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    Hyskoa = infected with GOTIS
    You can help by not giving her any attention.

    Who I am and what not to Expect?

    hyskoa-relatable or Eva Zagadka is a De Facto The Russian Bitch Clone that everyone hates because She is such a Sheman that no one cares. She is even more annoying and a second Clone of Her sister! It's Funny because They almost look Exactly Alike. The only way you can tell is that She is 6 inches taller than her in RL!

    Oh shit, I thought Alaskans were Americans. After seeing this, Even I can't tell the difference between the two
    File:Damn son.jpg
    Oh my god, The Powers of Russian Technology has been Prevailed! The Scientist's last words before getting shot in Russia

    So, what happened was Putin is pissed in fact, I don't even know why the scientist have to fail the Big Leader

    My Pet Meow Meow and Stolen Dough

    One time, This horrible incident happened! This bitch Basically stole money from people. From what I heard She has the Russian Kung Fu the living shit out of people! She tries to act like a innocent Pussy but reality a Medusa on Crack She alway want to Cosplay like her sister, but in reality all she thinks about is her ass! All you need is this Awesome Guy who’s from the KFC state and say I'd tap that, to the point Lesbianism is bullshit! Then again She’s not a real Woman She’s the Retarded Russian Zuka! It has said that she Stole $800 from an Azn man, if he didn’t give her the Cash she’ll Cut his dick off! She stole a total of $8400 of Cash to spend for her Borat Costume! When she bitches she makes the whole world want to fap on her picture really Easy even a caveman could do it!

    I need money for my cat, She’s Horribly sick! Give me $$$ Or I will cut your dick off and I will sew my dick to fuck my Twin Sister! I don’t give a rat’s ass about Her Boyfriend or Father


    —Natasha the Thief

    WTF, Don’t Say that >:C I hate Racist people they suck I’m 10% Asian and I wish I was American! Too bad I’m the poor kind of Russian that even Black people can afford KFC I can’t even afford a Pickle to shove it in my Pussy for Sex


    —Natasha the Thief

    After seeing this, Gals mainly old and creepy women want to Chakka Dakka her until Her Cherry popped into A Milky Ice Cream

    I'm a Lesbian and I'm Jolyne Kujo

    Basically this Russian Asshole Clone is 500 times worse then the original gal. In fact, She came from Kazan' Russia by an Evil Scientist trying to see if they can Recreate another Another Weeaboo! However those Russian Scientist failed and this was the Result! She is 8 years younger than her and she's way too Tall. She was born in [October 30, 1996] [Scropio] while the Evil RetardedScientist was looking at some Lesbian Porn Magazine while eating KFC and tried to trick her by kidnapping a Russian couple that wants a daughter They Escaped from Russia and moved to the Opposite land of CA, unlike the Original bitch, This person is completely a Lesbian! Today, She lives by herself with her mom and daddy but unlike the original gal, She is totally the opposite! She hates Coffee, Stupid Americans, and literally an obvious Flagrant Weeaboo 2.0! In fact she is now about 18 years old going 19, Everyone was scared when she appeared because Fans and Otakus couldn't tell who is who other than a State ID Difference.

    Hunter x Hunter and JJBA Obsession

    It's not long when she tries to hack her way into Anime-Cons and unlike the Real gal, She is not a virgin! She had sex about 3 times, and she went out of the closet because she is scared of dicks! She later tried to stalk her original half then later she was completely copying her again.. She likes HunterxHunter because she likes the red hair rape clown of that holy shit Clown Desu. Though, she isn't like her counterpart in any shape way or form! A lot of guys asked her to rape her, but she has a couple of knives and kung fu. In fact, She is a 2nd Degree Black belt in Systema aka Russian Kung Fu! So, She never met her twin Sister in her whole entire life. Sad isn't it, Some Russian Pervs Got a hold of her DNA in AK! Today, She wonders around in Anime and Comic cons trying to hack other people and kick every guy in the nuts!

    She constantly goes on Tumblr and loves to talk Bullshit to people, Forgetting that is she's a Clone!

    Here's proof that she <3's her only twin sister

    It's like oh Shit son! I mean what the hell is this shit? I mean wow, I guess Putin killed the Scientist for a pretty legit Cause! I mean I thought she was made to hurt Americans but for some reason it backfires. This person is a complete bitch because She is such a Dumbass Lesbian that she is a real Lesbian but likes guys who are gay!

    Why, Because I'm a Model not a Voice Bitch

    It's a Fact that she loves Her only twin sister because they have so much in common besides Cocaine! They like the same colors, same video games and Anime, In fact they even live in Cold areas before they went in the 48 inner US states! But the strange part is that She can be nice but into bitch mode within 10 seconds! Anyhow, The Sad thing about her is that She still has no Girlfriend even though She's Lesbian We're hoping this Russian Lady finds a way to hack into a bunch of Frozen Rednecks! Although, She's an obsessed Noob Weeaboo no woman in the right mind would touch her boobs or even Scissor together! People often get her confused for her sister because she's too damn alike from her other counterpart!

    Modern day Hyskoa-relatable and her Farting Legacy

    She Usually say creepy things when people try to Seduce her! She's really a bitch when you talk about her Anime Husbando! It is so bad, that she even have a Husbando Pillow of that Clown every time she says something it's so Wapanese that's it's obvious that she's Russian Bitch Clone! She says that she's 10% Chinese because She admits to be related to Genghis Khan! It's so fucked up because She will steal your Money like a Russian Whore she is and never pay you $0.01 back because she's that much of a Poor Russian! It's funny because she is one of the Pissed off Commie If you tell her to pay your money back! She's such a fucking Asshole Thief that even Putin would kick her ass off of Russia! She even Admits that She would have Sex with an WTF is this shit? And thus So, We must avoid these two bitches because one of them is Biological and loves special 8 Piece bucket of Fried Chicken and Kill their cats to chakka chakka and put them in the Microwave! Indeed, I wouldn't be even surprised if she wants her sister's Fine Ass! If she did, Her other sister will sue the living shit off of her Russian sister! But then Again Hyskoa is a Lonely Pussy!


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