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    Hey! Big Thumbs Up.jpg This article isn't lulz just yet, but its coverage can spark a lollercoaster.
    You can help by reverting people who delete shit, and vandalizing their user pages.
    See this article on Google? Want to add something? Join us!

    Imagec0rrupt3d - An article, written by a mammoth sized, 30 year old Kingdom Hearts faggot. The Saix whore went on later to date another dyke whom candidly confessed in a skype call, that the psychotic hot air balloon accused her of fisting her pussy hard enough to falcon punch her fetus, and thusly gave her a free abortion. Thank.God. Now obsessed with her video game like those 11 year old COD cunts, and ashamed of her own heavily lacking talent, she soon began to patronize another artists work, with no real claim to hold to, other than the fact that she felt this asian hottie with a body, had changed her art style. At the time it was intensely popular on deviantartArt to accuse any and everyone of selling out, just because they decided to move in a different direction, apparently this clam diver was part of the in crowd. " Saix " later spoke in private and informed the current editor, that she might have been paid to write the article herself, and that all other parties involved should just " leave it alone, if they knew what was good for them ". Funny how 9 years later, that cow pie faced trailer trash, is actually still updating the article. Sad to say, this is the extent of her work- more an homage to how a butt hurt carpet muncher lacks the creative ability to write a good article, citing any actual issues in a person. For a truly lulz worthy article check out Kiminess' Article.

    File:Imagec0rrupt3d - akuroku vday.jpg
    Imagec0rrupt3d's art before...
    ...and her art after. It only took three days.

    The Beginning

    Imagec0rrupt3d (note the 1337 formatting) is a talented azn artist who draws shitty Kingdom Hearts fan comics. She's also a huge slut who changed her style completely when she realized someone else's was much more popular. The sellout actually excelled in popularity and is now even moar popular than marysue. She has a tendency to "LEAVEDAFOREVERBRB". Her new account contains less retarded shit and actually shows potential for working as a porn site illustrator/cartoonist. I mean, who can argue with that?

    The Style Swap

    Imagec0rrupt3d started as master of refined, classical art, drawing wonderful original art and yaoi. In an unexpected turn of events back last Thursday, Imagec0rrupted suddenly declared dA/Y!gallery suicide -only to return, three days later. However, over the course of those three days, her normally shitty art digressed into a cesspool of unfunny and whoreing with a comic called Whose Tush, imitating a more popular artist; in no time at all, she was even more popular than the person she was tracing.

    Instead of improving her own art, she spent all her precious time digging up retarded fan art, comics, and YouTube videos. Some suggest her time would be better spent if she were out in the rice paddies where her people belong.

    File:Spot the difference 1.jpg
    One is shittier than the other. Actually they're both pretty shitty.

    However, she opts to steal, like nigras tend to do with bicycles and deep fried treats, Jubilation's style (even going so far at to have a similarly formatted avatar, albeit using one of her "original" characters). Going on to create too fucking many comics in the line of Whose Tush, she has amassed a fanbase of over 9,000. How she's accomplished this without being reported for obvious copying is unknown, but can probably be blamed on useless admins who are unwilling to let a cashcow go.

    It should be noted, Whose Tush was not the start of her art theft - it actually began two months prior. In an attempt to copy another artist SilentReaper, imagec0rrupted wrote a Death Note comic [2]. Upon this deviation getting only 504 favorites since May 14th, '07, she promptly abandoned the stolen style to await something more popular. Once she'd latched onto a new way to draw, she went back through he dA account and removed anything that would give her away as a style whore to her new fanbase. you can still find all her fail here, though! No, it's broke.

    It should also be noted that imagec0rrupt3d wouldn't know a punchline if it slapped her in the face. She is extremely unfunny and should be avoided at all costs. She also asskisses constantly, commenting on art of popular artists when it benefits her most and drawing better artists' OC's for the sake of asspats.

    Despite all these so-called "boo-boos", Imagec0rrupt3d still manages to create and keep a cult of followers that want to sex up her hot body cause she's that fucking hot. No doubt she will remain popular despite these flaws. FAIL, faggot. The only "boo-boo" that'll be mentioned in this article is her fanfags' inability to come up with a half-decent defense. Fucking lurk moar.

    I don't NEED a style! I'm an ANIMATION STUDENT!

    Imagec0rrupt3d isn't even an animation student. She is a weeaboo wannabe who thinks she has the talent to work in the industry. LURK MOAR

    In a whirlwind display of staggering stupidity, Imagec0rrupt3d has declared in numerous journals and comments that, as an animation student, she doesn't need, and shouldn't have, her OWN style-- animating is all about mimicking everyone else! This excuses her from copying Jubilations, apparently. In reality, of course, this makes her a talentless hack; adaptability is required for animation school, but that doesn't mean you can't have your own style. Regardless, she ceaselessly pumps out the same recycled crap, all of it making a cameo on the front page of deviantART, even though the casual viewer cannot tell each sketchdump apart from the one before it- they all[3] look exactly [4] the fucking same[5]. She shows no signs of improving, no grasp of anatomy and no animation skills--but at least she's finally sparing us from her fucking disgusting Organization XIII OC. DISREGARD THAT I SUCK COCKS So, to retaliate, she's no different from all those ass sucking 'animation' artists.

    Recently, dA changed the rules of the popular section, so that everyone gets a fair go at being on the front page. Unfortunately, this doesn't stop IC from getting all of her vomit-inducing scribbles on the top of the list- our only hope is that an artist who doesn't suck and who has a good number of watchers uploads on the same day. But, deviantArt being DeviantART, there is no such thing as a talented artist, and so this hope is in vain. Imagec0rrupt3d is bound to corrupt anything that was good. (lol see wut I did thar)

    Her Personal Army's Response

    Seriously, what was she thinking?


    Already, Imagec0rrupt3d's personal army is on the case! In a pathetic display of asskissing, kissAdonis jumped onto ED to tell us what baaaaad people we are-- and was promptly banned. When creating a second account failed, she ran to dA and wrote a short journal that four people saw, declaring her desire to lick imagec0rrupt3d's pussy and how much she wanted to wipe ED off the face of the internet. Like we haven't heard that before. She even went as far as to threaten the article with her e-laywers, then bitched to everyone who pointed out that there is little a 16 year old girl can do against a mega-power, and that ED is here for the lulz.

    A fun note-- her avatar is based around Imagec0rrupt3d, in a sign of absolute devotion.

    KissAdonis might have gone completely unnoticed, her edits to the article pointless, if she hadn't asked for the message to be circulated.


    The name says it all.

    The second person to throw a hissyfit at their idol being humbled is this crazy cunt. A serial namedropper who thinks ImageC0rrupt3d cares about her existence, she was very quick to give us a thorough scolding about how rude and cruel it is to ruthlessly attack someone who clearly doesn't deserve it. Tastefully sprinkling her lecture with various famous names, psychorooster is obviously someone to hold in high regard.

    I know I'm not that great of an artist, I'm a writer, not a drawer. Though, I do try my very hardest to get better and better. I ask Image and Jubilations, Nire and Kitten-Chan for help. And they ALL offer advice when they are able to.


    —PsychoRooster, famous in her own mind.

    Read all of the conversation here

    Someone's missing the point of EncyclopediaDramatica.


    Another whore with another Organization XIII OC. Sexla is another batshit insane, bisexual, Mary Sue bastardization of Kingdom Hearts's Organization XIII. Her weapon is a pink hairdryer that shoots green ghost horses at her enemies, totally fucking pwning them. The reality of this particular OC is that she's a cheap knock-off of Marluxia. In Org Infinity she's gay for her Superior (and, being number 95 in the 'Organization', fucking everyone is her superior, making her a huge slut), who happens to be a girl called Shirix. She also has a thing for Gnalex, another faggot Mary Sue. Also seen raping Xelcan, a male.

    Imagec0rrupt3d is as much as a bimbo as her OC


    "yes my nobody's name is Sexla. it's the only anagram of my name that i liked >_>; Lasex was the 2nd choice but some ppl would be dumb and pronounce it like latex."


    latex-- obviously the first thing to leap to mind


    The hair dryer: if aimed correctly it can take out an opponent in one or two rounds.


    —I'd like to see Sexla take on Sephiroth with her pink hairdryer

    She even has a stamp supporting her OC in her own fucking shoutboard. How fucking retarded can you get?

    Disregard that, I suck cocks; apparently everyone in the fucking club has one that they post on their own shoutboards.

    BRB, TOS'd

    Oh no gaise, my image was removed! I'm not drawing fanart anymore! No more yaoi! Three days later, she was back, armed with a whole new style. So much for no more, huh? This is just the first in dAsuicide. [6]

    Hopefully moar to come! Remember to screencap any of these journals, because, as she's already shown with her gallery, she WILL delete anything that gives her away as a filthy attention whore. PROTIP: She's fucking lazy with her Y!gallery account-- all her old crap can be found there.


    thank you for viewing my work and enjoying what I do but recently I've found that what I am doing hasn't much to do with what I want to pursue in the future. Of course my gallery is just my personal work and nothing serious hence why you don't see class work here except for my animation pieces. I've been confronted before about my style is too cliche. I sadly have to agree. I use to be more proud of my work which featured pretty women with thin limbs and big boobs...




    I've seriously thought about deleting this account because I don't see any improvement from last year 'til now. But I don't want people ripping off my work and posting it as their own. Plus I'd have an angry mob at my doorstep the next morning.


    —Imagec0rrupt3d, being a paranoid cunt

    She knows about ED!

    Within an hour of the article being published, Imagec0rrutp3d (or more likely, one of her fanbrats) discovered it. She instantly drew a picture and laughed about how funny it was. As anticipated, her legions of fans mass-faved and asspatted her with cries of "ignore them! They're unfunny and jealous!"

    It would seem her entire elljay was wiped as well. Flawless victory!


    It's probably safe to assume that, while in denial, Imagec0rrupt3d is incredibly butthurt over this article, as can be seen by her edits to it. Feel free to troll the shit out of Imagec0rrupt3d to your heart's content.

    ELL oh ELL

    In a defiant act of not butthurt, Imagec0rrupt3d edited her elljay link out of this article so we couldn't possibly hope to find it again. After it was quickly reinstated and she was B&hammered for three months, she fled to her account and hid the only entry she EVAR made(calendar view shows all entries), and added the one shown above, which just goes to show she's a lying cunt. She claims to have set it to friends only, which is bullshit since she's too stupid to actually USE livejournal and left us this charming message -Deleted, right out in the open. smooth. Disregard that I suck cock, in actuality LJ does display how many "Friends Only" journals a user has posted on their profile page and NOT on their journal page so phailed to lurk moar. And you can tell your mom that we can buy our own porn, thanks.

    Another Snapesnogger? Thank God, no.

    Despite claiming to be an avid Harry Potter fangirl, even going to the movie premier and getting photographs of the characters, her gallery is remarkably void of fanart.

    Imagec0rrupt3ed's New Account

    Last Thursday, Imagec0rrupt3d created a new account known as Blithegirl. It's less shit than the previous account. A journal was made to inform her ass-kissing fanbrats about this; they immediately commented the journal and flocked over to her new account to give her over 9000 pageviews. Literally. Within a month.

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