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    Foundation2010-01-13 (boards), 2009-09-05 (IRC)
    Major BoardsNone, it's shit
    Epic WinsNone, it's shit.

    Hurrchan was a worthless attempt at cloning 4chan's /g/ that failed miserably. After realizing that he contributed over 90% of the posts and that people only visited when he spammed the link everywhere, he put up a fake ICE notice to make people think that the board was ever notable in the first place.

    A fitting network for a shit site.

    Hurrchan was born out of the IRC channel #/g/loli on rizon that consisted entirely of /g/ rejects banned from every other /g/ chatroom. With this in mind, it's no surprise that his board turned out the way it did.


    Naturally, a clusterfuck full of nothing but tripfags and femanonstrolls acting like femanons is licensed to supply drama in spades:

    vs. Trapchan

    A long time ago, a lulzfest began when Lyssa from trapchan started pissing in hurrchan's ocean of piss; Lyssa claimed that hurrchan stoled her boards, completely ignoring the fact she completely copied tranchan. Soon enough she received a k-line. A few days later, former trapchan admin and at that time hurrchan mod haxed trapchan into an oblivion of 403 errors; Lyssa, being a total milky lolcow (and not one bit stupid) blamed this entirely on some Artix instead. Naturally, when you're involved in some important shit like this, lots of people pay attention to you.

    Soon enough, Lyssa came back with more butthurt, this time over hurrchan now stealing her traps. No one really gave a shit what she had to say anymore, since it was decided she was simply a common 16 year old girl and derpcat had started handing out k-lines for displays of faggotry. Somehow, trapchan has a near exact copy of hurrchan's old stylesheets, but Hurrchan moved on since they were ugly and looked like they were made of a pile of dead negro crackwhores.

    Old Server

    Hurrchan's old host kicked them out without warning after some moar IRC drama and massive amounts of trolling, most of which involved jews, specifically the phrase "jewgold". They completely failed at security however, and left unencrypted passwords lying around in publicly-readable areas of the server which happened to be the exact same as the root password. Never one to miss the opportunity to do whatever he wants despite hurrchan's anti-/i/nsurgency pledge, derpcat rm -rf'd both of their servers for great justice, and the next morning tears of butthurt flooded the entire server, nearly drowning servers nearby with it. Sadly, the potential amount of lulz was minimized as moralfaggotry was allowed


    The most annoying second most annoying tripfag on 4chan's /g/, sparky4, was trolled to no end by #/g/loli, the IRC channel that eventually became hurrchan. Sparky's shitty IRC server, running on Windows ME was linked with hurr.irc.su at one point, until derpcat trolled sparky into leaving in a fit of butthurt. Sparky, being the asspie that he is couldn't figure out how to change his IRCop password an entire month after the servers were unlinked. Derpcat found this password and proceeded to completely fuck over sparky's IRC server with 5 users total. Lulz were had by #/g/loli and /g/, and everyone assumed sparky had learned not to be a complete fucktard.

    Sadly, his fucktardery continued in massive doses. In the second dose of /i/nsurgency against sparky, a #/g/loli user was given IRCop powers by sparky due to the massive flood of spambots coming from derpcat's proxy flooder. The server was raped and taken down once moar. After it was taken down and security was tightened, derpcat proceeded to get sparky's shitty subdomains 4ch.us.to and 4ch.ath.cx banned from their hosts and his Comcast line suspended for several weeks. His oper password while he was linked with Helldive was acquired, and derpcat proceeded to cause as much damage to the server as possbile before banned by januszeal. Sparky's dox and pics of him crossdressing were dropped on /g/, but the lulz had dried up over time since nobody gave a shit. All of /g/ still hates sparky, except for 1 or 2 other asspies. His threads are generally filled with quality homosexual pornography, gore, and sage. no longer posted.

    Hurrchan.net/Hurr.ca Split

    Some time in May of 2010, site admins derpcat and Katie started a massive oper war in #hurr, citing irreconcilable differences [citation needed]. Derpcat had been promoting lulz, trolling, and rAIDS for the past few months while Katie had been promoting anti-lulz, moralfaggotry, and faggotry in general.

    Immediately after Katie raged at derpcat for deleting & banning an ugly trap for their shitty thread on Hurrchan and somehow forgetting that derpcat owned the IRC server, she was banned from IRC and hurr.ca was rm -rf'd. Derpcat then banned everyone who Katie put in power as a mod and moved the hurrchan.net domain to its own server, which then rapidly broke and wasn't brought back online until several weeks later.

    Katie moved her IRC channel to rizon and filled it and hurr.ca with nearly as much faggotry as My Little Pony. The #hurr IRC chatroom, usually deader than Matthew Shepard, was graced with frequent visits by spambots, repeating scathing insults such as "U Mad" and "I once ate a dog's dick" until banned by the channel's own bot. Due to Rizon's huge amount of shittiness, many of these open proxies were allowed through to flood until they timed out.

    Or is it something else entirely, something more sinister? After years of trolls trolling trolls on the virtual landscape of the internet, have machines themselves taken a cue from humanity and evolved to the stage of bots banning bots? Perhaps the breakup and the mayhem it caused to one of the most popular and influential chans sent shockwaves through cyberspace and effected a change not unlike that of the meteor that some scientists probably theorize carried the first seeds of life to earth, jump-starting evolution like a livewire to the testicles.

    It's difficult to say what all of this means or how the pieces fit together, but all eyes are watching closely to see how this exciting event unfolds. If you have any further information on this potentialy explosiveboring barrel of drama, stand up, speak out and tell your grandchildren "I was there. I was a part of history."

    Somewhere in the mess of drama, Katie's ILLEGAL CLONE OF HURRCHAN was ignored by her and flooded with CP. Upon noticing this, derpcat fired off over 9000 abuse emails to the host, paypal, google adsense, and godaddy, pointing out the CP. The site is currently dead and took out chan3 as collateral damage. Having stopped giving a shit about it, Katie gave up on running hurr.ca and gave the domain to derpcat who ignored it and let it expire.


    A horribly shitty little chan known as Tacticalchan saw fit to hack intofind the install.php file still left on the server and use it on musicchan and delete fucking everything. The rockstar military then proceeded to shitflood every one of tacticalchan's boards with gore and the same exact pic of Alisa Kuzmenko. It was leaked that derpcat was behind the dead dog dump and tacticalchan attempted to spam Hurrchan's wiki with about two edits, but didn't realize that every edit to a wiki is revertible. Derpcat then reported tacticalchan for invalid WHOIS info, and hijacked their formspring.me and twitter. 2 weeks later they were forced to pay for WHOIS protection.


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