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    The old burnout himself.
    Sadly HighInBC, what goes around comes around!
    Way, way out of his league.
    He'll suck your cock.

    HighInBC (AKA H, AKA Until(1 == 2), AKA Chillum, AKA probably Okay Bignose, AKA fuck knows how many others) (powerword Ryan Bushby), is one of the many TOW administrators who fear trollz and other things that go bump in the night. He speaks in the faded monotone voice of a pot ruined hippie. Due to his drug-impeded judgment he wields his banhammer like a firehose, and is clearly a MONGO sympathizer. Also, he sucks cock. And edits WP while blasted out of his mind on Vancouver weed and other substances. He "has no time for the b grade crap".

    In November of 2006, HighInBC played a prominent role in the final deletion of the GNAA article, and continued his insane crusade into the next month, by putting his racist, fundie beliefs and values on display by persecuting the GNAA's fearless leader Timecop over alleged threatening phonecalls. Due to marijuana-induced memory loss, Ryan's former username was too long to remember so he had it changed to H.


    HighInBC's wiki-assholery finally pissed off the wrong person, and High ran afoul of an internet tough guy named ColScott (yes the King of Manson, ColScott on wikipedia), aka a famous movie producer, who posted H's docs on his blog. ColScott's rabid and moronic fans started a campaign to drive HighInBC off Wikipedia by e-harassment and e-stalking.[1] This failed, and Colscott and TOW came to an agreement, and peace was had.

    Unfortunately for HighInBC, ColScott forgot to take down his docs, and the GNAA got their hands on them and fucking ruined him.

    The only confirmed information we have right now is that they called his work, his cell phone, and his family, and threatened to kill every single fucking last one of them! No bitches, these phonecalls weren't made up this time. Not much is known now, but there are anonymous reports coming in that HighInBC's sex-slave wife is dead, assassinated by internet trolls (See pic at right!). HighInBC hasn't been seen on Wiki since. Serious sources on TOW indicate that High is gone for good, and that they might finally get the smell of pot smoke out of the IRC channels. (oops, he's back, lol)

    I wasn't kidding. Your wife is dead. Don't fuck with the GNAA


    —Unknown GNAA operative on HighInBC's talk page

    If my involvement in Wikipedia is so dam important to you that you will threaten my family then fine, you win, I am outta here. I hope that satisfies you and you will leave me alone. It is just a web site for fucks sake.



    In conclusion, payback's a bitch. Timecop banned, December 2006, never forget.

    But wait, there's more! Like a true bureaucratic fuck hooked on the wiki-crack, H decided that having sysops on TOW was more important than his family's lives, and he came back with a new account Until(1 == 2), and was granted adminship in a super secret ceremony, think Furluminati. See here, sloppy, sloppy. Under that name, he wrote this whiny bullshit. And the account was desysopped in July 2007 when he was unmasked.

    Wikicided again

    Last Thursday Chillum got upset that people were mean to him so he bawwed and flounced.

    Because the community has been consistently failing to protect its members from abuse, and because those that do attempt to prevent such abuse are treated so hostile I am out of here. I will find a project that has minimum requirements for treating people with decency, I don't want to relive grade school again. I love the idea of Wikipedia but I don't see why I should keep getting kicked in the teeth and ask for more. Cya.


    But then, he's done that several times. How many times? Dunno, we wuz so stoend we lost count. The last time he ragequit was in 2010. He hid out in his shroom cave for 4 years, then started harassing people again in 2014. Since then H has been keeping a "lower profile", sucking ANI cock and doing his "job" -- blocking people for laughs. [2]

    When TOW's infamous and lulzy "List of Banned Users" (FOR THE SIXTH TIME!) page was put up for deletion in 2014, up popped a few of Wiki's worst asswipes, screaming "KEEP" like drag queens on meth. One of them was Chillum. Sorry pussy-boys, baleeted.

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