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    Some Indie Fucks know popular people
    IndieFucks produce shitty memes

    Indiefucks is one of the pissiest, angsty, shitheaded LiveJournal communities that isn't pornographic in nature. It was launched in 2002 as a place to talk about shitty, whiney indie-pop bullshit. As it grew to over 4,000 members, people realized it wasnt any fucking indie anymore and thus began the systematic murder; auto-erotic suicide pacts of the active members (fatties first).

    It currently boasts over 7,000 members, about 50 of which are active posting members. The remaining 6,950 members are usually referred to as lurkers or just plain creeps. The terms "indiefucks," "indiefuckers," "fucks," and occasionally the overtly gay nickname "ducks" can be used to describe the members of the community. There are also more than 40 spin-off communities, most of which have "fucks" in the latter half of the name (i.e. sharefucks, nycfucks).

    In late 2003 and the first half of 2004, a number of members of salj slowly started to join indiefucks. This is probably when the community jumped the shark. As good as both communities were at the time, they really were not meant to be mixed. Many of the posts by the saljers were of the "oh look at me I'm so offensive" sort, and were deemed by much of the indiefucks establishment to be unfunny. However, many indiefucks decided that they were funny and tried to emulate the saljers. These attempts, for the most part, failed miserably. A number of the Something Awful catchphrases the saljers were using (many of them bannable on the SA Forums due to overuse) caught on among indiefucks, and they also started to come up with their own, most of which are just horrible.

    Indiefucks was created by cherylchaos and ermac in 2002. Currently, it is moderated by Weuse2befriends, ermac, itfeltsoweird, mrhappz0rs, and pouvoir. misoconfused was a moderator for approximately an hour, following a brief period of drama between cherylchaos and supernova. There are also other prominent, "old school" members, including those such as katyowns, semiserious, duffey, duffey's mushroom hat, etc., but few real internet celebrities (since the departure of murdershack).

    Popular Indiefucks memes and recurring posts/themes

    • n00dz posts. Despite not being pornographic in nature, the members of Indiefucks are notorious for requesting nude photographs (n00dz) of all members. New members are especially victims of this harassment. The community's love for nude photographs of other members often results in n00dz posts, resulting in hundreds of replies but consistently failing to deliver until the third page. There is, in fact, also an entire community (called oldindien00dz) dedicated to naked indiefucks.
    • Kitten posts. Perhaps thanks to the perpetuation of azns' cute animal posts, indiefuckers have retained a strange fascination with kittens (not just cat macros but adorable Cute Overload-type kittens as well). There is some speculation as to whether this may have to do with some furristic tendencies within the group, though the community vehemently denies such rumors.
    • Picture posts. Many indiefucks take and photoshop photographs of themselves in advance, in preparation for the hourly picture post that will inevitably be made. These posts often reach comment numbers in the hundreds in a manner of minutes as members race to get their picture on the front comments page. The SIFs and uggs tend to sit these out (with the exception of a few veterans), though the n00bs post numerous pictures furiously in hopes of gaining the community's acceptance (as it is a widely known fact that being aesthetically pleasing or having big fucking titties is the best way to the indiefucks' heart).
    • Icon posts. Since indiefucks are a bunch of tools, they like to jump onto the bandwagon whenever a "cool" concept for a LiveJournal icon starts. Past icon trends include drawings of members by now-moderator pouvoir, Miis, clips of unconventional pornography, obnoxious animated gifs of members' faces spinning or eating cocks, and the annual Santa hats.

    The Day 1justin Got Banned

    Laughing Nick Berg's head off.

    By May 14, 2004, 1justin (who had joined the community about six or seven months earlier and who quietly admits to being one of the first to be members of both salj and indiefucks) had gotten pretty tired of the mediocrity. Admittedly, many of the other members of the community were also tired of him. He posted takumi_'s lmho.gif image, an animated GIF making light of the beheading of American entrepreneur Nick Berg in Iraq behind an LJ cut, an action which was immediately applauded and condemned in approximately equal amounts.

    Within hours, the post was deleted by cherylchaos and 1justin was banned from the community. He came back soon after under another account (2justin) and posted again (though not with anything particularly offensive), but again the post was deleted and the account banned. He rejoined one last time (as 3justin) and was only planning on commenting on others' entries, but this time someone stepped in. It's not exactly clear who initiated the action, but a Cease and Desist order was issued by LJ Abuse which said 1justin could never particpate in indiefucks again and could never even mention the community or discuss what happened in it elsewhere on LiveJournal under threat of a permanent suspension from all of LiveJournal.

    Discussion of this moved to IRC, where the other two moderators of the community said they thought the post was funny and that they likely wouldn't've banned 1justin for his actions. Around the same time, cherylchaos left the community in a huff. Upon being informed of these developments, the Abuse Team rescinded the Cease and Desist but said 1justin could still not rejoin indiefucks unless his existing accounts were unbanned from the community. He didn't want back in by this point anyways, so things stated the way they were. Cheryl eventually rejoined the community, though 1justin never has.

    The JanuarySnowfall Indiefucks Exclusives and Video


    In 19 Feb 2008|06:41pm, a virtually new (and short-lived) member in the indiefucks community, JanuarySnowfall, submitted a post titled "JanuarySnowfall Review : Issue 1 : Indiefucks Exclusive ". The content was of a highly contentious film review of Juno:

    What's the formula here? Lace the scenes with a soundtrack of obscure gentle rock for originality and then show people with really random caprices and world views--Only not in a defiant way but this fragile whimsicality. Orange tic tacs, sitting on a yard sale sofa with a pipe..Wow, fascinating character studies! There is nothing exceptional about this film in how it's shot, edited, written or any production work beyond arguably neat looking posters.


    A controversial choice of affirming the points in the review featured an imbedded oversized image of orange tic tacs.

    It is believed JanuarySnowfall's intention was to begin a tradition of publishing these 'Exclusives' sporadically, but was soon so assailed by fiercley negative comments and character attacks by the indiefucks for this post, that an entirely different course of legendary events developed.

    The End Of Winter and Dawn of Truly Inspiring Assholes

    A follow-up post was made by JanuarySnowfall hours later on 20 Feb 2008|12:38am, titled "Final JanuarySnowfall IndieFucks Exclusive : The End Of Winter". Though it is arguable if the post was of a complete satirical nature or serious, the indiefucks were thanked for their onslaught of negative comments in the Juno Exclusive. The reason being JanuarySnowfall felt inspired to a new enlivening force from the abuse:

    End of Winter.
    I cannot put into words how empowering this has been, I'm getting rid of this account and living with urgency from now on and never forgetting the INDIEFUCKS and wasting time online, the world is a spitfire of venom and when you get bit and in the frenzy have a few moments before you pass out and end you see life in all its glory! The Flamewar has given me a second life!


    JanuarySnowfall then proceeded to coin the phrase Truly Inspiring Asshole(s):

    To the indieFUCKS, and their Guidance in getting off my ass and on to better things , here's a thank you list for the truly inspiring assholes that helped me! I go off to make my own films not write bullshit reviews ! Or who knows die in a dirty street corner, point is I'm going to give it all!"


    The definition of Truly Inspiring Asshole(s); TIA, T.I.A. can be summarized as when someone is in a flamewar, or real life conflict, and a barrage of hurtling hateful comments / insults causes the person subjected to it all to suddenly garner a "battle high" in which an empowering revelation occurs, causing that person to come through the experience inspired with a thicker skin and mindset of reinforcement to future challenges in life. Thus the assholes who made the comments become 'Truly Inspiring Assholes'.

    The Thank You List mentioned in the quote was in essence 10 LJ users who had previously posted negative comments ranging from hurtling insults to light jabs, which must have affected JanuarySnowfall in a symbolic manner to ordain them specifically as the first 10 TIA. However, he offered words of solace to those who did not make the list by adding in parenthesis,"if you didn't make it, don't give up--learn from these assholes and semi-jerks and you may help someone else one day!"

    The community itself adapted the term as their slogan shortly after the post was made, which remained unchanged for several weeks.


    Finally, in perhaps a truly novel effort, JanuarySnowfall ressurected the account briefly and bypassed a set Ban to vicariously post a video entry to Indiefucks on 22 Feb, 2008. This was done by contacting one of the original TIA who decided to grant the membership access for the cause. The video was a collaged response to a post by Barf_Cola calling the day of JanuarySnowfall's Exclusives the "worst day in Indiefucks history" and asking "how did you survive". The main portion of the video showed the successful legacy-setting impact of the posts in the community and embarrassing indiefucks comments. It was scored with the Raging Bull soundtrack and had a dedication in the end featuring more positive users, with a much more uplifting pop instrumental number. There were mixed receptions generally calling it anywhere from amazing to terrible. Though it's not certain, it might be the first video produced in such a style for livejournal community flamewars.

    Additional Information

    The full transcript and comments from both Exclusives are still available in the Indiefucks community, as well as being placed in the 'Best of Indiefucks' category.

    http://community.livejournal.com/indiefucks/25986822.html Juno Review

    http://community.livejournal.com/indiefucks/25991022.html End Of Winter

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