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    We Can Be Legion Tonight.png

    Incest is a redneck pastime and an Anime plot device in which two people who are thoroughly related engage in sexual intercourse. As to why anyone would ever try this knowing that it usually results with hairless, toothless, retarded babies that play the banjo is due to them knowing that their own ugly-ass family members are the only ones who will give them a shot at sex. Along with rape, pedophilia and hermaphrodites, Incest is one of the few things that the porn-desensitized still get off to.

    Views on incest

    In traditional Balinese culture, a set of twins of the opposite sex were forced to marry each other, since it was assumed that they had sex in utero. In traditional Mohave culture, opposite-sex twins were thought to have been married in heaven. So if you either belong to some irrelevant Asian people or some extincted Indian tribe, you win. It's often believed that this is not only acceptable but a popular pastime in Japanese cultures, where a majority of their hentai doujins use it as a common theme (See: TITTY MONSTER).

    Sigmund Freud claimed that incest is a natural psychological event in every young man's life to lust for their mother, which he theorized after many visits from his female patients and between his after hour activities. The topic is still often debated and always results in drama, effectively making him one of the most successful trolls in the past century.

    According to the bible, all human life started with Adam and Eve. Their kids fucked and produced inbred babies, who in turn proceeded to fuck each other, and so on. Later, when God got pissed off and decided to start unleashing the banhammer on all of Earth's inbreds with a massive flood, Noah built an ark where he and family committed incest again, further narrowing our gene pool.



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    Vintage incest tales About missing Pics
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    A family that sleeps together keeps together.


    —Typical Southerner.

    Why waste all that perfectly good spooge on complete strangers?


    —Yet another Typical Southerner.

    If you find your big sister sexually attractive, why not do it with her?


    —A third southerner.

    Incest: Fun for the whole family!



    They say incest is best. Why not put your big sister to the test?


    —Ancient Proverb.

    Incest is only alright if both parties involved are freak'n hot!


    Bill Clinton

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