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    Hollie Toups

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    Hollie Toups has dedicated her entire life to not giving a damn about other women while being a camwhore and acting like a slut. That all changed when a friend informed the teacher's aide someone had shared her noodz with the Internet. Upon confirming that men across the globe were answering the Bone-A-Phone to her nudes, she underwent a major transformation.

    Standing up for those who can't stand up for themselves

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    She is a survivor of revenge porn!
    You ain't 24 anymore, whore.

    Overnight she realized it was her duty to stand up for all women who are victims of revenge porn. Those jealous ex-boyfriends who post pictures of their ex-girlfriends and enabled disgusting pigs to dishonorably discharge themselves are going to pay! Naturally, the first suspect was an ex-boyfriend, next was a shop that repaired her phone. After some additional detective work, Hollie Toups concluded that her phone had been hacked!

    Later the teacher's aide (no wonder schools are going downhill) realized she didn't have a clue and hired a private investigator. Eventually, dozens of camwhores that texxxan.com had featured were contacted. Wanting the sympathy of feminists everywhere, the innocent school girls claimed the website owner attempted to extort money from them. Only then would their picture be removed. The media, being afraid to call bullshit and lacking integrity, ran with it.

    However, the Internet stood still for a moment when a victim disclosed that it was her father who discovered his daughter's noodz on the website. Let's move along and not think about that too much.

    Not about the money

    Why so serious...slut.

    After some intensive coaching from several professional victims, she cries on camera about how she is not the only person affected by this tragedy. In fact her family, friends and "all us as a community" are hurt. She labels the owner of the website as very cowardly, disgusting and other canned phases used by feminazis. When in reality nobody cared or noticed her nudes until she made herself out to be a victim.

    People have a right to take photos of themselves if they want to. Thirty or 40 years ago people took polaroids, but if someone broke into their house and stole the picture, I don't think society would say it's your fault. The victim-blaming is shocking, it's bringing us back to the days of blaming the rape victim.


    —Charlotte Laws, yes, it isn't Hollie's fault for sending others her nudes

    Clearly this is about women's rights and nothing to do with money, so nobody was surprised a class action lawsuit was filed against the host and texxxan.com's owner. By her own admission, she could have copyrighted the noodz and went to court to have them removed, but that would have been too much effort. That and class action lawsuits are never lucrative, and she's busy stuffing her purse with money... to... heroically... defend... victims... of... revenge... porn. Anyone who's hosted lulzy content knows Go Daddy was born without a backbone, so the site got nuked immediately.

    We don't want money, we want them to be held accountable.


    —Hollie Toups, lying through her teeth

    Afterwards the owner was discovered to be nothing less than porn star named Hunter Taylor. Even more shocking, he lives in close by and dated a friend of the teacher's aide! At least it didn't turn out to be a friend's father or mother. Unfortunately for him, some of the pictures hosted were taken when the ladies were underage. The FBI has taken notice and is now investigating.

    I could not catch my breath, I was on the verge of a panic attack. You always assume someone orchestrating something this big or malicious is from somewhere else, but to find out they're from your home town, to find out one used to date a friend of mine was completely overwhelming, for all of us.


    —Hollie Toups, recalls learning texxxas.com owner lives close by

    What lessons were learned?

    File:Hollie toups 13.jpg
    This one time, at band camp...

    Six months after being unable to shut up, Hollie Toups still "hears" about her noodz on a daily basis. Could be an email, a phone call or even that stranger at the supermarket. In all likelihood, the responses are from people who are tired of hearing about it. When asked what she's learned, Hollie refuses to admit any fault. The teacher's aide doesn't think storing nudes on her phone is a bad idea. What if she could go back and never let the pictures be taken? Oh heck no, she's got a right to do whatever she wants privately. During the interview, she is noticeably irritated at those who suggest might be somewhat responsible. What this means is we can hope for additional noodz in the future, though given that she's now 33, maybe not. Go Daddy, texxxan.com's owner and the sick bastard that uploaded her pictures are 100% to blame, camwhore.

    Nothing! I didn't do anything wrong. Thousands of people have tried to make this my fault and I'm very stubborn.


    —Hollie Toups


    I was just a hot mess is the only way to describe it and he was the first person who said 'I can help you, we're gonna fix this' (she meant hawt mess)


    If you take every negative emotion, it was all of those at once. As you're looking, people are in real time commenting on your photos, saying things like you need to be raped


    I was in tears for days


    You're being judged and shamed. It erases the unspoken boundary of strangers, people think they know who you are and what you want, they approach you at will



    Women sue revenge porn website
    Revenge Porn victim speaks up


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