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    So innovative that some say it is the AOL of chan software.

    The year was 2009, there was a distinct lack of shitty, generic, poorly thought-out furry chans in the chan world. Something needed to be done. Step forward “Infinitus“, a supple newfag from South Bend, Indiana. He harbored a dream, a dream where moronic technically-retarded individuals could create a chan on their own on a simple whim, without needing to give any thought to originality, content or ways of gaining users other than the method of spamming.

    It was on this dream that ImageBoard4Free was born, a rip off of the kusaba software that allowed any wannabe admin to click a few buttons and 10 seconds later own their own imageboard, possibly named after some cheaply purchased domain. If you multiply this new easy creation of chan by hundreds, as happened, a beautiful new imageboard network with a beautiful new quantity>quality philosophy is born.

    Instructions on making your chan successful

    Step 1: Create board.

    Step 2: Make many sub-boards as you can for different types of porn.

    Step 3: Dump as much porn as you can to it.

    Step 4: ????

    Step 5: Just like every other board on IB4F congratulations!

    Chans Created On ImageBoard4Free

    Whether Poland or ImageBoard4Free, German presence is imminent.

    Despite IB4F giving any retard the chance to waltz up and make their own chan, there are exceptions to every trend, and IB4F seems to be the very exception tof the trend of exceptions in trends. Chans created include:

    ThisPose - A chan for pictures of girls in a particular position. "Bent over" oder "spread legs" for example.

    U-18Chan - "The largest furry chan on IB4F, also the largest chan. 100% furry porn. Renamed from the previous board name FilthySlothChan to prevent the utter flood of trolling and b&s they were forced to dish out to protect their furporn. See AuroraFurries

    TrollChan - "The only board with a good idea on IB4F. A board based around trolling. Expressing the failure of IB4F, this board has no board for trolling. Oh well, there's always /b/. Their admin FEARLESS LEADER Obscurity is a fucking weeaboo. Fail. They also hold a secret raid board at /zomg/. Never mind, it got taken down. Obscurity got beaten to the first post on /b/, which was later deleted in butthurt rage. This, mind you all happened within the first ten minutes of the chan being up. On the /g/ - General board, Obscurity has traced the IP of an Anon that called him a faggot and posted his dox. Don't mess with the admin there. They'll fuck your shit up. HAHAHA DISREGARD THAT THEY GOT HAXED. NEWFAGS. Being pwned by the same guy that called Obscurity a faggot, a classic case of vengeance from a proxy.

    BaraChan - Even the largest officially gay chan on IB4F has a furry board. My god man.

    3.14Chan - Science-chan 2.0

    Fu Ling Yu's Gossip Board - To the owner of this chan, your chan is on.

    365 Chan - Apparently when you visit this chan you will spin in a 365 degree radius. (you will move 5 degrees)

    9chan - another animu chan, for all faggots to come be wapanese. With over 9,000 hits to the site and about 12 posts, no wonder the admin became an hero

    LemonChan - Cleans with the power of lemons, no srsly. Apparently a typefucking board.

    Umineko Theories Board - weeaboos here.

    HugaChan - In league with the largest furfag chan and a few other unmentionables. another animu chan.

    BillKaulitzChan - OH GOD THE HORROR

    Male only chan - Showing the wimminz how its done.

    Milkshakes - Milkshake chan? looks empty

    Pokemon Hentai IB - An Imageboard for you to dump your Pokemon hentai. An Imageboard of your favorite childhood game's hentai. wat

    ProtoChan - Gaming chan, apparently someone didn't notify them of 4chan already having a traditional gaming?

    1GayChan - Another Chan with gay porn and gay furry porn. srsly

    Nyou3-Chan - Annoying music plays when you attempt to look at this site. Focuses at lolis, this host is in the UK, doesn't he know about the Dangerous Cartoons Act? HES GON GET V&. Also the admin has no idea how to code HTML/php.

    Bondage-Chan - Bondage? Hentai? FUKKIN' SAVED

    28chan - Average chan. Has boards about western stuff (but who gives a shit?) Also got the 230K GET.

    33chan - Average chan board, with the usual boards. Lacks a real userbase though, mostly posted on by a few mods, a few more users, and some faggot who calls him self RAGE!ArSe/bOxxY. On their pornboards, they were spammed repeatedly with CP, by some russian named Vlad.

    goddammit vlad

    . Empty after the takedown. No longer on ib4f, back in full swing on it's own hosting, same URL. Still lacks userbase.

    Hugachan - A temporary stand-in for Desuchan while it was busy getting v&.

    The 64chan staff doesn't take responsability of the images or opinions posted by the users, nor do they take responsability for not letting dyslexics near editing the site notice.

    Nipachan - A site focused on the animes Higurashi no naku koro ni and Umineko no naku koro ni it allows you to post gore in every board. Hmm.

    FJchan - A chan for the users and anons of a website called Funnyjunk. yep

    Brochan - Brochan a place for bros

    45chan - 45chan is a rubbish chan about chans.

    Negimachan - Negimachan is a chan devoted to the series Mahou Sensei Negima.

    DDoS Drama

    RockstarChan mods warmly react to Bunkerchan spam.

    Because of how smart some of the IB4F chan admins are, and because of the ingenius way every single board is hosted on a single server, IB4F is forever squatting down, arms and knees pinned to the floor, preparing to take another round of DDoS rapeage. Of course, this is only this danger if some fresh-faced admin is actually dumb enough to do something as retarded as spamming advertisements for their IB4F chan around every other chan, proclaiming it to be the single greatest thing that ever existed. How likely is that?

    On Tuesday 7th July 2009, someone started spamming advertisements for “bunkerchan“ around every other chan, proclaiming it to be the single greatest thing that ever existed. Bunkerchan was a *chan formed during the downtime of 4chan, while they were DDoS’d by some unknown source, and bunkerchan claimed to be the sole refuge for homeless 4channers. It turns out Bunkerchan admins thought it would be a smart idea to get their message across to these homeless 4channers by spamming their url across the various *chans 4channers were now scattered across. It tends to be the case however that other imageboard admins do not take too kindly to having their site spammed, nor do they tend to take too kindly when that spam happens to be advertisements for a rival imageboard, and it was no surprise that a retaliatory DDoS was hastily issued against Bunkerchan. Every one of IB4F’s then 200+ sites was taken offline for nearly two days.

    IB4F was drawn into a panic, as admins started turning on each other, on the host admin himself, thinking the site had been v&, or worse, raped by Alberto Fujimori. Through the smoke of fried server and 13-year-old boy‘s alarmed flatulence the cause of the DDoS emerged, and though bunkerchan was later removed from hosting on IB4F, DDoS remains a terrifying monster that is always lurking just around the corner for ImageBoard4Free.

    The Takedown

    File:ImageBoard4Free Down.jpgFile:Imageboard4free Update.PNG

    As of the 8th of February, 2010, a new update appeared from the admin stating the site will be back up soon. He hasn't answered any of his staff or even bothered to talk to them since he took the site offline. Many chans continue to function... with no posts however, the two largest chans are porn oriented U-18Chan the furry chan. With BaraChan coming up in second place. This has caused IB4F's most well-known administrator next to Infinitus to rage. RAGE. and RAGEEEEEEEEEEEEE until he ragequit over the fact. He doesn't have to moderate anymore, because every post is a furfag dump or a photoshopped dong.

    I wouldn't have anything to administrate if we enacted a "No furfag/gay porn rule".


    — ~Vorche

    All the furfag/gay posts caused me to rage quit for awhile


    — ~Vorche

    The Restart

    As of the 13'th of april IB4f came back up. After almost 130 days of downtime.

    The Pedo Exodus

    Shortly after finally returning, something happened. Something that no one saw coming, even with the site almost being v& previously because of it. The complete deletion of EVERY BOARD hinting toward the pedo variety. This was done suddenly & without warning, causing many board owners to BAWWWW because they didn't have the chance to back-up or move all the precious CP and sick jap porn off site somewhere for storage so they could continue to fap to it. This also caused IB4F's traffic to drop to almost non-existant levels overnight. The only boards recieving any traffic after this were those of the furry variety.

    The Death Of IB4F

    Near the end of 2010, IB4F shut it's doors once more and has not reopened or been updated since. The reason stated by Infinitus is that the site was still recieving various threats of seizure by the british authorities and threats of lawsuits on a daily basis. However, this may not be true. Most likely Infinitus simply ragequit and deleted everything when IB4F's traffic dropped to 0, forcing him to finally realize the truth that no one ever used IB4F for anything other than to create underage porn boards.

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