wolfi runs over and cares bout his friend. Time went over fast and faster and as they went home steila glowed all over more and more.

    chapter three

    the time to change anything

    Wolfis worries increase and steilas crieing aswell. "It is time to change" steila says as he lies down with all four away and glowed fast and even faster. "My friend you will renember me and that we had so much fun... but i always care about you don't forget." wolfi just left in pure sadness. Steila glows completely all longthen turns back as his body starts slowly to turn like a small and helpless toy but with a change. The paws are gone the body shifts anthro whole, the tail keeps having a bow and reaches a cute look. He waggles his new tail and murrs all over with his all new apperance as a toy balloonie with maincolour red. as he fell down as toy he squeaks cute and smiles at wolfi. "Ur my toy again and this time i take better and much more care friend" is said so he picks up steila and cuddles leavin the normal room to go into toyroom one more time.

    chapter four

    a toy and friend forever

    The times are happy as steila is much cuter as before. Wolfi enjoys to play with him more as before even that a darker being started to walk along wich scared both and the onliest ope is to change it one day.


    all characters are mine and it is a story of real characterhappening.

    both characters and story is mine|Inflatablewolfi}}

    To go along with this, the furfag wrote another story and put it through babelfish's free translator. It is guessed that the furfag wanted to be well read. The story, titled back to home apparently "is a with translater translated german story i wrote bout wolfi and his way back home." Wonderful.

    Sadness to home

    The day catches and, it suns herself appears and it here summer is on the earth. All Furries have joke, however, also panic. However, Wolfi remained zuhaus and his plastik schmilztvor to itself there. Tears fllen from his snout, thought around a thing he misses, none is absent dear in seite and something. Wolfi decided to proceed in the pool and to cool. " Everything always the same one. Why I am punished with these planets?! Nevertheless, I want only home! " were Wolfis worte. When to curse he anfänt, nevertheless, he did not note what was right. Steila was not there, nobody knock, nobody ring and not even providing ones shouts. Wolfi jump out of the water and siet steila half in live. " I ... will live mine ... must give ... " were from Steilas mund come as him to spielzeug converted unalive and hopelessly. The day had come the Steila never again lives and Wolfi now cries only surely as him on Asuhiainflatish curses! He curses one allows delay long as him itself reminded be he raumschiff still had. " Steila! I take you with myself to FurryAshua! "

    Chapter two

    A travel above all Stars

    Wolfi enters his garage and sees his spaceship. It is a high-quality battle and travel ship typ Eraxinx4000 with highest qualität and hyperspeed ultraraumgeschwindigkeit. " If I hope the baby can bring after home ", and he himself packs steila n nebensitz first befor gets. " I leave my things here what better gibts in were at home. " Wolfi flew off as him the earth of the Outside last sees sometimes and single planeten visits befor went on. " So dull planets and thus dull Uniwersum ", seufste Wolfi" I are frohzu go! " and flies fast from Milchstrasse of it in a branch universe. It is very dangerous, however, Wolfi universe had to do by the terror Katiaren before he certainly home can travel. It is swarming only with foreign beings from all, pirates all art and the destroyer. Roboter was simply destroyed ales and was never defeated created by the people. But wolfi flies through fast and overheats his shields to the purpose is reached. The first worm hole jump. However, now he is guarded by the robot. Wolfi flies along him ud it gets still to travel around the second dimension. It is heavy gravitation and wolfi hardly endures and flies furch the next worm hole as him soon there was with FurryAshuia's outside station. Once docked can enclose furry everybody art, even scellies, for good in live. " Edlich I am back " when he landed in a station joyfully cheers as greeted. It plays music like he them loves and sees everything affectionate and full of play retime, so happily lächend.

    Chapter three

    Lon time, All new

    The first quick ones would walk on known inflatieplanet for furries were quick there gravitation is gentler and magie fulfils whole gentle fresh. Everything greets Wolfi with everybody methode because they in have missed, he was known very much by jimmie citra with predear for spielzeugfuchs loving inflatiewolf. Wolfi walked long and saw luckily being ighspeedBike cc600 which are quick and cool. " I look around me better, because everything is new, and I have zeit befor home I go there for good and always zeit has for it. " . He smiles and went durc the cities, fields, meadows and rivers more happily than always. In the wood Wolfi funny geräusche hears. When he sits in fluss and listens he was dazed very softly and knows only he home has been driven wärend the known one is right to him accompanied. When he wakes in his bett with early stucco he nicely he notes before it small, however, of the same age citrajunen and steila him again lives. " There is to be had sooo nicely mine wolfische dear at home " noted Jimmie and shows Wolfi the dear contract and is wolfi this kiss for it. Finally, we can love and live for good together ^ _ ^. Wolfi notices like Jimmie before freude burst as he nodded in addition and his breakfast enjoys. The contract disappears and both are married.

    Chapter four


    To days and weeks are verangen and Jimmie Wolfi shows the slip of paper with the family plans. It stands on it: Marriage, a child, Steila happily and Vividly, more children, love, trust, even more children and, besides, everybody mixes rather privately things like travelling and park visits. It will happen everything and both will happily remain to them decide which they never do, and separate again. They are happy for good and forever and playful.


    This history was written about Inflatablewolfi and there should be einblick on the return journey from wolfi with some intressanten put. |Inflatablewolfi}}

    Trolling Wolfi

    [03:48:57] wolfi_the_wolf: yeah some iffing is okay.
    Watch as we see the artist in action!
    "Fan art" for Wolfi by Evangeline.
    Tying down your partner is key before balloon sex. DO NOT let him fly up to heaven, the angels will not want him.
    File:Yiffi poster.jpg
    Actual picture taken by ED spies.
    Wolfi objects to this article!
    File:Sweet little lies.JPG
    Wolfi's friends enjoy telling him sweet little lies.

    On July 29th, Pokchu came across Wolfi's fail affinity and immediately began broadcasting it across the #ed IRC, leading to an increase in lulz intake. Noticing a YIM handle (which is wolfi_the_wulf, real fucking creative), various EDiots decided to contact Wolfi to extract lulz. The results were nothing short of amazing.

    Pokchu's Conversation

    Pokchu, the first to contact Wolfi, had a lulz filled RP session Wolfi that eventually degraded into something so horrifying, it caused many EDiots to shit bricks. Guest starring Seaking, Will Smith, and EFG as themselves.

    [Sunday:02:36:30] wolfi_the_wolf: hi
    [Sunday:02:36:43] pokchu25: how are you
    [Sunday:02:36:50] wolfi_the_wolf: fine
    [Sunday:02:37:23] pokchu25: I really like your art
    [Sunday:02:37:39] wolfi_the_wolf: hehe thx
    [Sunday:02:38:07] wolfi_the_wolf: may i know you who you are and of wich artpage?
    [Sunday:02:38:19] pokchu25: oh um
    [Sunday:02:38:56] pokchu25: I don't have an fa I just browse
    [Sunday:02:39:05] wolfi_the_wolf: oh okay
    [Sunday:02:39:13] pokchu25: I'm brian peppers by the way
    ((Would you liek some moar?))

    Dwerb's Conversation

    Dwerb's conversation wasn't nearly as lulzy, but it still yielded some pretty entertaining chat logs.

    Dwerb: Hey, man.
    Dwerb: What's up?
    wolfi_the_wolf: just furryhaters made something against me and my mood is all down nothing
    Dwerb: Aww... what did they make?
    wolfi_the_wolf: all lies about me
    Dwerb: Can you show me?
    Dwerb: I'm an inflatafur too, you know.
    wolfi_the_wolf: cool
    Dwerb: so... what did they write about you?
    inflatable wolfi: look at the link i gave u
    Dwerb: you didn't give me a link...
    inflatable wolfi: http://encyclopediadramatica.rs/Inflatablewolfi
    Dwerb: Oh...
    ((Read moar?!))

    Dwerb's Reveal

    Dwerb, after some encouragement, realized that roleplaying with this furfag could yield no more lulz. This is the result of his betrayal of the ultimate furfag.

    Dwerb: WOLFI~
    Dwerb: Are you there?
    inflatable wolfi: u had ur reason to do right?
    inflatable wolfi: sr cause of a bad joke over links i restarted pc)
    Dwerb: Oh.
    Dwerb: Ok.
    Dwerb: Well, here's the deal.
    ((I've had 7 passwords so far, and they've gotten them all and MOAR.))

    ZombieG's conversation

    ZombieG took a different approach as opposed to the others, and decided to pose as a reporter from Fox News. Because Wolfi's mommy hasn't taught him not to talk to strangers yet, Wolfi willingly tells Zombie everything without question.

    And, as we know, FurCum rots the brain, blurring the obvious connection between Shoop Da Whoop and Phill Shoopman.

    philshoopman: hello
    philshoopman: i am from America, my name is Bill Shoopman.
    philshoopman: I'm part of a newsgroup trying to expose this group called "Encyclopedia Dramatica."
    philshoopman: Do you understand?
    wolfi_the_wolf: yes
    philshoopman: I read that they have made an article on you, is this true?
    wolfi_the_wolf: yes
    wolfi_the_wolf: http://encyclopediadramatica.rs/Inflatablewolfi
    philshoopman: This is sickening.
    philshoopman: This group seems like nothing but a bunch of domestic terrorists.
    philshoopman: Or part of an internet hate machine.
    philshoopman: Have you ever heard of FOX news?
    wolfi_the_wolf: on internet? no
    philshoopman: We're an American news media group.
    philshoopman: We've been following up on this, and we're looking for people to testify so we can :dismantle them.
    philshoopman: Would you be willing to help?
    wolfi_the_wolf: as long as i am no more there shure
    wolfi_the_wolf: i don't want furries to be in that drama
    philshoopman: I understand.
    ((They're hackers on steroids, compelling you to read moar.))
    File:Wolfi lulz journal 5.PNG
    Wolfi, proudly displaying that he has no friends.

    The Contest

    Recently, Wolfi created a journal entry on his Fag Affinity where he announce he was starting an art contest. This contest has been popular among the better artists. Thinking he could match up to the other popular furfags, he decided to give it a shot. So far, his only responses have made fun of him, and responses of DO NOT WANT from the community.

    So far, there's been two entries, and it's highly advised you witness the one that's not deleted. Because Wolfi has no friends, Chicago-LOLLIE won the contest, and subsequentially, the internets (or just the furry part). How Wolfi could be so incredibly stupid as to not realize that Lollie was mocking him is a mystery.


    Shortly after being trolled, Wolfi experienced a severe case of butthurt, as it soon became hip and trendy to rag on him. Because the internet is Wolfi's only friend, he acted like the internet hates him, completely missing the fact that he's a ginormous lulzcow.

    Gallery of "Art"

    A new Flash

    File:Inflatablewolfi shut up and.gif
    Using asterisks for vowels makes words bad.
    Don't be a suacky furfaggoted assbiatch, learn to get the right!
    Will he become an hero?
    Inflatablewolfi's dad "hijacks" the account

    Sometime around Christmas 2007 Chicago-Lolli was at it again; however, this time round Inflatablewolfi had disappeared from FurAffinity, but he did give an update on DA about him leaving the fandom. Wolfi saw the flash four months after it was posted and everyone forgot it existed, suffered major butthurt from the flash, and went batshit insane on the world.

    Someting you should gte known of:

    Bitch listen to me. Something all want don't we. You shall die in pain. Your soul o to hells main.

    You suck as hard as possible oh ya. Never see me saying wa. Only hope to escape is death. And not the way of emop reath.

    Shut up sucking your medicine. I will give you pledicine. Forever you may be cursed. Hell shall be your life worsed.

    Read it again you dirty faggot Chicago, so i can laugh at your stupidy!


    —InflatableWolfi demonstrates his poetic wrath

    The word 'Pledicine' had become a hit and everyone quoted the threat as if it were a meme. Inflatablewolfi's dad Jürgen then hijacked his account and attacked everyone for making his son gay.

    1. I am the acc-owners father and hate hin. Daniel is my son (am named Jürgen) and he is a fag like you all since you made him be it

    2. please die if you read your too much knoweng 3. everyone heres a faggot and i hate you 4. if you search him, then ii am fuchk him 5. all stuffs by shitty me since it is furry in real fags



    —!Jürgen Selting the hater of furries and all that bitchy son Daniel does!


    Laki complains about his cotton sheet tough life
    If you fuck with Laki, he'll call the police

    Wolfi's attempt to get the heat off his heels was nearly successful, but his bullshit disappearance was quickly thwarted when crack lulz scientists found a possible second identity for the furfag. Spelling errors between both accounts are numerous, as are the english and german style stories. Lakicolf also posts that he is a "fur with a dark past", further fueling the thoughts that not only has this piece of untalented shit attempted an escape, but that the amusing posts of his father were merely a diversion that he created.

    He also fails to remember that he titled two other shitty stories after his banned username and posted them to the Lakiwolf gallery.

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