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    Whatever helps your pedo ass sleep at night.
    Typical HitmanN fan found posting on his forums, begging for more smut.

    HitmanN (also known as Harmonist11 to the hentai community) is your typical wanna-be anime "artist". He is a pedophile, pervert, hypocrite and a shameless newfag when it comes to the internets.
    He is known in-famously for his disgusting amounts of underage loli being shown NEKKID in suggestive poses, and more so found being horribly raped on his hentai account in hArtists.net (another AIDS ridden website that needs an ED article) lol closed. HitmanN serves as a shining beacon for pro-abortion groups and proof that there is no hope for the future of humanity.
    Please note that HitmanN will ALWAYS deny the fact that he draws loli, even when we have proof showing otherwise. DO NOT TRUST.

    To save yourself from TL;DR, this pretty much sums up HitmanN. BTW this isn't porn according to Hitfag.

    So who is HitmanN?

    When desperation gets pathetic.
    Even when HitmanN rapes loli he's selfish.
    File:Attention plz.jpg
    HitmanN's attitude towards being an artist on the internets.

    Lies, Theft, Drama and PMS are only but a few ways to describe HitmanN. A man almost pushing into his thirties, he is alone, friendless, jobless and still untouched by the female sex. While he complains alot about these factors to his E-friends, he's afraid to speak these out into the real world only to hear the reply of his own echo in his lonely, disgusting basement while looking at the cold lifeless stare in his loli's dead crudely drawn eyes. HitmanN could change this if he wanted to, but the fact is he'd rather not because sitting on his ass all day, all year for the rest of his life bitching about how he doesn't have friends is more appealing than physically getting off his ass and doing something about it. He admits several times that he's rude, selfish and picky claiming to never change, but gets upset when people tell him what he is and how they see him. And while he states he won't change he asks his friends to do the same, because he knows his life is basically fucked from not doing anything apart from drawing loli or playing games on his X-box/PC and wants to drag them down with him. HitmanN's selfishness, pride and ego are always shown and usually daily. If there's a forum about something relevant to his interests he'll somehow twist it into a lengthy TL;DR discussion about himself, if there's a competition going on he'll see it as an opportunity to promote himself and even if it's someone's birthday he'll brag about himself and his E-popularity instead of even having the common decency of wishing them a happy b'day. He constantly relies on his over-rated popularity to cater to his ego, because he's that much of a loser IRL not even a dead rat on the side of the street would care about him. It's his own fault and he has no one to blame but himself for his fail, and possibly his hideous ogre like appearance and over weight hairy body.

    Yeah HitmanN just complain some more to your virgin friend's about your boring life, get butthurt over shit and bitch behind their back, that will solve your problems.

    It's not just the ego that HitmanN fails to stop, it's his horrible way of lying. Obvious after obvious lie he tells the deeper the hole he digs for himself, once he's caught he will either run away and get his horde of fantards to defend himself or simply cry like the baby that he is, calling people "childish" or "immature" completely ignoring the fact that stating things like that make you look like an idiot. He's guilty of his lies about theft, commissions and basically he'll lie about anything to make himself look like a saint. The most infamous lie he's told is about the age of his characters, while he refuses to admit the truth and argue with an "outside" opinion, he's happy to have his fans comment about how loli they look (see screenshot).

    Loli is what made him one of the undeserved popular artists on dA today, almost every image submitted is marked as "mature" and the majority of his fans are in fact underage teenage boys, all virgins. Despite his mature gallery and fans claiming him to be "God of the perverts", he furiously denies any of his artwork is perverted or rude to the point of him making an emo journal begging reassurance from his ass-kissing brigade when even he himself knows there for his own enjoyment. A 27 year old male virgin who makes a lingerie calendar with naked girls (yes, even though its an underwear calender he made them nude) says a lot, and it screams desperation. But after his long butthurt of trying to prove the "haters" wrong (who were really just honest people stating the obvious) a hentai account was discovered with him holding the username "Harmonist11", everyone knew already there was no way his art was innocent, but now there was actual hard evidence of his perverted fap material available for all to see.

    Viewing his hentai account located at HentaiArtists or hA for short, was disturbing to see what kind of sick fuck HitmanN really is. Not one of his submissions there did not have X-rated filth with jizz sprayed all over it (in fact if you look at the artwork he drew for his folder categories he actually drew cum on them). Some of the categories he put into folder's include school-rape (kids being taught sex ed, most look unwilling), school kids getting raped, lolis getting gang-banged, loli fan art (he calls them playmates), girls being absolute sluts in the park (and they look underage), disturbing commissions where almost every image is a girl being raped, one girl was even putting a broom up her twat. From his hentai when he started to the ones he draws today, the most obvious fetish he's consistent with is rape. 2 out of three images in his hA account feature a girl crying out painful protests of agony and shrieks of "NO DUN RAPE ME YOU FAT FUCK!!" and the rapist (note how he almost always draws an overweight hairy male) enjoying it immensely, little speech bubbles are usually added enhancing the creepiness of HitmanN to the horrified audience.

    Loli's do not want HitmanN, despite the fact that he wants them, BADLY.
    So what if I'm drawing 'little nekkid girls'. Besides as long as it's art, it hurt's no one.


    —HitmanN in his DA account, yes he really said this and we screen-capped it

    Recently discovered in his hA account HitmanN admitted to inserting himself in a lot of his submissions, his latest project concentrating on "assbanging" was actually him either raping them or the girls enjoying it (but they don't really enjoy being fucked by a fat whiny bitch). In one image he went as far as tying up one of his lolis because he was afraid she would run away probably to tell the police and arrest him, another one being a school girl getting raped after he "helped" her with school work (what more proof of loli do you need people!) and suggested he would rape her ALL day. Not only does HitmanN display unhealthy amounts of penetrating little girls, but he does it without showing restraint and intense amounts of pain for the victim, there's no doubt he'll act out his sick fetishes if he keeps up his basement dwelling lifestyle.

    Also note, HitmanN is a moderator at hArtists.com. If you say anything bad about him you will either be banned for "harassment" or he'll write some shitty TL;DR journal getting his legion of perverts to attack you. hArtists is known for its fuck-tarted faggotry because they think they're the best little cesspool of hentai on the internets. They constantly attack other communities because "omg we r betta coz we only accept talented pplz!!1". HitmanN is their God; do not join unless for trolling purposes.

    The sad fact about this retard is he'll always have people kissing his fat, hairy, pimple-covered ass. They'll either ignore the truth or deny it, no matter how much proof we have. You can't cure stupidity.

    The "Art"

    This is just CUTE. It's NOT perverted. And she's 18! I swear!
    Dislikes: Hardcore hentai.
    HitmanN (AKA Joe Averidge) would rather stay at home and be a "hobby" artist, rather than getting a real job and a career
    HitmanN will never be this good, EVER! Because he wastes his time drawing shitty anime and he never had talent anyway.

    HitmanN draws the same shit over and over and over: An obviously underage girl with giant boobs in a provocative pose and with the same "I'm-a-Caucasian-attempting-to-mimic-anime" face with varying hairstyles and clothes -- or lack thereof. Despite this, HitmanN constantly insists his art isn't perverted... it's just the people looking at it who are. He reacts poorly when he's called out as the sick fuck he is or to any artistic critique, especially when someone points out all the girls he draws look exactly the fucking same. One critique and you will be BLOCKED and your comment hidden from his fantards and himself.

    HitmanN also likes to point out that he is a "hobby" artist and not srs about art, even though he's subscribed to devianTART, makes calendars and has his own website proudly displaying his works. And let's not forget those imperial assloads of cheap commissions he does so he can pay his gas bills instead of getting a real job and a career. He uses the term "hobby" as an excuse to get out of the line of criticism and avoid being shown just how horrible he really is at every single piece of shit he draws.

    "Critiques depress meh!" :-'(

    In a vain attempt to show what a smug faggot he is, HitmanN also had his own loli "fan stamps" created for his sick pleasure on DeviantART.
    He proudly displays them on his userpage like rare jewels but for some reason if you click on the stamp to see the creators' comments, these "artworks" have mysteriously disappeared without an explanation.
    Hobby Artists need to market themselves, watch him give a TL;DR excuse for this one.


    So you've seen HitmanN's art and you actually like the SHINY DESU KAWAII CUTE AND SEXY =^o^= eye raping burn tool colors? And he's available for commission? Well, lucky you, here's the low-down on what to expect from your hard earned cash spent.

    The first thing you will notice is HitmanN has no regard for doing a decent job, or putting effort into his work. He will do a lengthy description of his commission sample, focusing on himself followed by the ^o^ emoticon. He also focuses on one thing: Women and nothing else. If you want a picture of a man or delicious shota drawn, you better forget it, 'cause he ain't that sort of guy (even though he got caught liking yaoi). He will only use the digital art medium so he can rape the fuck outta your commission with the burn tool, because he has no real talent whatsoever with traditional artist mediums (such as pencils, paint, etc.). He also strictly demands it be anime only.

    He won't care about you waiting for your art, he'll only do it when he feels like it. Usually all the time HitmanN will draw other things and come up with some excuse to get out of his customers complaints of not receiving their art yet, totally not selfish screwing around with their money right?

    When you receive your art, it will be to HitmanN's preference's. Not the ones that you requested and he agreed on! His and his only. If you complain and ask why he didn't draw what you asked for, he will get upset and call YOU a bad, childish customer. So now your left with a huge breasted loli, with horrid anatomy and an almost non-existent neck with plenty of highly exaggerated shine on the tits and ass. Enjoy.

    Responses to Criticism

    As has been stated before, HitmanN does not respond to criticism well. Where I could go on for a long sarcastic meme-laden paragraph about it, I think his own whining will be a good enough representation.

    File:Erika College Pose by HitmanN.jpg
    She's in college! This is not a little girl! And it's not hentai! What's wrong with you RUDE people!?
    Typical reaction of HitmanN reenacted by this old lady. Note the childishness and failure to listen to any logic.



    Oh lawdy, here it comes. First of all the small body structure and young looking-face points to her looking or BEING underaged. The only thing you did differently was slapping giant boobs on them. It doesn't make them 21. That still can be considered as LOLICON or pedophilia but giving them a fetish twist. It's likes drawing a baby with breast the size of basketballs, but it doesn't make them 18, now does it? No. If people masturbates over an underaged-looking individual it is still considered pedophilia. People are getting orgasms from child-like characters that uses a fetish for giant boobs.



    *sigh* how typical. You're not worth my time.


    —HimtanN, blocking and hiding the offending opinion due to being a pussy.

    How interesting for you to mention that, HitmanN.

    How do I drawed proportions?

    HitmanN's main inspiration for his little nekkid girls.
    And his main focus of the situations he puts them in.

    A selected gallery of HitmanN's fail redlined plus misc images.
    Nothing can save you from what you are about to witness.

    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

    HitmanN KNOWS Mangas

    So not loli! And it's not perverted! You just have dirty thoughts!
    Even though she looks like she stepped right out of Bondage Fairies, this is NOT hentai. It's just cute! Did I mention she's 18?
    Dat be loli in hitman's faves?
    HitmanN being questionable towards underage users in SA.

    HitmanN tried to defend his obviously pedophilic art in this rather lulzy conversation...
    He also compared little girls ADORABLE 21-YEAR-OLD WOMEN to cars. Because were sure he likes riding both (but none the less he's too poor and ugly/creepy to have either). Read the entire conversation here. You have to read it to believe the stupidity, people.

    I just need to say something...

    Your girls are disturbingly young looking...their features are like children, chubbier and shorter, and their eyes are HUGE and googly-and i know this is the anime style, but they are overly large and take up more than half the face, as would be expressed on an anime CHILD's face...Ew. You're good at drawing boobs, and you're good at drawing children. DON'T PUT THEM TOGETHER.


    —Rational Person

    I guess you haven't seen much different anime and manga series, because there are many that have same eye size applied for characters of all ages, and I mean even larger eyes than in my art. The problem isn't that the eyes on my characters are like childs', the problem is that you associate them with the limited amount of different styles that you have seen. Yes, it IS common to have larger eyes on younger characters, but it is in no way a standard. You should really consider being a bit more open for different styles, and not just the most popular ones.

    And being a short and 'chubby' guy myself, I guess I enjoy using my art as means to literally express myself. Nothing to do with age. I'm simply not fan of the most common 'extra-slim' styles used in anime.

    It's a personal style, so you may or may not like it... but it's wrong to associate it with something else or assume things about it based on what you've seen before. I'm not trying to be like other artists, I'm not trying to copy existing styles. I'm trying to be ME and do my things.



    —HitmanN, being a pedofuck.

    I understand that-er, at least to a degree, but the fact that i HAVE seen other styles and they ALSO look like children with enormous breasts and butts doesn't help any. The point i'm trying to make is that while you are expressing yourself, what some people may perceive is child pornography. Now, i don't mean as to use such a strong term, but from what i HAVE seen through the world of anime, i saw your art and decided that i had better make a statement toward a rising artist, rather than a guy who has already made millions off of his-er-horny little girls, no offense.

    Another thing i must add, is that the words "cute" and "sexy" together, simply don't work in my dictionary. Think about it. I think puppies and kittens are cute, but i sure as hell don't want to screw them. I think little five year old girls and boys are cute-but lordy, hell no! I don't know about men, but i don't see cute things and suddenly feel the urdge to "do it" with it.


    —Rational Person

    Cute and sexy work together brilliantly. From what you said, I get the impression that in your opinion, once you're an adult, you can't be cute anymore. Makes no sense, right? Right.

    Sexy is not something you want to have S-E-X with. I'm sorry if my mind isn't as perverted (not meant as such a strong term, obviously) as yours, but sexy is something that you feel attracted to. Cars are often called sexy, for example, but I doubt anyone is attempting to 'screw' them. Perhaps you are confusing erotic and sexy here. Erotic is something that is sexual, and something you probably wouldn't mind having S-E-X with. Sexy is what is good-looking and attractive.

    And really... if anything that is sexy is something you want to 'ravage in bed', I'd be worried for you. Besides, why does every act of sex have to be 'ravaging' and raping? Since when did people stop 'making love' to each other?!
    You're totally (again, not to use such a strong word) lacking the open mind for different aspects of the issues at hand here. Think about it. If artists wouldn't combine different styles together, this whole website would be, let's face it, boring and unoriginal as hell. I've chosen my favorite aspects of anime art and am using them as I personally see fit, instead of copying someone else. You or anyone else can't change that, because I'm not doing the art for you.

    I admit, you're not the only one that has mentioned this... but since it's only about one person out of a thousand, any problems obviously aren't at my end.





    Screencaps of HitmanN's faggotry so he can't deny what has been reveled to the public.

    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

    Butthurt Arguments from a 27 year old virgin

    Notable screencaptures from arguments on the internets.
    These are prime examples why faggots like HitmanN end up on ED in the first place, enjoy your stay.

    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

    Response to this Article

    HitmanN's reaction to this article
    After some troll on devianTART sent HitmanN a note laughing at him over this article, he and all his fanfags got butthurt and started complaining over on his forum. One fanfag even made him a vanity article on Wikipedia to counter his ED one and for him to crawl into like a hugbox. It was quickly smacked down within days.

    Let's watch out for Talon though. He's an ATTORNEY AT E-LAW and already planning to bring ED down forever using the DMCA and his infinite knowledge of copyright laws.

    Known fact's about HitmanN

    For those who may or may not know, here is a list of things known about the MASTER of cute and sexy art.

    Art Thief

    The fatass also likes coping better artists AND shitty ones too.

    See his screenshot gallery for him using "inspirations" on his art.

    Read original conversation

    Wall of Shame

    As evidenced here HitmanN is known as Harmonist11 on hArtists.com.

    Here's a sampling, and remember, it's cute and sexy but it's NOT DIRTY (it's also not loli, guys, for srs).

    And so what if he draws little nekkid girls you guise, it's not hurting anyone right?
    Nothin' pervy here About missing Pics
    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]


    Why does everything sexual have to lead to a hard-on or getting laid or sex or whatever? To put it bluntly, you can't watch porn just for the interest of watching people have sex? As usual, cars are a good comparison. Just because someone draws a car, it doesn't mean that they're intent on becoming race drivers or car mechanics or have even any interest in driving cars. They just like looking at cars and drawing them. Why can't the same apply to nudity with a more sexual tone? I'm just amazed how narrow-sighted some people are about these things.


    —HitmanN lol

    See next quote



    —Some people know about this, some people don't, but as far as I'm concerned, I don't care if the info is shared on hArtists.

    My non-hentai and ecchi stuff can be found at deviantART: http://hitmann.deviantart.com

    Harmonist11 is my artist name on the hentai scene, while HitmanN is my user and artist name everywhere else. I've been keeping a low profile about this, because people tend to think that once an artist has drawn porn somewhere, everything they make everywhere else is porn too, which obviously isn't the case. People on hArtists are obviously fine with the art HitmanN does, but many people on deviantART wouldn't be happy to see what Harmonist11 does, so that scene doesn't need to know about this stuff. If they find out some way (like the ED article about me), then so be it. I'm not hiding the hentai stuff ... So, what I'm trying to say is, feel free to talk about HitmanN on hArtists or other hentai communities. But please don't talk about HitmanN and Harmonist11 as same person on deviantART. Any comments about Harmonist11 or hArtists on my deviantART pages will be hidden. Simple and fair enough, right?

    HitmanN, pleading for people not to tell his DA fans so they can stay in denial about his art too.



    The Purpose of HitmanN's Art Revealed

    TL;DR Summary: I'm ugly, I never leave my mom's basement, I want a hawt girl friend with no social life and I draw loli

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