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Cool kids club IQ.JPG MSPaint Adventures looks like it was written by pseudo-intellectual 13-year-old boys.
Look out for unfunny Uncyclopedia bullshit, boring in-jokes, and angsty teen-ery.
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Update april 13th 2016

Microsoft Paint Adventures is some interactive flash comic or some bullshit thing like that, disguised as the atrocity that is the webcomic medium, which as we all know, is the most fucking terrible kind of medium. It involves various stories involving aliens, weird plots that are beyond confusing (not to mention poorly written), underage kids in sexual relations, and crazy-ass fans. Yet, this manages to be one of the only good webcomics on the interbutts. The author, Andrew Hussie, is a Jew who lives off of donations and the shitty products that he sells, such as weird-ass designs for T-shirts, MIDI music, and other convoluted methods of cocksuckery.

Hussie revealing his love for the cock.
What Andrew actually produces.
File:Basement Dwellers.png
A rather accurate portrayal of Homestuck fans.
Well developed Characters Hussie, your writing transcends the heavens.

Bard Quest and Jailbreak

In these two pieces of shit nobody cares about, an unnamed man attempts to escape from a prison cell. Neither of these stories were finished, and reflect Hussie's lazy ass work ethic. But if they were finished, they would reveal Hussie's collection of sick shit. The only reason he couldn't continue his smut further was because he realized he couldn't get more jew gold without sucking the fans pork-lances any harder. Thankfully, thanks to the efforts of Tim Buckley, "Choose Your Own Adventure" comics were made much, much worse. Not that he is original or anything.

Problem Sleuth

Problem Sleuth is the story of some detective dude and his two buddies, Lord Douche and Captain Caveman. It starts with them in their room jacking off to the scenery (bullshit backgrounds Hussie's fans drew). Eventually they get out and other stupid shit happens. They go to a bunch of places that aren't notable and solve puzzles too obscure for your Webster dictionary to comprehend. Eventually they fight the Demon Orgy CockDick, because he's all up in their shit, waving his junk around. They get pissed, other stuff happens, and it all ends in shit nobody understands or cares for. An incoherent storyline, abysmal art, and frequent meaningless walls of text combine to make this abcess of a webcomic unbearable; however, it's still better than Homestuck.


Homosuck is an anime about four autistic NEETs who decide to do heroin together for the first time, in a story taking inspiration from professional wrestling, furry porn, and 1940s war propaganda serials as it explores autocannibalism practicioner Andrew Hussie's erotic feelings towards horses, cripples, albinos, and small children. The story is segmented into eighty-seven cantos, each invoking the motif of sexual awakening within one of the author's spirit animals.

Faggotslurp has attracted a large and |fanatical following of nihilistic underaged trannysexuals among whom pozzing is a common initiation ritual. Other activities practiced at meetups include bile drinking as well as communal piss-downs. Initiates commonly dress as the story's whimsical "trolls", a race of insectile rapists with orange dicks growing out of their heads.

Trannyguzzle commonly features over nine thousand words per panel, and, uniquely among webcomics, intermittent malaysian throat-singing sequences summarizing the events thus far, with competing fandom subcommunities frantically working to translate and interpret the messages.

The first 100+ pages read like Zork: The Webcomic. The next 1000 pages of plot introduce some kids named John, Rose, and Dave. Suddenly, as if it were unplanned and the author realized that nothing had actually happened yet, a meteor comes and the world ends. No one seems to notice, most likely because the collective IQ of the group is about the same as the average reader's. Some way through this, Dave starts feeling sexually confused by a bunch of homoerotic puppets that his brother made. His confusion soon comes to an end. Luckily, anal rape is an everyday occurrence in his household, so you don't have to worry about the comic ending there.

After that, John enters the realm of a flying spaghetti monster and proceeds to pissrape some monsters. Later he randomly dies, BUT DON'T WORRY, THAT WAS JUST AN ALTERNATE TIMELINE. Dave can now travel through time or something because future Dave gave past Dave magic floating turntables which only exist because future Dave got them from future future Dave when he was past Dave, which is present Dave now. Andrew calls it "weird time shit", which is retardese for Deus Ex Machina. The fourth main character is finally introduced, after over $400,000 of shit art. And guess what? She's a furry.

Later it's revealed that John is a fuck-clone of himself and his friends made with green ghost semen. No need to elaborate on this. (Note: this is actually part of the official canon.) Ater meeting a bunch of aliens that everyone jizzes their pants over, the kids hitch a ride on a meteor with a one way ticket to Chuck E. Cheese's.

Trolls are the main draw to Homestuck, as there are 12 of them and they are "naturally bisexual". This leads fans to assume that they'll fuck anything that moves, just as the fans themselves will FUCK ANYTHING THAT MOVES. Hussie, realizing his mistake, decides to reset the comic for presumed "lulz," but the lulz are missing because they got mugged by a black guy.

But wait, there's more! In a stunning twist, Hussie decides to kill fucking everyone for no reason, making all his fans flip the fuck out. Yes, he managed to troll his fan base. Yes, there were some lulz. No, it does not mean the fanbase wised up and stopped being lolcows.

But they weren't dead, because of alternate timeline/Deus Ex Machina bullshit, and then he introduces more characters, repeating the process infinitely.

In all actuality, he's going to keep pandering to the "homies" and put more ":B" faces everywhere. A video game is coming out in 2014 2015 2016, thanks to the efforts of the owner of the world's largest Jew Gold refinery.

How To Become Part of the Fandom

1. Go to the site.

2. Skip to Act 5.

3. Question marks.

4. Profit like a Wal-Mart in a white trash community.

Insane Asylum Rantings


Just keep your hands off my page, and all other user's pages as well, please. It is against proper wiki etiquitte (sp?) to edit another user's page without their permission. It's a good way to get blocked. Thank you and have a pleasant evening. - experimentalDeity 03:03, April 9, 2012 (UTC)

A) I already know I have Asperger's syndrome. Ihank you for stating the obvious, Captain! - experimentalDeity 03:23, April 9, 2012 (UTC)

Also, I was complaining, not whining. - experimentalDeity 03:26, April 9, 2012 (UTC)

Wait fuck you really have Aspergers. *not sure if sarcastic response or just reality* - I am the wizard its me! 03:36, April 9, 2012 (UTC)

Yes, I have Aspergers. Why are we freaking about this? No biggie! - experimentalDeity 03:41, April 9, 2012 (UTC)

Did not expect that. Ok back to buisness. - I am the wizard its me! 03:45, April 9, 2012 (UTC)


—Typical Homestuck Fans

Dating Service

The autistic fucks that actually enjoy this complicated shit have decided to open up a dating service for people in their fandom. It's filled with a bunch of 13 year old boys and 16 year old girls. You can find the virgins and their profiles here. baleeted.

Characters of Homestuck

For some reason, Andjew decided to color-code his ridiculously two-dimensional characters so his fangirls could tell them apart.

The Children:

The Moar Children:

The DevilsTrolls:

The Moar Trolls:


  • Caliborn/Calliope: Some sort of asexual green anal hair. He/She share the same body. This thing represents the Homestuck fandom. Calliope is a whiny fangirl bitch, while Caliborn is a dUmb angry fag who later becomes a giant goddamn demon asshole.

The gigantic prick of an author:


This is the only reason anyone reads this piece of cocksalad. Andjew has admitted this himself. He's even invented 3 other types of sex practices to accommodate for them. They are as follows:

  • Kismesis (♠): Where you fuck someone you don't really like to give them STDs. Bonus points if they die.
  • Matesprit (♥): Sex with someone who is not quite pathetic enough, deeming them as an acceptable cock sleeve for desperate losers.
  • Auspistice(♣): Essentially a threeway with two people who couldn't do it alone without it looking too gay.

What time is it?

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