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    Hay, employers. I do 2D & 3D design, don't forget the M/M Erotica!

    "A young, anthro male lion of about 18 years of age, (see pics for character details :) ) standing at about 6`2" , and wearing little but a leather loin cloth. He always wears both a silver curb chain and a silver dragon pendant, a silver 'alchemy' dragon ring and bears soft, deep blue eyes."

    He forgot to mention that he is a raging furry faggot, who is a second rate artist and lives off ZEN's internet penis.

    Icelyon is also a UK furfag from the remote area of Norfolk, which he lieks to keep a secret in case people get backstage at his secret ZEN furry cons.

    His website lists his skillz0rz.

    Icelyon also likes to eat cakes and chew ass. This evidently shows on his photo on the #maleyiff website.

    Icelyon is popular within the furfag community due to his boyfriend drawing lots of porn. He and his boyfriend only favorite each other's work on FagAffinity.

    As Icelyon is so terribly in love with ZEN, he decided to ask people not to draw his (ZEN's) deep and meaningful fursona having sex with anyone else. However, this does not stop Icelyon from doing the online yiffz with other worshipers of ZEN.

    IceLyon is an Art Thief

    Recent findings of a more then gay gift for his fag-lover, Zen - that he traced over an image by a popular shota artist, Po Ju:



    It is also rumored that Icelyon is a Scientologist, much like KurtBatz, yet this rumor is to be spread more before it becomes the truth.

    IceLyon attempts to remove information with the power of Scientology

    The user Chris2 attempted to remove his known location (Norfolk, lol) and his photograph, but I reverted it naturally, to preserve the lulz. No doubt IceLyon will try to DELETE THESE FROM THE INTERNETZ again, so when it happens I will be sure to revert it and name and shame the account he uses.

    It is rumored he has teamed up with Tom Cruise and KurtBatz to achieve this. BE CAREFUL.


    Fur series.jpg

    Icelyon is part of a series on


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