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    Huggles are what you get when you cross cuddles with hugs and not a brand of diaper. This gives them the power to turn even the biggest frown upside down! Huggles is the dumbest thing since glomp.

    Natural habitat

    Huggles are to drama, as squirrels are to suburbs. Although they exist in nearly all environments, one will most likely find them in chat rooms and message boards that are large enough to see regular activity. Emo, cybersex, and goth chat communities such as Vampire Freaks are the preferred habitat of the huggle.

    Example #1 - The common chat room, no topic.

    Death_Nightblack has entered room #five_drama_shuffle
    <Death_Nightblack> Hello ladez *huggles*
    BoredHousewife486144757 hugglez Nitey
    UglyCollegeGirl huggles nightblack
    CuteBlond69 pounce-huggles nitey.

    Example #2 - Cybersex woes

    <hotardu yaoislut> I can't believe that RedSatinCrotch called me a slut.
    <hotardu yaoislut> I'm shaking so hard I don't know what to do.
    Likes_It_Hard (((huggles))) hotardu.
    <Likes_It_Hard> Don't worry about that fattie.  Two of your internet boyfriends are letting her have it on ICQ right now.
    <hotardu_yaoislut> O rly? Which ones?

    Example #3 - Youth Culture

    <countess_blackshade_draven> I got a f on my english test now Im guna dye.
    xSoulxOfxVomitx huggles blackshade
    ~DullxRustyxButterxKnifexCutz~ huggles draven
    <Sunshine> Awwwww  ****huggles**** countess tahts so unfare :(

    Example #4 - The overhead view of two mantrains raping your name.

    <OrangeClock> all will B revealed in clocktober
    <Shrapnel> *GASP*
    <Shrapnel> I fucking <3 you orange
    <Shrapnel> {{{OrangeClock}}}
    <OrangeClock> Awwwww ^ 3^

    Breeding Habits

    This man is in desperate need of huggles.

    As the female-to-male ratio of any chat room increases, the population of huggles within the environment will increase exponentially. To allow for this, the probability for male usage of huggles increases at twice the rate of female usage.

    People who could use huggles

    Your mom, on the other hand, gets enough huggles as it is, amirite??

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