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    Imma Let You Finish

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    Yo Taylor, I'm really happy for you, I'mma let you finish but Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time. One of the best videos of all time!


    Kanye West, at the VMA's

    One of the first successful memes emanating from the bowels of the EDF. Imma Let You Finish (aka "Yo X I'm Really Happy For You. I'mma Let You Finish, But Y" or this) comes from the VMAs when the "voice of our generation", Kanye West, stole the innocence of a young Country singer on the stage. The results of "Operation: Nigga Stole My Mic" were the creation of many IRL lulz, as well as a shit-ton of hilarious image macros moonlighting as the first original content since the very first meme.File:DANCING_BABY.GIF

    File:Gayfish Threat.PNG
    Do you like fishsticks?

    Where did it start?


    As with many scenes of drama in music, this all started with some loud-mouth, drunk, self-hating "black" man getting mad ripped on Hennessey on the VMA's red carpet with his white-looking bald bitch and hating all of you people. Without shame, he was downing the bottle, passing it around to his girlfriend and papz all-about taking their pictures, usually with small comments on if Kanye was going to be alright. But since most people consider blacks sub-human anyway, it was no worse than watching the dog when you give it a beer, stumbling around and acting like a retard.

    Cut to a few minutes later, after Kanye sauntered into the building, Taylor Swift shows up, amazed at the glitz and glamour of the night, and the fact that she was even competing against a hermaphrodite, P!nk, black person, and other professional whores for the title of "Best Set of Tits," considering that she had none. She was just so happy, giggly, and totally not expecting a room full of gorillas, guidos, and a very flamboyant British man to somehow ruin her in at least some little way.

    The actual footage is hard to find on Jewtube. LURK MOAR

    Shitty quality. Notice how happy Beyonce is to have her
    video recognized.

    When did it happen?

    In the midst of all the cock-waving and a tribute to the late King of Pedos, Kanye was supposedly taken aside and told he was not allowed to bring alcohol into the building, as it distracts from the 20+ open bars all around the theater. Without gin-and-juice, Kanye sat begrudged, watching Michael's memory be butchered by an even bigger, faker media whore than himself, Madonna. This was followed up with a piss-poor dance routine and Janet Jackson somewhat saving the day towards the end.

    Then Russell Brand came out and fagged up the place, saying Katy Perry's pants had holes in the ass, he'd still fuck Lady GaGa regardless of cock (in almost those exact words), and basically anything that'd be classified as trying too hard for 10-15 minutes. After mortifying and confusing the American audience (like that's a challenge), he handed it over to the werewolf from the new Twilight movie and Mexican to announce the winrar of the "Best Set of Tits" award for the evening, for which Kayne West was not nominated and was already very pissed about. Taylor ended up beating out everyone that was easily moar popular in their respective genres in a surprise come-from behind victory.

    Kanye West, in a failed attempt to win brownie points from Beyonce, leaped up on the stage at the VMAs and snatched the microphone away from Taylor Swift just as she was giving her acceptance speech for a video. His immortal words "Imma let you finish..." became an instant internet meme, smashing the all-time land speed record for meme creation. The audience gasped in disbelief and disgust as this interruption temporarily stopped them from masturbating one-another in an activity known as an "award ceremony". It can be viewing tiems nao?

    How did it end?

    File:Taylor swift is a nazi.jpg
    One of the effects of the incident

    Poorly for our hero, but it lead to big-name assholes like Diddy and even Kanye West's nominations getting boo'd off, and a HUGE moment of Troll's remorse from the girl West was fapping over. Beyonce called Taylor on-stage during her own nomination to nervously finish her speech, worried she'd be shanked by an angry man who thinks he's a bear with stunner shades. Some argue there was an issue of MTV being racist and Kanye was just sick and tired of all the bullshit. In reality, it's a well-known fact that MTV has been owned by Jews for decades, therefore making the racism debate totally moot, and makes Kanye look almost as fucktarded as the guy from Rage Against the Machine when he lost to shit band Limp Bizkit (coincidentally, we have that video below).

    File:Big Eagles.PNG
    I love his big eagle.

    But in the end, he half-apologized in a blog, then baw'd like a bitch after Jay Leno mentioned his mom would probably be coming down from /H/eaven to bitch-slap him for being a faggot troll who dissed a girl. Shortly after, he went all emo and was placed on suicide watch due to troll's remorse. To date he still hasn't killed himself, prompting many people to request that he "DO IT FAGGOT". Kanye has since realized that creating internet memes isn't a good career choice, and now feels the wrath of the internet hate machine. Good thing, too, since it was sorely missed in-between Katrina and his bitching about Twitter using his name or some gay shit.

    Worst of all, West is ripping off probably one of the greatest black
    trolls of all with his actions - Ol' Dirty Bastard!

    Kanye's reaction to Obama calling him a jackass
    Kanye going after all the Taylor Swift fans now
    It's not even the strangest thing to happen at the VMAS, either
    Probably a good reason to blow up the Death Star
    Kanye even fucks up a funeral
    What Kanye Was Really Saying
    Kanye Apology On Tonight Show
    Parody Music Video
    I'ma let u finish collage

    Round 2

    Yo Britney, I'm really happy for you and I'mma let you be #1, but me and Jay-Z's single is one of the best songs of all time! LOL


    —Kanye West on his Twitter account

    Oops, Kanye did it again. However, this time it was intended as a joke when he posted a Twitter comment on his page that was exactly the same thing he told Taylor except it was slightly tweaked. Since Britney Spears fanboys take any Britney Spears joke seriously and cry about it and demand that they leave Britney alone, thousands of them bawwwed in total nerd rage and some resorted to an heroing themselves.

    Why will it happen again?

    Gayfish only have three-second memory spans. In a nutshell, this means that not only does Kanye West not understand that he has done this many times before but why it is impossible for him to ever stop. His slimy scales also allow him to get past award show security staff fairly easily.

    As long as they keep inviting him to award shows, expect the lulz to continue.

    Taylor Swifting

    According to South Park, Taylor Swifting is a new meme which consist in pulling your pants down and dragging your butt on the ground.

    Differential Calculus: Imma Let You Finish 2nd Edition

    Yo X, I'm really happy for you, I'mma let you finish, but Y had one of the best Z of all time. One of the best Z of all time!

    X = Object about to get trolled.

    Y = Object used in order to troll.

    Z = Variable used to compare both objects.


    Kanye needs to chill. He freaks out every year. It ain’t that deep man.


    Adam Lambert

    Vma’s we’re amaze sack but why every1 gotta go ruin the top & bottom of it all, Kan** 2 Lil M*** get OFF DA STAGE IT AIN’T YO TIME 2 SHINE!


    Katy Perry

    #KanyeTaylorduet make it happen


    Jimmy Fallon

    Kanye should be banned for life from anything MTV!!!!! @MTV!! SO MAD SO MAD!


    Spencer Pratt

    Kanye west is the biggest piece of shit on earth. Quote me.


    P!nk, will do

    wowwww you are a douche. in case you havent noticed, Taylor Swift is one of the most amazing, classiest person ever




    Yo Gallery, I'm real happy for you... About missing Pics
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