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    Homefront is an FPS developed by Kaos Studios and published by THQ, who are known for games like Spongebob and Nicktoons, creating very low expectations. In the game the player is a member of some kind of resistance movement that fights against Communists by just blowing their stuff up, who occupied the United States. This game is not to be taken seriously in any way, although the opposite happened and people started being quasi-intellectual about it and acted like it was WTC so they could feel they had something interesting to say. Don't forget that YOUR homefront is there behind your computer underachieving all day long.

    Kim Jong-Il looking proud at his son taking over America


    It is the year 2027. You are Robert Jacobs. The so called Greater Korean Republic has taken over the western part of America. Robert Jacobs is a former Marine helicopter pilot. Somehow, a link must be made between saving the world and being a pilot, but no. You use a car which you actually control remotely, like a little boy. Your mission is to bring fuel to a military base in San Francisco, and because of this America gets saved. The irony of this is that only hippies live there who drive electric cars that they are put up with by environmentalism people. You have to do this with a team, consisting of a black person, a woman, a feeble-minded rambo and a technician who is a half Korean, meaning your team is composed of nothing but imbeciles.

    Note: The only Black Person in the game dies before the halfway point.

    Single Player

    Before anything really interesting was known about it, the developers already came up with apologies, saying that the game would be more focused on cinematic dramatic bullshit. Dave Votypka cited that the game is inspired by Half-Life 2, knowing that only asspies, including you will buy the game after said statement.

    Half-Life 2 was one of our Aspierations for the game


    Dave Votypka - showing the asspie side of the game

    The single player starts off as a pilot in the year 2027. This is a plenary and illusory fantasy, because everyone knows about the apocalypse in 2012. You are sitting in your room staring at a wall for some strange reason when suddenly a few commies knock on your door. They take you outside after they punched you in the face and throw you in what was used to be a school bus.

    At this moment the player ought to see all the lulzy things that happen outside, children getting raped, people dying, Korean variants of Razzia's and all other sorts of fun things, which makes them Nazi copyists. Unfortunately, your execution will be postponed because some members of the Resistance Movement blow up your bus to save you, which is dumb as fuck because they could've killed you too, making them a bunch of sadistic assholes.

    Take a ride in this beautiful bus so you can end your miserable life.

    This is the point where the game gets gradually worse, because they actually manage to save you. You don't want this. You want do die, your life sucks. But they force you to join their Resistance, which makes hem even bigger sadistic assholes.

    The game won't last much longer from now on, considering that the single player will take you about five hours. From this point on, you will not notice difference between most levels as every level is the same apathic, miserable and dying mess like in the bus at the beginning. In every level you will kill Koreans, blow stuff up, kill Koreans, use some kind of vehicle that blows stuff up, kill Koreans, save your ass and finally kill Koreans. Strikingly enough, you will actually fly a helicopter once. ORLY, you're a pilot!


    • Robert Jacobs: The main character that you play during the entire game. Apparently, you either have no voice or you are a complete asspie, during the entire campaign in which you blow up and shoot everything you see, you do not say one single word. You are forced to join the Resistance, while you actually don't want to. But your potential comrades leave you no choice, you find them pricks. Robert Jacobs is also a collaborator, in 2025 he went to a job interview as a pilot serving the Koreans.
    • Rianna: The moralfag of your fellowship. This is reflected in the fact that in the part where you have to kill burning Koreans, she wants you to shoot them instead of letting them burn to death. She also is the only one who starts crying when Boone dies. This makes her role in the story completely in vain.
    • Boone Karlson: This person might be even more useless than Rianna, considering that he is a black person in charge of an association. Instead of going with you on dangerous missions he prefers to play with his swingset. Being the black person in the story, he inevitably dies.
    • Hopper Lee: The mechanic/technic person of the team. He is Korean-American so the game developers can avoid the inevitable accusations of racism, even though assuming the Korean will be the tech guy is a racist steryotype in the first place. The team doesn't trust him and to control this, they let Connor rape him once a day to restrain him. He sometimes tries to put a wrench in Rianna's vagoo, but then Boone comforts him Morgan Freeman style. It's a pity Boone's dead now.


    With the multiplayer mode of Homefront, you can see that generic FPS multiplayer modes actuallly lead into a decline. You can, JUST LIKE CALL OF DUTY, play with 13-year-old-boys, raging neckbeards, campers and stoners/hippies who think communism is totally not oppressive and fair. WARNING: Great trolling potential.

    Show people how Redneck you are

    A new Battlepoint system is added, so you can buy weapons and stuff to blow up stuff with these earned points. People will not abuse this system at all in any way. The cool thing is, you can now spawn with a tank that you earned after owning a lot of people, who you also showed that you have no life.

    The Great Hacking Scandal of AA.Net

    While playing multiplayer, you might run into a couple of heroes with a clantag [AA.NET]. They have been touted as the true admins of Homefail. Within hours of the game being publicly released(like most other games) there were hax for it. This led to a shitstorm of butthurt and whining on the Homefront Forums on why VAC doesn't work. Sorry to say, that most of these brave souls that fought for Murika have long since been banned. But in their honor, we now present some of the finest acts of patriotism known to gaymerdom. Of course the hacks have been updated and they are doing things a little bit moar under the radar after the 1st banwave. If you see one of these brave m3n, be sure to thank them for their service and courage to stand for what is right!

    AA.net Hall of Fame Thread

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