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    Independence Day Invasion

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    Independence Day Invasion
    Part of the 4chan - Tumblr War
    Date 4 July 2014
    Location Tumblr
    Result Decisive 4chan victory
    4chan logo 1.png 4chan
    Tumblr logo 200.png Tumblr
    30px /pol/ - Politically Incorrect
    30px /b/ - Random
    Tumblr logo 200.png Various prominent feminists and bloggers
    4chan logo 1.png ~20 shitposters
    Tumblr logo 200.png 500+ feminists, hamplanets, hipsters and beta whiteknights
    Casualties and losses
    4chan logo 1.png ~2 hours of time

    9001 sides

    Tumblr logo 200.png 37 resurfaced awful memories

    16 large-scale panic attacks

    ~3 alleged suicides, 0 confirmed

    This is actually what Tumblr thought would happen.Protip: Post this to Tumblr nao for instant Lulz.

    Masses of feminists and beta whiteknights weep the tears of anal annihilation.

    The Independence Day Invasion was a counter-raid of Tumblr by 4chan that occurred on July 4th, 2014 in response to an alleged attempt by Tumblr to "correct" /b/ - Random. It began when feminists and whiteknights, prompted by Shutdown4chan, went to /b/ and started shitposting about feminism. 4chan would later respond by posting triggering content such as gore, porn, and rape to Tumblr's most popular tags, including #feminism, #fatacceptance, and various fandom tags.


    Shutdown4chan, or Template:Hashtag, was a blog and trolling act conducted co-operationally by /b/ and /pol/, it started out in the early summer of 2014 when an oldfag on /b/ got creative and found out he could have some good ol' fun, he did this by starting a false flag tumblr campaign under the guise of a feminazi blaming all the problems in the world on 4chan and rallied /b/ into it.

    It was quickly revealed to be a trolling act, likely since most of its participants were cancerous little faggots who had no idea what rules 1 & 2 are and why they must never be broken, but the snowball was kept rolling by social justice warriors who think the internet is serious business.


    In addition to spawning drama and lulz, some pieces of anti-4chan propaganda also came out of it. They turned out to be a humorously accurate description of 4chan itself.

    Flashy Charts About missing Pics
    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

    Beginning of the Battle

    The battle began when /pol/ decided that it would disrupt the activities of Tumblr. In an attempt to do this, they manipulated /b/ 4Chan posting a message on Tumblr. This post made it appear as though Tumblr wished to "raid" 4Chan. Many internet users saw through the ruse (with the exception of some SJWs who actually started threads on /b/, but the majority of /b/ that knew chose instead to enjoy the excuse for chaos.

    /b/ begins the raids

    /b/ chose to retaliate to the obviously false threat by posting pictures of "extreme" pornography and gore. Tumblr reacted in return by making many attention-whoring claims that the raiding had caused PTSD, trauma, and several false rumors of suicide surfaced.

    Tumblr users countermeasures and their failures

    1. In an attempt to get 4chan to stop, some users began trying to spam the tags with their own selfies. Only to have those selfies be shooped into porn and posted there as well.
    2. Others tried to spam the tags with cute pictures, but 4chan users joined them, realizing it was a way to fuck up the tags without being banned.
    3. Some users made lists of raiders' blogs to block and report, but those lists were posted on tumblr and their creators got spam and gore sent directly to their personal inbox, asks and submission box.
    4. Someone started a petition to get the government to shut down 4chan, to which 4chan responded with their own petition to classify all tumblr users as cripples, which got about 10 times more signatures (even more than ten times if you consider most people who signed the first one were trolls who were doing it for the lulz).
    5. One user tried to upload a video warning people about 4chan, but hours later was forced to remove it and spent the rest of the day turning away pizzas that were being sent to her house.
    6. As a last resort of some tumblr users turned to the classic collection of useless anti-trolling tactics which included: Trying to guilt them into stopping, threatening to call the cops, threatening to call the FBI, saying shooping minors' heads onto porn is CP and threatening to call the partyvan, threatening to an hero, threatening to "hack" 4chan, spam it with gay porn, tell its mods and get the raiders banned, hack its users' account or any other tactic that displays a fundamental lack of understanding as to what 4chan is or how it works.

    The Outcome

    The aftermath and lulz conglomerated into one pic for your pleasure.

    On July 4th, while normal people were out partying and drinking and getting laid, the (mainly Yuropoor) virgins of 4chan and tumblr were having a gay slapfight online because, amazingly, people on tumblr actually headed over to /b/ to post social justice shit. Either that or trolls pretending to be from tumblr incited by a troll blog on tumblr. The "attack" lasted about 40 minutes and included maybe a handful of threads in which the OP was called a faggot a few times before quitting, if those threads were even made by actual tumblr users in the first place, which they probably weren't.

    This went over about as well as you would expect and soon all social justice and fandom related tags (feminism, sjw, , Dr Who, fatspo etc.) were being flooded with gore, porn and other first grade level trolling. Reports of hacking and doxing and even trolling of the actual tumblr headquarters were also noted as well as attempts to trick people into defending themselves by deleting system 32 and buying a 4chan gold account to spy on them.

    All the Tumblr fags started crying about being about being triggered, having panic attacks and so on and lulz were had by all.

    The "suicide"

    In an attempt to end the onslaught one user made up a story about the raid leading her friend to kill herself. This is obviously not true since, if it was, someone on the news would have fucking noticed, but tumblr gobbled it up and 4chan users rode the wave by spreading the rumor. A video of a girl cutting her wrist began circulation under the false pretense that it was shot and uploaded by the girl in question (after she died?) that was actually a video of some other random girl who would slit her wrists on tumblr anyway until she lost the use of her hand. So now a large part of tumblr is utterly convinced that someone has died as a hilarious result.

    I want to tell you that one of my followers committed suicide last night. I'd talked to her before and she was the sweetest girl you could ever meet. She saw two gifs that triggered her to a point that nothing I said helped. i have her my phone number and talked to her over the phone. I told her to call the suicide hotline. She called me back 20 minutes later and told me that she'd taken an entire bottle of pills. SHE DIED ON THE PHONE WITH ME. This is real you guys



    suicide 2 electric boogaloo

    This was posted in three parts on one of the main threads on /pol/ earlier today (August 21, 2014). Since the poster provided no evidence to back up his claims, it's dubious at best, but after witnessing the blackout on 4chan and reddit, I can't help but wonder:

    Quote: I probably shouldnt post this but here goes. I used to be a mod for /d/.

    Inb4 degenerate.

    I need for this info to get out. Most of the mods on 4chan have only been in that position for a couple of weeks.

    The day after the #ShutDown4CHAN thing happened in july, moot called a meeting with all the mods in a IRC. He said that a girl did atempt suicide and that she had connections and they wanted blood.

    Moot demanded that we use everything we can to remove anything wanting to " fuck up sjw shit". Needless to say alot of mod anons called out moot and were kicked from the chat.

    Before one was kicked he told every mod agianst this shit to meet in a 4craft server. We all did and discussed how fucked up this was. Over the next few days our chats about it became emails wich became skype calls. In the end we agreed that the next big fuck up the sjws make then we will let whatever happens happen.

    What came next was dashcon.

    We let the discussion go on like normal. Some mods did moots bidding and banned. Others were in the threads bumping . What was left was nearly 2/3 of 4chan`s given the boot.

    We we're all purged and outed. We fell on eachother and to bitch and moan. I swear to god our chatlogs the day after must look like mr. meeseeks.

    One ousted mod anon was also a mod for 420chan and wizardchan. He said that alot of the mods thier were also exiled.

    He gave proof, in the form of a collection of perma banned notices for dozens of IPs. And a list of those same IPs in log records for mod services.

    We flipped our shit and began looking for more chans that this had happened to. 7chan, mchan, getchan and even shrekchan had massive mod axeings on the same day as 4chan.u

    The next day a mod who wasnt outed contacted us. To our horror he told us that the new mods are complete sjws and openly call for permabans for alot of 4chan "board culture".

    As we dug deeper we found out that the same thing was happening to alot of subreddits. Normally we would say fuck em. But they told us that tons of non sjw mods had thier accounts sieged and them ip banned.

    Deeper we dug and found out that dozens of forum mods and website mods were either changed or became rabbid sjw over night.

    Currently this is the deepiest we have dug. The girl who attempted suicide was kassie washington, niece of nick denton owner and publisher of gawker media

    Let me get this straight... her #shutdown4chan campaign backfired... so she *attempted* suicide... which set her influential uncle on the warpath against 4chan.

    Round 2 - July 7th/9th/12th/20th

    A second raid was planned for the 7th then the 9th and so on with another one planned for the 20th. Users already were already making new accounts with scheduled posts of gore so that on D-day they don't even actually have to do anything.

    Obviously these were all attempts to make lightning strike twice which never happens. tumblr freaked out about it for a bit but in the end no one did anything.

    Tumblr n889o4uNle1rckw3lo1 1280.jpg

    Butthurt screencaps About missing Pics
    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]


    On Independence Day 2014, a group of about 15 brave anons from /pol/ and /b/ began spamming popular hashtags such as #feminism, #attack on titan, #dr who, and other lulzy targets for maximum effect. Of course, the crazed beasts at Dumblr sperged out, with at least a few cutting themeselves, and three reported suicides. The raid is still ongoing, and anons are encouraged to queue gore posts to dates months ahead so that Tumblrfags are always on their toes, never knowing when the next "trigger" will come.

    External spectators

    While the conflict was, for the most part, between the two groups, other sites chose to get involved by posting typically humorous remarks about the event. The main sites involved in this were the sites Reddit.com and Imgur.com, posting gifs, stories, and images to mock and summarize the events of the battle:

    1. http://i.imgur.com/jjTwR9l.gif - One Imugurains take on the events in GIF format
    2. http://i.imgur.com/C3fZKHX.gif - Another remake of a popular GIF to fit the event
    3. http://i.imgur.com/chdgavW.jpg - An attempted retaliation from Tumblr

    Rebbit summarizes the events

    Here is the entire TL;DR:

    A brief rundown of the situation:

     /pol/ wants to raid tumblr

     /pol/ makes a fake tumblr about raiding 4chan

     /pol/ shows /b/ the tumblr about raiding 4chan

     /pol/ starts posting on /b/ pretending to be tumblr (it was obviously /pol/ stoking the fire, shitty stereotypical tropes and low quality b8 is all you need to get /b/ ready for war)

     /b/ takes the bait

     /pol/ now has an army that is ready and willing to invade tumblr, and /b/ is happy to do it, a lot of them know that is just /pol/ using them, but they don't care because they are guaranteed a reaction

     raid commences

     snowflakes triggered

     "FBI call" and "I have a friend who is a real 4channer" tropes created

     Snowflakes bitch to Moot (the faggot that he is)

     Moot begins banning raid threads and users for about 17 days (which is why he is a faggot)

     operation time bomb begins
    Will post a synopsis of OP timebomb in a sec.

    /pol/ is the "Politically incorrect" board, basically edgy neckbeards talking about how they hate anyone isn't also an edgy neckbeard (Like /r9k/ with a political opinion)

    /b/ is the random board, edgy 14 year olds that don't understand trolling, and as a result are easily manipulated into becoming people's personal army, despite the fact that they claim they are not a personal army. Mainly in it to piss people off.

    the "FBI call" and "Real 4channer" were things that the SJW's and general tumblr community were saying to try to threaten the 'raiders' (got that sounds stupid) into ending the raid. You can find screen caps of both of them in TiA currently, if you want to see them in detail.

    Also, Moot created 4chan and is a faggot.

    I almost understand

    What needs clearing up, chief?
    Ok, so let me get this straight. Someone on Tumblr instigated a war with 4chan, but it was actually 4chan behind it all along. And then 4chan went way overboard with its spam and Tumblr cried and threatened to call the FBI?
    Gotcha. Thanks, chief.

    LADIES AND GENTLEMEN (and all other genders that are totally real) IIIIIIIIIIIIIIT'S TIME! This is the main event of the weekend!

    INTRODUCING FIRST FIGHTING OUT OF THE BLUE CORNER: This website specializes in SJWs, creepy fandom's and amateur pornography! Fighting out of a place where everyone is always offended! INTRODUCING TUMBLR

    INTRODUCING NEXT FIGHTING OUT OF THE GREEN CORNER! This website specializes in pornography, gore and offensive language. Fighting out of a place where everyone tries to one up each other by posting more and offensive content. INTRODUCING THE REIGNING, DEFENDING UNDISPUTED FINAL BOSS OF THE INTERNET

    Tumblr: Overall, they're about as sensitive as this guy.
    4chan: A group of sociopaths/psychopaths that have been desensitized to just about everything and love the reactions they get from their crazy antics.
    Tumblr: Destroying someone's reputation, doxxing, and intentionally triggering people that they don't like.
    4chan: Porn, gore, insults, photoshopping faces onto porn, and more.
    Tumblr: Try to make 4chan feel guilty, petition against them, warn others to stay away from tags, and posting social justice things on 4chan.
    4chan: Continuously use their weapons against Tumblr until they're bored or Tumblr disappears.
    Tumblr has no chance at winning this. Their weapons do not work against anonymous users and they do not have the backbone capable of holding out against 4chan. The only way to "win" is to not react and that doesn't seem like Tumblr's plan. 4chan will probably just keep attacking them with gore and porn until they get bored. It doesn't help that Tumblr's staff is pretty much non-existent.


    In summary, the /pol/ board of 4Chan wished for chaos, as it does in general. /b/ went along with the scam unknowingly, and those that did know enjoyed the opportunity for chaos. Tumblr was raided, and feebly attempted to defend itself (unsuccessfully). One of the best summaries can be found on Imgur: http://imgur.com/gallery/1376pJm

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