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    The /i/nsurgent
    Hangouts /i/
    Pastimes Raids, Spam, Ordering Pizza
    Spam Pizza: Anon's weapon of choice.

    Although conspiracy theories state otherwise, this is not /i/, the 4chan Oekaki board, /i/ is the floating location where Ebaumsworld plots many raids, and then pins it on Anonymous for some reason. Four out of five dentists agree the majority of the internet's lulz originate from /i/. An individual involved in this board would be called an /i/nsurgent, an /i/nvader, a v/i/rgin , or an /i/nfidel. The group as a whole was called the /i/ntifada.

    An History

    The formation of /i/

    Raid a girl dying of cancer ? Who would be THAT fucking mean ?

    Invasions were often a subject of interest for the /b/tards at 4chan. Threads about some DeviantART, Habbo Hotel or a certain child named Mitch would often become classics. On the events of August 23, 2006, dubbed /b/day by the /b/tards, the administrator of 4chan, moot, condemned invasions to be against the rules. This started the revolution of /b/day, where 7chan emerged as a new alternative to 4chan's totalitarian state.

    7chan contained a board dubbed /i/, for invasions. It first contained many stickam raids, Tom Green call-ins that were usually started by namefags "Rofltron Jebus" and "IvanTheCat", and Habbo raids. It then grew in size with the amount of victories it achieved, and was the main setting for Legion to plot its raids.

    Historic /i/ Targets

    Notable Victims

    Personal Army

    Because of /i/'s success, it soon became a beacon for people wishing to settle personal vendettas. Being dumped by a girlfriend or a person Anonymous doesn't like, was the usual story. These were often ignored by Anonymous, and met with the response, "/i/ is not your personal army", or, simply, NYPA.

    See Also

    The fall of 7/i/

    As a certain side effect of the Hal Turner raids, 7chan gained a lot of publicity (see Internet Hate Machine and Fox News). This was brought to the attention of ian's datacenter, and /i/'s actions were found to infringe upon the TOS. 7chan was allowed to continue operation, but /i/ was forced to close down. This action was regarded by 7/b/ to be a new /b/day, or possibly even the end of 7chan. The reflex action of the /b/tards was to go to a new /i/ at a more concealed place, with the burnouts and pedos. After around half a year of 420chan housing /i/, 420chan was taken down for an entirely unrelated reason; /i/ was without a central command.

    On a side note, 7chan has since switched hosting, but decides to replicate failchan's totalitarian state, as 7chan is now run by a bunch of faggots.

    /i/ later returned with 420chan only to be taken over by fear of "moralfags". The moralfag (also referred to as a "protestfag") was a new breed of newfag that was born as a direct result of Project Chanology shifting its focus from attacking Scientology websites to doing IRL protests against them. The moralfags would viciously oppose/prevent committing internet-based /i/nvasions against the Scifags, fearing that such activity would villainize anonymous further and discourage ordinary people from joining their protests. True /b/tards saw through this faggotry and convinced many /i/nsurgants to raid themselves. A DDOS occurred on 4-12-08 after floods of cute rabbits, otters, and kitties. It was affectionately dubbed the Rabbit Raid.

    Following Activity

    Many different IRC channels and smaller imageboards plotted raids during the time after 420chan was V&. Among them were partyvan.org, or lulznet, where certain /i/nsurgents committed a /b/tard sin, and successfully DDOSed 4chan.org, in what was called The Caturday Nap. After the Caturday Nap and brb, soup, both long periods of time where 4chan and 7chan were down, 711chan became a major chan and hosted an invasion imageboard. The most active invasion board on a chan was 711chan /i/. On January 5, 2008 it was announced that Kirtaner from 420chan would be moving /i/ back to it's old location during the Subeta raids, merged with 711.

    /i/ at this time was a fairly different place. For one, the partyvan network was flooded with oper-abusers and fucktards. /i/ was also flooded by people who passed CS3 and who now have unimaginable e-hardness.

    Soon after, 711chan and 420chan split. 420chan no longer had /i/, and 711chan's /i/ appeared weak. Freechan began to overtake 711chan as the primary Anonymous /i/, but managed to pwn itself sometime during October 2008 and was not seen for nearly eight months. Meanwhile, chans such as 888chan grew.

    Current Situation

    888chan did manage to produce the most successful /i/ board seen since 7 and 420chan’s, but unfortunately the whole site and its w/i/ki seemed to suddenly vanish off the face of the internets around the beginning of January 2010. Both 711chan and Rockstarchan boasted an /i/ board for some time, but they've vanished. Openchan did create an /i/ board, but unfortunately it has been populated with tripfags, and become an enemy of the /i/nsurgency after targeting other /i/ raids.

    List of Active /i/ Boards (don't post the hidden ones, just the 'open' ones. Delete them when they die)

    • Masterchan (/i/, with secondary /war/ and /raid/)
    • 8chan (/baphomet/ - As featured on Washington Post and MSNBC)
    • 76chan (/i/)

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