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    Hinako Series

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    A taste of what's to come

    The Hinako Series or (Isshoni Training for the weebs) is the invention of lonely anime artists who decided to create an anime about a loli being sucked into the anime world. Now this sounds pretty bad as it is, but nope; the end product turned out to be 10x worse than intended. Instead of having a generic anime plot, they decided to make it about the girl meeting some stalker who went into a random girl's bathroom, taking a shower with you, letting you watch her work out, and then sleeping with you. Or at least so she thinks, you actually just stare at her for the entire night. Then after that, she lets you watch her lezzing it up in the bath with some ginger loli.

    The videos can be found here.

    Training With Hinako

    Now those are some nice buns.

    Training With Hinako is the first OVA in the series. The video starts off with an Azn loli watching TV. She then gets sucked into the Anime world and turns into a well endowed Animu chick who's suddenly a little older. She can eat anything she likes, never gains weight but claims she's chubby anyway. Some time later a random chubby kid turns this animu on and begins to watch this shit, and the first thing you see is Hinako in the shower. Instead of screaming her lungs off, like all people do in reality, she's slightly startled by the fact that there's a strange chubby kid in her shower and decides to let you watch her. This is the one and only time you will be in the shower with a girl, let alone let you watch her, so savor the moment. Then she asks you to work out with her after calling you fat, and after having your pride injured, you agree to it only to be constantly distracted by her ginormous tits.

    This begs the question - Will this shit finally make Otakus workout? One can only hope.

    What the hell man, I could only do the pushup thing for like three rounds. With SISSY pushups. Damn anime girls and their endurance.


    Annaleebie, On how Hinako is on steroids.

    Sleeping With Hinako

    That's not the only thing that comes quickly...

    Sleeping With Hinako is the sequel production to Training With Hinako. With a name like "Sleeping With Hanako", you'd probably assume it's some sort of hentai video. Less than a minute in, you'll learn that it's far from that. It is quite literally an anime for pedophiles. It's basically 50 minutes of watching a jailbait girl with ENORMOUS TITS sleep.

    This remember me when i was looked my cousin sleeping with fewe clotehes loike hinako n_n.


    JamePho, On how he watches his cousin sleep at night.

    Bathtime with Hinako & Hiyoko

    You gon' get raped
    Told you

    The infamous sequel of Sleeping with Hinako. You should know the drill by now: the title is self-explanatory and is a perfectly innocent time with Hinako having a bath while you watch her for the first 12 or so minutes. Then, her pale, flat-chested red headed friend walks in completely naked and is completely comfortable with you seeing her and they proceed to lez it out with each other for the rest of the video.

    Naked hijinks ensue including massages, boob-grabbing, groping, a hint of HADOUKEN! and of course, suggestive camera angles.

    I'm so awesome, I've won over the hearts of TWO 2D girls now apparently.


    Slayer, On how two Animu chicks now want to fuck him from watching this video.

    Obligatory Rule 34


    It has an Android app.

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