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    iMacros is an Internet Explorer and Firefox browser extension that allows the recording, scripting, and playing (looping, if you must) of web-based macros. iMacros can be used for more efficient browsing, form filling, feigned clicking, and information gathering. iMacros is especially useful whenever Anon decides to contribute to an online poll.


    iMacros is pretty straightforward, but if you find any particularly useful tricks we could rape with, let us know on the discussion page.

    Assuming you are a complete idiot, here is how to make your own iMacro:

    1. Get the addon for Firefox (the IE version has limitations)
    2. Go to your target site
    3. Open up the extension from tools
    4. Click on Rec, then Record
    5. Act out the repitious task
    6. Press Stop
    7. Click on Play, then put 9001 into the Repeat Macro box.
    8. Watch the shit get done!


    Make a new iMacro with this (or exchange the last bit for the submit button):

    TAB T=1
    URL GOTO=http://anonym.to/http://www.TARGETSITEHERE.com/#
    TAG POS=1 TYPE=IMG ATTR=SRC:http://anonym.to/http://www.TARGETSITEHERE.com/images/submit.gif

    PROTIP: Use in coordination with Greasemonkey for faster execution. Javascript fills in forms when the page loads, iMacro waits till it gets down to the appropriate form before filling it out.

    • Right-click on the monkey icon in the bottom right corner.
    • Go to "New User Script"
    • Paste this inside it (remember to change the details to those of your target):
    • // ==UserScript==
      // @name           Auto entry
      // @namespace      Heartless
      // @description    fill out forms
      // @include        http://anonym.to/http://*
      // ==/UserScript==
      /* --------------------------
        Howto: Modify the first string between quotes on each array
               Do not alter the order
        -------------------------- */
      var inputtexts = new Array(
      new Array ("",""), /* This one is used as a wildcard */
      new Array ("John","first","name"),
      new Array ("Citizen","last","surname"),
      new Array ("SA","state"),
      new Array ("[email protected]","email"),
      new Array ("[email protected]","re_email"),
      new Array ("BW3857","license_number"),
      new Array ("1984","year_of_birth"),
      new Array ("(00) 5555 5555","phone","fax"),
      new Array ("0455555555","mobile"),
      new Array ("9 Epic Way","address1"),
      new Array ("Hometown","suburb"),
      new Array ("55555","zip","postcode"), 
      new Array ("M","gender"),
      new Array ("r0flz","captcha","verif","response","cword","turing","image","security","token"));
      /* Password */
      var inputpasswords = new Array("bugmenot","pass","pw","retype","confirm","verify");
      /* You can add or remove from these lists to check, uncheck or leave its default */
      var checkboxes = new Array (
      /* Uncheck these */ new Array ("adminemail","showemail","receive","pm","news","mail","update","spam","send","offer","agent"),
      /* Check these   */ new Array ("rules","tos","terms","coppa","agree","accept","save","remember","age","legal","confirm","token")
      /* --------------------------
        Code - don't edit further (if u don't know what ur doing).
        Feedback appreciated :)
        -------------------------- */
      // INPUT
       var textElements = document.getElementsByTagName('input');
       for (var i=0;i<textElements.length;i++) {
       // INPUT type TEXT
         if (textElements[i].type == 'text') {
           for (var j=0; j<inputtexts.length; j++){
             for (var k=1; k<inputtexts[j].length; k++){
               var lowerit = textElements[i].name.toLowerCase();
               if (lowerit.search(inputtexts[j][k])>=0) {
                 textElements[i].value = inputtexts[j][0];
       // INPUT type RADIO
         if (textElements.type == 'radio') {textElements.checked=true;}}
         if (document.getElementById('1_a')) {
        document.getElementById('1_a').checked = true;}
        if (document.getElementById('2_c')) {
        document.getElementById('2_c').checked = true;}
        if (document.getElementById('3_b')) {
        document.getElementById('3_b').checked = true;}
       // SELECT
       /* Selects the drop down */

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