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    Hey! Big Thumbs Up.jpg This article isn't lulz just yet, but its coverage can spark a lollercoaster.
    You can help by reverting people who delete shit, and vandalizing their user pages.
    See this article on Google? Want to add something? Join us!
    100px Paul 'Snerf' Vanderzee is a massive lolcow.
    Get on here and ask Paul if Icechat supports Linux!

    IceChat is a shitty, bug-riddenfilled IRC client for Windows, made in Visual Basic. Paul Vanderzee, also known IIRC as snerf, is the lolcow known for developing this utterly horrid client. Hanging in the channel '#icechat' on QuakeNet, he offers you support on the client.

    Discovery of lolcow potential

    While a /b/tard was using IceChat to engage in hard gay chats, he encountered a problem, which led to him entering the IceChat support channel. Immediately banned, a fellow /b/tard flooded Paul's sorry ass. This resulted in Paul threatening to be PRESSIN CHARGES on the innocent user. Realizing his level of buttrange, even more fellow /b/tards joined in, contacting Paul directly. Also, even garrett was refused support.


    As Provel:

    <Provel> [20:01] <Provel> why so version
    <Provel> [20:01] * Akella ([email protected]) has joined #icechat
    <Provel> [20:01] <@Snerf> hmm?
    <Provel> [20:02] <Provel> ctcp version
    <Provel> [20:02] <@Snerf> oh,probably  my script
    <Provel> [20:02] * Akella ([email protected]) has left #icechat
    <Provel> [20:03] <Provel> btw, i tried 9 and it crashed when i opened logs
    <Provel> [20:03] <@Snerf> ok
    <Provel> [20:03] <@Snerf> Newer version coming out soon anyways
    <Provel> [20:05] <Provel> right now my only real problem with 7 is that it locks up hard durring floods

    As armucat:

    (2011-10-11 22:55:51) armucat: y u ppl b& provel?
    (2011-10-11 22:56:08) armucat: tht wsnt vry nice
    (2011-10-11 22:56:30) Snerf: something we can do for your armucat?
    (2011-10-11 22:56:43) armucat: no my armucat is fine
    (2011-10-11 22:56:54) armucat: but provel is really sad
    (2011-10-11 22:57:06) Snerf: ugh, another pathetic little worm
    (2011-10-11 22:57:12) TAdams [[email protected]] entered the room.
    (2011-10-11 22:57:13) armucat: cat*
    (2011-10-11 22:57:13) mode (+v TAdams) by Q
    (2011-10-11 22:57:18) Snerf: Why dont you people have anything better to do?
    (2011-10-11 22:57:29) Snerf: children should be doing homework, not IRC
    (2011-10-11 22:57:36) You have been kicked by Snerf: (armucat)

    As AlmaWade:

    **** BEGIN LOGGING AT Tue Oct 11 23:37:58 2011
    [Snerf has address [email protected]]
    Oct 11 23:37:58 <Snerf>	stop trolling plz
    Oct 11 23:38:04 <Angelika>	/!\ NO /!\
    Oct 11 23:38:11 <Angelika>	FUCK CHECHENS AND THE POPE
    Oct 11 23:38:24 <Snerf>	lol.. ok. be a child about it then
    Oct 11 23:38:31 <Snerf>	go kick and scream like a 2yr old
    Oct 11 23:38:34 <Angelika>	SUCK BUTTER FROM MY ASS
    Oct 11 23:38:47 <Snerf>	mmmmm... bend over then
    Oct 11 23:39:12 <Snerf>	and your keyboard is broken
    Oct 12 01:02:35 <AlmaWade>	How's the autism going, Paul?
    Oct 12 01:02:50 <Snerf>	mm?
    Oct 12 01:02:58 <AlmaWade>	y u mean to my fren provel
    Oct 12 01:03:07 <Snerf>	huh?
    Oct 12 01:03:17 <Snerf>	can you write proper english ?
    Oct 12 01:03:40 <AlmaWade>	But proper English has capital letters at the beginning of a sentence.
    Oct 12 01:03:46 <Snerf>	yes, true.. 
    Oct 12 01:03:52 <Snerf>	but that doesnt answer the question
    Oct 12 01:04:08 <AlmaWade>	you hurt my chat friend provel's feelings :(
    Oct 12 01:04:09 <Snerf>	But I take it, you are only messaging me to piss me off
    Oct 12 01:04:12 <Snerf>	oh.h...
    Oct 12 01:04:20 <Snerf>	tell him to go fuck off and die then, and take you with him
    Oct 12 01:04:26 <Snerf>	do the world a favor
    Oct 12 01:04:41 <AlmaWade>	now you hurt my feelings
    Oct 12 01:04:48 <AlmaWade>	that wasn't a nice thing to say :(
    Oct 12 01:04:53 <Snerf>	No?
    Oct 12 01:05:01 <Snerf>	well, must be my autism kicking in, huh?
    Oct 12 01:05:10 <AlmaWade>	over 20 pounds of it
    Oct 12 01:05:14 <Snerf>	Since you seem to think you are such a smart ass
    Oct 12 01:05:25 <Snerf>	You always love being someone elses bitch?
    Oct 12 01:05:37 <AlmaWade>	only if there's cheesecake involved
    Oct 12 01:05:37 <Snerf>	Since he doesnt seem to hve a mind of his own, nor do you
    Oct 12 01:05:54 <Snerf>	I added him to ignore, are you next?
    Oct 12 01:06:05 <Snerf>	cuz honestly, he wasted my time
    Oct 12 01:06:06 <AlmaWade>	I don't know, why don't you ask my butt?
    Oct 12 01:06:12 <Snerf>	good bye
    Oct 12 01:06:16 <AlmaWade>	i love you
    Oct 12 01:06:21 <Snerf>	<kisses>
    Oct 12 01:07:13 <Snerf>	fucking losers.. sheesh
    Oct 12 01:07:38 <AlmaWade>	i feel bullied by that comment sir
    Oct 12 01:07:52 <Snerf>	w/c
    Oct 12 01:08:02 <AlmaWade>	no ur a water closet
    Oct 12 01:08:04 <Snerf>	that was not meant for your ears
    Oct 12 01:08:24 <AlmaWade>	>implying I can hear text on a screen
    Oct 12 01:08:33 <Snerf>	I thoguht you were handicapped
    Oct 12 01:08:40 <Snerf>	I apologize if you are not
    Oct 12 01:09:01 <AlmaWade>	i lost my second anus crash landing a dongcopter back in chechnya :(
    Oct 12 01:09:17 <Snerf>	So, hoenstly kid, whats your issue, Why are you being such a prick?
    Oct 12 01:09:25 <Snerf>	Just to piss me off, or are ya just bored?
    Oct 12 01:09:46 <AlmaWade>	because I'm bored and had a floodan script
    Oct 12 01:09:50 <AlmaWade>	(づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ 
    Oct 12 01:10:08 <Snerf>	You had a what?
    Oct 12 01:10:34 <AlmaWade>	a few thousand socks proxies and a script to flood with them
    Oct 12 01:10:39 <AlmaWade>	its really quite fun
    Oct 12 01:10:51 <Snerf>	And what is the purpose of this?
    Oct 12 01:10:56 <Snerf>	To get under my skin 
    Oct 12 01:11:20 <AlmaWade>	i think it worked
    Oct 12 01:11:30 <Snerf>	Yes it did, do you feel better now?
    Oct 12 01:11:45 <Snerf>	Mision Accomplished, as they say
    Oct 12 01:11:58 <AlmaWade>	no
    Oct 12 01:12:08 <AlmaWade>	i spilled fucking pepsi on my shirt
    Oct 12 01:13:08 <Snerf>	Well, good bye then, unlike you who has no job, I need to sleep to go to mine to help pay for the food I put in my mouth, while you live off the govt since you cant find a minumum wasge job
    Oct 12 01:13:19 <Snerf>	So, farewell
    Oct 12 01:13:34 <AlmaWade>	i suck dicks for money behind the apple store :(
    **** ENDING LOGGING AT Wed Oct 12 01:14:31 2011

    As Provel in a later time:

    <Provel> Session Start: Wed Oct 12 00:48:32 2011
    <Provel> [00:48] <Provel> i have no boats
    <Provel> [00:48] <Provel>  i only asked for support
    <Provel> [00:49] <Snerf> And you were denied it, move along, its a free program
    <Provel> [00:49] <Provel> also you had my ip when i joined the channel
    <Provel> [00:49] <Snerf> I am sure you have plenty of other people to go bother
    <Provel> [00:50] <Provel> also i asked a friend to ask you to unban me and you banned him because he asked
    <Provel> [00:50] <Snerf> Are you still rambling?
    <Provel> [00:50] <Snerf> Cant give it a rest, can you?
    <Provel> [00:51] <Provel> im just wondering why you think that i did something
    <Provel> [00:51] <Snerf> Why does it matter?
    <Provel> [00:51] <Snerf> Look at all the problems you caused as a result of it. That justifies my actions
    <Provel> [00:51] <Provel> um nope
    <Provel> [00:52] <Provel> asking for help/support doesnt = problems in my book
    <Provel> [00:52] <Snerf> Um yes it does
    <Provel> [00:52] <Snerf> no, the flooding of all the bots, that was because of YOU!
    <Provel> [00:52] <Provel> once again no
    <Provel> [00:52] <Snerf> Yes, you can deny it all you want. byt they didnt just come for no reason, was not until I banned you
    <Provel> [00:53] <Snerf> So, your fault buddy
    <Provel> [00:53] <Snerf> And for that, I am pressing charges
    <Provel> [00:53] <Provel> still no
    <Provel> [00:53] <Snerf> Deny it all you want, you caused it
    <Provel> [00:53] <Snerf> And you are still harassing me, as a result of it, cuz that wasnt good enough
    <Provel> [00:54] <Provel> im not harassing you
    <Provel> [00:54] <Snerf> Do you think you are required free support, for some reason?
    <Provel> [00:55] <Provel> well the site doesnt say that you charge for support so yes
    <Provel> [00:55] <Provel> also unless you forget i was trying to be helpful
    <Provel> [00:55] <Snerf> Well, you are mistaken, you are not entitled to it, if I do not feel like giving it to you
    <Provel> [00:56] <Snerf> If I dont want to give it, I dont have to, It is my choice, not yours.
    <Provel> [00:56] <Snerf> My choice was, not to give it. I do not need to give you any reason to justify my reason
    <Provel> [00:57] <Snerf> I dont care if you dont like it, suck it up, its a free program, go find another one
    <Provel> [00:57] <Provel> then you should remove all irc links from the software and website
    <Provel> [00:57] <Snerf> No
    <Provel> [00:57] <Provel> why not
    <Provel> [00:58] <Provel> you arent going to provide support
    <Provel> [00:58] <Snerf> Not going to provide support to YOU
    <Provel> [00:58] <Snerf> dont you understand that ?
    <Provel> [00:58] <Provel> thats funny
    <Provel> [00:59] <Snerf> I guess I did not mke it clear enough for you
    <Provel> [00:59] <Provel> so if someone tries to help you you wont provide support
    <Provel> [00:59] <Snerf> No, if somesighs
    <Provel> [01:00] <Snerf> Your wasting my time
    <Provel> [01:00] <Snerf> good  bye
    <Provel> [01:00] <Provel> how was i a jackass?
    <Provel> [01:00] * Snerf [01:01] <Provel> dude, i just wanted a better working version of ice chat
    <Provel> [01:01] <Snerf> Why must you continue, ae you enjoying this?
    <Provel> [01:02] <Snerf> Are you just online to piss people off?
    <Provel> [01:02] <Snerf> cuz your doing a fine fucking jop of it
    <Provel> [01:02] <Snerf> added to ignore
    <Provel> [01:02] <Provel> ;_;

    Like a foot:

    <Snerf> fuck off
    <Angelika> NO
    <Snerf> I will not
    <Snerf> I will only laugh
    <Snerf> Cuz you are making yourself look like a foot

    Snerf is really helpful:

    [22:34:46] <CinoxFellpyre> Hi I was wondering
    [22:35:17] <CinoxFellpyre> I really like Icechat, but i lost it when I got Linux, my HDD exploded
    [22:35:38] <CinoxFellpyre> Is there a version of Icechat for Linux? And if not, can you work it under WINE?
    [22:36:59] <CinoxFellpyre> Anyone on? o_o
    [22:46:03] <@Snerf> Icechat 9 runs under Mono
    [22:46:08] <@Snerf> which runs in Linux
    [22:50:05] <CinoxFellpyre> Snerf: Do I need to manually compile it?
    [22:50:16] <CinoxFellpyre> Or do I have a premade package?
    [22:50:21] <@Snerf> yes it only has source code
    [22:50:44] <CinoxFellpyre> When will the package come out?
    [22:51:01] <Ahoalton> packages don't come out for linux
    [22:51:09] <Ahoalton> http://icechat.codeplex.com/
    [22:51:13] <@Snerf> There will be no package for Linux, only source code
    [22:51:19] <@Snerf> Windows will have the installs
    [22:51:27] <Ahoalton> it tells you how to install monodevelop and compile code in documentation
    [22:51:33] <Ahoalton> its not hard
    [22:51:35] <CinoxFellpyre> But Ubuntu allows packages to be installed, even usermade ones.
    [22:51:44] <CinoxFellpyre> And sadly I'm really bad at compiling.
    [22:52:02] <@Snerf> The instructions are on the website Ahoalton posted
    [22:52:04] <Ahoalton> all you have to do is open the .sln file and select build
    [22:52:16] <bolado> Treino sem servidor
    [22:52:16] <bolado> Treino sem servidor
    [22:52:22] <Ahoalton> I give you step-by-step directions on how to do it CinoxFellpyre
    [22:52:28] <Ahoalton> and it doesn't take long either5 
    [22:52:37] <@Snerf> Just need to get MonoDevelop to compile it
    [22:52:43] <Ahoalton> its not one of those long winded ones either
    [22:52:50] <@Snerf> lol
    [22:53:03] <Ahoalton> I've seen some long tutorials
    [22:53:03] <CinoxFellpyre> MonoDevelop?
    [22:53:35] <Ahoalton> the whole thing, from installing monodevelop to compiling to actually running
    [22:54:06] <CinoxFellpyre> Um.....yea....can't you just make a package or something like most programmers do
    [22:54:12] <CinoxFellpyre> a .deb file?
    [22:54:18] <CinoxFellpyre> I think that's what it's called
    [22:54:24] <@Snerf> Do you know how to make one?
    [22:54:40] <CinoxFellpyre> Nope.
    [22:54:44] <@Snerf> Neither do I
    [22:54:50] <@Snerf> So, you get source code :)
    [22:55:04] <CinoxFellpyre> Well, what about asking others?
    [22:55:21] <CinoxFellpyre> Or is there Tutorials on those like they have for compiling?
    [22:55:34] <@Snerf> I didnt find one
    [22:55:40] <@Snerf> So, source code
    [22:55:58] <@Snerf> You want a deb file, find out how to make one, your the 1st to complain :)
    [22:56:47] <CinoxFellpyre> Well, if I do find one, will you be able to make it?
    [22:57:02] <@Snerf> If I can do it, perhaps
    [22:57:35] <CinoxFellpyre> Curious though, have you per chance actually looked?
    [22:57:41] <@Snerf> Yes I have
    [22:57:56] <@Snerf> Spent about an hour , found nothing, didnt care anymore, left it how it is
    [22:58:13] <@Snerf> And frankly, no one has complained about it
    [22:58:20] <@Snerf> So it didnt matter much to me
    [22:58:23] <billao> #mixbr
    [22:58:58] <@Snerf> al the linux users I know, prefer source code
    [22:59:09] <CinoxFellpyre> http://www.linuxfordevices.com/c/a/Linux-For-Devices-Articles/How-to-make-deb-packages/
    [22:59:17] <CinoxFellpyre> Well, just found this on the first page.
    [22:59:40] <@Snerf> ok
    [23:00:06] <CinoxFellpyre> Second result.
    [23:00:12] <CinoxFellpyre> I put in how to make a .deb file
    [23:00:49] <@Snerf> Considering I dont use Linux, It is not an issue for me
    [23:01:21] <CinoxFellpyre> But it's...an issue for people who do? Especially those who can't compile?
    [23:01:23] <CinoxFellpyre> x-x
    [23:01:45] <@Snerf> The instructions are on the site in how to
    [23:02:01] <@Snerf> its not a normal Linux program, its a Mono program , it is done differently
    [23:02:08] <CinoxFellpyre> What's the difference?
    [23:02:14] <@Snerf> a huge difference
    [23:02:21] <@Snerf> w/o Mono, it wont run
    [23:02:36] <@Snerf> so I am not even sure if it can be packaged
    [23:03:29] <CinoxFellpyre> Mono...mono...what was it caled?
    [23:03:41] <@Snerf> its just not a priority for me, thats all. The instructions on how to compile it are posted, and I am happy with that
    [23:03:50] <inv0lt> man
    [23:03:56] <@Snerf> since the majority of users are windows users
    [23:03:57] <inv0lt> i im dcing sooo much
    [23:04:05] <@Snerf> inv0lt, you sure are
    [23:04:15] <inv0lt> its pissing me off
    [23:04:34] <CinoxFellpyre> So wait, just because the majority is Windows, Linux is kind of shrugged off? :C
    [23:04:35] <inv0lt> maybe cause im connetected to to many servers/channels
    [23:05:02] <@Snerf> CinoxFellpyre, shrugged off?  if it was shrugged off, you wouldnt have anything
    [23:05:08] <@Snerf> inv0lt, who knows
    [23:05:21] <SeattleShmuck> you dont even know what linux is
    [23:05:23] <@Snerf> CinoxFellpyre, the instructions are posted, on how to compile it
    [23:05:41] <CinoxFellpyre> Will I need packages to compile?
    [23:05:43] <CinoxFellpyre> Or something?
    [23:05:51] <@Snerf> No install package has been made, thats all there is to it. I am sorry, but thats all I have to offer
    [23:06:03] <@Snerf> I cant cater to everyones needs, I dont have that kind of time
    [23:06:30] <CinoxFellpyre> Alright, well I just tried it now, and it broke.
    [23:06:32] <CinoxFellpyre> >-<
    [23:06:56] <@Snerf> Well, you need MonoDevelop, w/o that, you cant compile it
    [23:07:22] <CinoxFellpyre> And where can I get it?
    [23:07:42] <@Snerf> google is your friend , you seem to know how to use it :)
    [23:08:43] <@Snerf> http://icechat.codeplex.com/documentation  , it is worth reading
    [23:09:07] <CinoxFellpyre> Uh, there's no Ubuntu Mono.
    [23:09:11] <CinoxFellpyre> At least in my version.
    [23:09:44] <@Snerf> well, all the versions of Ubuntu I used had Mono
    [23:09:56] <@Snerf> but mono is not monodevelop
    [23:10:32] <@Snerf> mono is the set of libraries, monodev is the program used to write the code, compile it much easier
    [23:11:09] <CinoxFellpyre> .....so wait
    [23:11:16] <CinoxFellpyre> I need the Libraries?
    [23:11:51] <@Snerf> Just use the Ubuntu software package program
    [23:12:17] <@Snerf> It should let you install Mono, if you havent
    [23:12:29] <@Snerf> cant help you much more then that, I am no Ubuntu expert
    [23:12:44] <@Snerf> just enough to use it and test icechat 9 with 
    [23:14:57] <CinoxFellpyre> Ok then

    Tech Support Contact Information

    Name: Paul Vanderzee
    Phone: (250) 933-1987
    Street: 6213 Farber Way
    Province: British Columbia
    City: Lantzville
    Zip/Postal: V0R2H0

    Give him a call and ask if he supports Linux.

    Paul tries to hide

    On October 16, Paul tried to hide by deleting fucking everything after being trolled and having his dox dropped. He even made a statement on the failbook page claiming victory. However this is a lie.


    is part of a series on


    Please visit the IRC PORTAL for more