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Vidya gaems offer a solution

"How do I shot web" is an old meme that was born into the internets within currently unknown or questionable circumstances. But some say it originated from a drooling orgy of SomethingAwful fucknuggets on a g00n area of the forums during a round of Natural Selection. The phrase was then put into action within the confines of /b/ usually directed at any mentally handicapped newfags that couldn't type their way out of an e-hole. If ones self finds this particular inquisition directed at their person, simply reply with a refined and dignified "I dunno LOL"

It was then unceremoniously slathered onto roughly three hundred billion image macros, a small fraction of which you can find in the gigantic gallery below, and passed out into the interbutts like some sort of noxious unfunny gas. The meme is easily adapted as you can put basically anything in there and it will make some vague sense: how do I toast toaster? how do I forced meme? how do I derp herp? ect. This struck a chord with the many 13 year old boys circulating the internet and was therefore reposted and reposted into the fiery oblivion of shit meme hell.

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