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    Holy Grail

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    This is delicious grail, you must drink from it
    Erin on girlsofphilly.com

    The Holy Grail is a long sought after porn video featuring Erin McNish, a barely legal blonde chick with drawn-on eyebrows who, at 5'3", is a midget. The instant Erin turned 18, she made her first pornographic video with ExploitedTeens.com under the name Kristy. According to her ex-boyfriend, Erin did it because she was in desperate need of the money at the time. Because of course, filming yourself chowing down on some man-meat is a much better than getting a real job.

    The news quickly spread about her video, including to most of her school, her family, her boyfriend, ex-boyfriend, etc. Her mother, who claimed to work for the government and have strong Supreme Court judges behind her back, demanded the video to be taken down. Erin’s mother then issued a notice on Erin’s MySpace that legal action will be taken to anyone who searches or obtains a copy of the video, in hopes to save her embarrassment due to her line of work. Her MySpace is now disabled due to raids made by /b/tards in their quest in finding the video. For Erin's MySpace, go here go nowhere, because the link's dead, it is MySpace so this is expected.

    One woman cannot stop Legion, thus it became Anonymous's crusade to not only find the video, but to ensure it’s distributed as far as IP’s can reach; for if she decides to do all she can to have her daughter's pornography removed from the face of the internets, then it's the duty of Anonymous to do the exact opposite, at full force in the vagina, mouth and ass. Great justice must be served (read: for the lulz). According to sources that went to school with Erin, that story is foobar; she is not a typist, nor does she work for the government.

    Erin’s parents threatened Exploitedteens with legal action to take the video down. Furthermore, Erin’s dad lied to Exploitedteens at the time and told them that she was underage (stated she was 17) Anyone who went to high school with Erin can tell you exactly where they were when they found out a 17 year old girl in their senior class was in porn, in fact she would sign autographs in the hallways. Which quickly got Explotedteens to prevent access to the video (the video was supposedly available to download for over a week). Some sources claimed that her mother had also bought the video back from Exploitedteens, although confirmation on that is unknown (but does somewhat make sense, otherwise Exploitedteens would have allowed access to the video by now if they were able to confirm her age).

    The Search and the Find

    Erin's MySpace responses after it was hacked by Anonymous

    This video is truly the Holy Grail of all internet pornography; it’s a video that is forbidden to all humanity. Anonymous always needs what he can’t have, and if this video is found, it’ll be an accomplishment of such epic proportions that one could not possibly comprehend.

    Please note that she has a tattoo on her stomach on the above links. The tattoo was obtained at a later date after her first video shoot.

    On the 8th of August the video was finally found by a very clever EDiot and is now available for download at Megaupload. However great waves of fear have been struck through anon when one /b/tard noticed a background process attached to the video. First indications are that some kind of tracer has been added to the file, for what reason Anon is unsure of. Nevermind that you can't add a tracer to an mpeg file, but some dipshits will believe anything they read on the intarwebs.

    Some also claim this is not the real vid due to a tattoo being absent in a promo pic. However, anon proved that the tat was just shopped out and that the grail has truly been delivered. Newfags are the likely cause for this deception.

    Download links:

    badjojo.com is a good place to search for many porno videos. The Holy Grail is found in another video under the name of Kristen and the video involves another girl under the name of Bridgett. http://www.xvideos.com/video86216/kristen_and_bridgett - live and well as of Mar 2016.

    The original Holy Grail video is found here. http://www.xvideos.com/video84547/kristen_the_holy_grial_erin_mcnish_p_baleeted Mirror here: http://www.eporner.com/hd-porn/93385/kristin-the-holy-grailNOPE! Also gone.

    The second video she was involved in is found here. http://www.xvideos.com/video132525/kristin_aka_erin_mcnish_aka_the_holy_grail - Actually still up as of Mar 2016.

    and for download at http://thepiratebay.org/torrent/3768288/Kristin_%28Erin%29_on_Exploited_Teens

    The Holy Grail can used to be found at http://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=121187117. Now it's gone.

    Viral Marketing Theory

    Viral Marketing: Marketing phenomenon that facilitates and encourages people to pass along a marketing message.

    Do we believe it or not?

    It's believed by some that the entire Holy Grail crusade was a marketing attempt by ExplotedTeens.com to have their site, and the video, as much publicity on its release as humanly possible. Facts to take into account is that nobody actually had the video before the official release date. The only reason the internets actually have the supposedly found video is because it's officially released on their website. Apart from 2nd-hand information from various web forums, there's no official indication that the video was taken off from legal threats, but instead it was delayed a year from its actual shoot date.

    What We Know

    • After her name was found from various confirmed sources, her personal details were dug up to find her address and phone number, to possibly negotiate a deal with her in the future regarding the video.
    • She uses different names in her videos; so far they have been Jennifer, Erin, Kristen, Kristin
    Erin's yearbook photo
    • Date of production for video: 02-20-06 (Source) It's here! Lol jk, the link's dead like the rest of them.
    • A possible picture of her had been found of her on popular p2p porn site Empornium.us, according to further analysis of the picture using Exif data, it was taken on at 11:20am on 24-03-2004 by a Nokia7650 (she would have been underage at the time, so her presence on Empornium does not make sense). The user of said uploaded picture has uploaded many ExploitedTeens videos.
    • There have been threads on other websites searching for the video, found threads are located under links. Some of the users of those threads know Erin IRL.
    • Someone on /b/ actually claimed he had the video, but had demands and would only offer the video if his demands were met. Unfortunately, he wrote his email address in his post; needless to say he was quickly spammed by many /b/tards thus deleting his posts, then making a 2nd post of "learn to negotiate". According to one of the people who added him, the person who owned the video showed him 10 seconds of it via webcam (check /s/ thread on 29/07 for more info).
    • She now or recently works at a JC Penny styling salon (Source) None of these goddamn links work anymore and now comes up with a legal notice.

    The Link to moot

    On 23 July, weeks before Anon even knew what the Holy Grail was, moot made a news post on the 4chan front page with the caption "Thanks for coming!" Little did anyone realize at the time but these are the same words spoken at the end of the Holy Grail video.

    How did moot know about the grail before it even existed?

    Some have speculated that moot has psychic powers, and others put it down to coincidence, but those following the K.I.S.S method of solving mysteries have come to the conclusion that moot knew about the grail all along, and in fact believe that the small penis that can be seen in certain shots of the grail video belongs to moot.

    Holy Grail has a baby? God help us.

    Anonymous has recently discovered Holy Grail has had a baby. Feel free to message her boyfriend Anthony, congratulating him here by sending him a letter or something, because the link's doing an impression of Robin Williams. I'm sure he'll be glad to know how much you enjoyed the video. Anonymous is quivering at the thought of her breast feeding and wondering how this will be done given her nipple piercings.

    The father of the baby is revealed to be none other than the old horny guy who fucks her in the Holy Grail video. Sources say that the cum swallowed by Erin McNish in the last minute of the video somehow traveled down her throat and into her fallopian tube.

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