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    Honest Abe

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    SA moderator

    Honest Abe (Powerword: Caylen Matthew Burroughs) is a Men's Rights Activist and Something Awful moderator. He's willing to do anything in an attempt to be desired by the ladies at Star Trek conventions, even if that means making a deal with the devil. In a way he did, he's friends with Aatrek (Powerword: Aaron Patrick Nadler), a disgraced moderator.


    Aatrek was a member of SA since 2004 and a moderator for the last 5 years until October 21, 2013. Like Honest Abe, he was an obsessive trekkie that nobody could stand because he dominated every Star Trek related discussion. Should members challenge his superiority, he would attempt to drown them out with his opinions. Anyone who couldn't be beaten into submission would be sat down for a reasonable discussion. So he's just your average SA moderator, right?

    Eventually he pissed off the wrong person and they decided to run a background check. When he was a young teenager, Aatrek was a babysitter to repeatedly raped an 8 year old girl. That's right, the forums that attacked Reddit for having pedophiles had one within their own ranks. Aatrek was thrown out of DA and disgraced for life.

    Guilt by association

    with each new abe post in gbs, it becomes a little bit less necessary for a doxxing to show just what a pathetic, weird, unfunny, prissy, bitter, envious, spindly-armed, transition lenses and wrinkled out the package bright red shirt wearing, getting haircuts from mom as an adult, smilie compensation seeking, fag he is



    Harry D Greek

    He's a smarmy little faggot douche and part of the current reason why the forum sucks, but nothing special.



    Ozma Cures Libido

    Abe is one of the reasons GBS turned to shit over the years. His "ban anyone who is funny and taking attention away from me" scthick is terrible and I don't see why he wouldn't be fair game.



    Launchpad McQuack

    Ok, I changed my mind. Abe is pozzed to shit, he needs a dose of internet errupting into his real life.




    ive been reading Abe's faggotry all over GBS 2.1 and I'm seriously this close of just burning my account by just going to town on his faggot ass

    he might seriously be worse than momza, she's mostly destroying the forums by letting unfunny shit happen, he's actively doing his best to make it all about him and stifle anything that he doesn't find worthy



    cis scum

    I'm holding out for Abe to have a Wilkins-esque meltdown. He's obviously a massively insecure little faggot, showing in the pathetic need he has for GBS to validate his existence.

    GBS, for fuck's sake.




    Ozma Cures Libido

    Now for a moment reflect on President Obama, his friend Bill Ayers and pastor Jeremiah Wright. With Honest Abe's out of the way, members are now calling for his head because he isn't well liked, just like Aatrek wasn't. Some have labeled Honest Abe a pedophile but at the moment this appears to be nothing more than guilt by association. A thread was started calling for the lynch mob to disperse but that didn't end so well.

    At the moment no conclusions can be drawn except the drama about Honest Abe is far from over.

    Abe talks about children's dicks and is owned on Twitter

    Last Thursday, a kid made an innocent comment about how rape jokes can be funny. Some social justice warrior had a meltdown and called on other SJWs to start giving a 13 year old boy shit over hurting their feels, and the kid didn't give a shit. Abe joins the rest of these chucklefucks in harassing a minor and making veiled threats, dropping dox (on a kid), and even comments about the kid's penis.

    And then FYAD and 4chan get wind of it, Abe becomes the laughstocking of the internet for the umpteenth time, and someone even went as far as drop Abe's dox with his employers at EA over his Twitard faggotry.

    The saddest part of all is why Abe did something so fucking stupid in the first place: he was convinced sucking up to feminazis and ugly trannies would get him laid.

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