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    Human pups

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    Human pups might appear to be the bastard child of furrydom and BDSM. However, there is absolutely nothing sexual about it at all, and it is all harmless fun that takes your mind off the stresses of everyday living. The following picture tells you everything you need to know.

    File:Tom and ex fiancee Rachael Watson.jpg
    "Tom" AKA "Spot" and former fiancee Rachael Watson (pictured right) on popular British TV pabulum "Good Morning" (May 2016)

    A pervert's lies

    The face of depravity

    Tom (no surname given) is 32 years old and lives in Hertfordshire. He told interviewers:

    "It came about because I saw this costume on eBay and from there it became an alternative ego.

    "We do it as children. Why not as an adult?

    "When you're into [puppy mode], you ignore what's going on around you in terms of money and food. I drop back into human mindset when going to the loo.

    "It's not sexual. It's just escapism to get away from everything that's run of the mill. There's no sexual aspect to the puppy side.

    Although his former fiancee Rachael takes him walkies, Tom also has a "handler," Colin, who assumes the role of owner. Tom said: "It's not love.

    "We’re soul mates [and] good friends. I have slept in a cage along the way. Colin will be in the bed and I'll be on the floor.

    "It's not a dominant submissive relationship though. It's more care, love and handler."

    Victim's testimony

    File:Rachael watson walks tom aka spot.jpg
    "BAD boy! Don't eat other dogs' shit!"

    Rachael Watson broke off their engagement and left Tom in 2008 after discovering his hobby, but has since come to terms with his puppy identity and is now a best friend.

    She sobbed: "He was more into lycra and he would like to walk around with other like-minded pups but I couldn't get my head around it.

    "Years ago I didn't have the support. It wasn't as open.

    "When he's Spot he can be a lot more confident. Tom is shy but when he's Spot he can do anything.

    "I am proud of him for doing what he wants to do.

    Rachael said to Tom: "I think that you wouldn’t be you if you didn’t have Spot in your life. And I'm better off having him in my life than not at all."

    She added that social media had helped her understand others in Tom's situation.

    Social media understands

    But Tom is not the only plastic-wrapped predator out there. Oh, no, indeed not.

    Isnt it strange that people are judging a man in a dog costume because it perverse but a grown woman in a school uniform is a sexual fantasy


    Twitter-favicon.png ‏@Pup_Flapjack

    Gallery of nothing sexual going on at all

    The future

    Tom aka spot home alone.jpg

    See also

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with this
    • BDSM - an entirely unrelated practice
    • Chewfox - an incident in which a furry unwisely went on TV to talk about her bedroom activities, which is the opposite of what happened in this case
    • Fetish - a technical term that is of no relevance here
    • Dogs - an animal that any normal person would wish to be
    • Furries - about whom there is also absolutely nothing sexual
    • Fursuit - which these dog outfits totally aren't
    • Homosexuality - this reference was obviously added in error, and will be removed soon
    • Job - something that gets in the way of a harmless hobby, which is fortunate because Tom might not have one fairly soon
    • Shame - a foreign concept
    • Women - seem to be absent from this subculture for some inexplicable reason

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