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    Anthony, who is more commonly known as File:Deviantart-favicon.png Her-dark-prince, or HDP for short, is a 16 year old goth, emotional poet and Twitard brought to you from the folks at DeviantART's Complaints forum. HDP was first spotted in the complaints forum on or around Nov, 28th of 2008, where his friend told him to go because there would be other artsy people like him that he could talk to who would understand him because they were all the same pattern of snowflake.

    This is what you see when HDP starts a thread.

    The Forum Post

    Original forum post

    As stated above, HDP first appeared on DA in the Complaints Forum. The one major way to get lulz out of Complaints is to treat it like it's the Help with life forum. This is exactly what HDP did. Laying on a sob story how his girlfriend dumped him because she doesn't understand what he is going through.

    Then after a pause she said in an angry tone that this wasn't working and that I always had a negative vibe. I told her that she didn't understand me at all, and all the problems I went through. When I was little, my dog died in front of me after throwing up blood. He was poisoned by rat poison, and since that day I simply hate society.


    —HDP on being special


    "Bloody Prince"
    a poem by Her-dark-prince

    ...i hunger for more like blood in an ice cream cone

    cause it will never give me up or down...


    Her-dark-prince - read by ED staff emotional poet

    Hate poetry

    Some argue that HDP uses poetry because he does not have enough balls to respond with more than 3 words.

    HDP is such a great poet, that he uses it to harm those who mock him. The actual poems themselves surprisingly aren't that tl;dr, and a sample will be shown here.

    This is for all the morons in the complaint forum. They insult me for moronic reasons, not knowing that I can do things...horrible things.

    I'm not giving up.


    — -HDP on hurting people over the net

    Originally meant for a certain deviant, in fear of getting b& he changed it's meaning to everyone else. As you can clearly see, his threats are about as intimidating as those from a (noun)

    Some parts of his hate poems are ridiculously easy to take out of context, spawning much lulz.

    I want to eat your bones

    I want to make you moan


    —HDP on being a prostitute

    Don't defend yourself

    There is no going back

    I'll stroke you ever so gently

    and place on your head a sack


    —HDP on being a criminal rapist


    Like many young TARTlets, HDP soon found out the Internet was no place for Fun at all, and was actually Serious Fucking Business.

    But, after nursing his sore anus from all the rape he had received, he began to learn more about teh innerwebs,

    Discovering ED

    This was a sad time in the princes' life. It was at that time, when he realized he was fighting the internet, and he was losing. Her-Dark-Prince managed to land himself a slot on Encyclopedia Dramatica about 3 days after his many posts in the forums. Weeks later, on December 11th, he finally discovered the actual page, even though he had been linked there from his front page many, many times. His response was a bawwwwwww journal, Per Usual.


    Now you make a webpage about my so called 'stupidity'. You are all liars and thieves. I'm going to take the article down some way, and you will all pay for your insolence and lack of tact.


    —HDP admitting he knows Computer Science III

    Discovering Thievery

    Even though he never. He just hasn't discovered the difference between parody and theft.


    Thirdly, DO NOT STEAL MY ARTWORK. It's precious to me and it's like my children, and there will be consequences if you steal them. I've been cutting myself more recently because of this, and I've been practicing black magic to get back at these jealous thieves.


    —HDP on discovering plagiarism

    I highly doubt you're doing black magic and voodoo.

    I just think you're a troll.


    —Anon on being Correct.

    Oh hai. Pls flame this naughty person k?

    Since HDP is such an amazing artist/poet, yet another person decided to follow in his footsteps. On December 17, 2008 HDP discovered yet another art thief and it angered him so much, that he had to write a journal about him!

    File:Theoriginalshadowhog discovers thieves.jpg
    Greetings my fellow Deviants. Will you kindly discuss this awful thievery with this Deviant? Thank you.

    The artist of the vastly superior art is claiming that he is in fact the creator of The Red Flower And The Vampire and had posted it on another art community last year. This of course sent princess into a rage and he quickly reported the art. But it most likely won't get deleted as they are clearly the originals.

    Vastly Superior Art About missing Pics
    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

    Later, some of his well written story was re-written. No one could imagine why anyone would want to do that though, since he is such an amazing writer.

    Discovering The Block Feature

    There is moar where that came from!

    One day after the discovery of his ED article, he discovered the block feature on DevianTART. He was so excited about having his own little weapon to use against these mean spirited people.

    HA. Loosers. Instead of leaving this account, I learned how to BLOCK users! Now you idiots won't bother me ever again! Ha!

    I win, you loose. Now it's my turn to laugh at you!



    —HDP on loosers

    Little did the prince realize, that this would just spawn the creation of alternate accounts using his face for the lulz. He also didn't realize that you can only block 100 people and at his rate of blocking people, he will soon run out of space.

    It started with an account called emoprincessplz using his face. Then there was an emo llama. Then a Joker plz. Then more emoprincess accounts. Then a joker emo llama. Then a queen emo. Then an asian guy "no Emo!" plz. Then a happeh emo. Then a slowpoke emo. Then Emo Mudkip, Emo Cyclops, shoop da emo, lolwut emo, All Your Base emo, Rick Astley emo, angry emo, emo nazi, and the list continues to this day.

    The female antagonist was not too happy about this trend.

    Crestfrend's banning spree brought about a swarm of plz accounts.

    Leaving FOREVAR

    On December 22, 2008, Her-dark-prince posted a journal announcing that he was leaving devianTART forever.

    I'm leaving deviantart, and will never come back. I'm sick of all these pathetic twats ruining my career in poetry since they don't understand SHIT.

    To my fans I will leave my work untouched, but for now I will leave. Thank these trolling EDiots.



    —Her-dark-prince, on his career in poetry

    It is worth noting that although he purports to have left at 7:11 A.M. on December 22, his user info shows that he was on dA again no earlier than December 23 at 1:28 P.M. Evidently, he just couldn't keep away from the website upon which he had built his promising career in poetry.

    SaguinousKane; Return Of The Prince

    Oh hai thar Jason

    Apparently Crestfrend just couldn't get enough of DevianTART, and returned only 3 months later under the name File:Deviantart-favicon.png SaguinousKane. As usual, he was easily spotted for various reasons.

    • He attempted to change his identity to keep people from recognizing him. But he was stupid enough to use a picture of an e-famous camwhore named Jason, who thousands of people recognize, so he was instantly called out for art theft and people telling him that the picture wasn't him. These people were, of course, instantly blocked. But seriously guise, if you're going to pretend to be someone on the internet, don't use a popular camwhore's pictures.
    • He uploaded some of his amazing poetry to his account. This really wouldn't have made a difference, except for the fact that it was the exact same poetry from his old account, just with a different name. It was quickly reported for art theft for the lulz.
    • He just couldn't stay away from the forums. He just had to go bitch about how he couldn't force people to like Twilight. Anyone who didn't gush about how "OMG AWESOME!!!" Twilight is was met with Crestfrend's trademark catch phrase "Whatever bye". The thread was locked fairly fast by mods, seeing as how he was being torn apart by trolls.


    Uveggetis, the Anti-Troll

    After his return from his suspension, Crestfrend continued to get ripped and flamed by former enemies of his past life. Poor Crestfrend coudn't handle the H8 he was receiving and put up a BAWWWW journal, asking us to leave him alone, which was met with tartlets telling him that he dug his own grave on his last account and even more flames from tartlets. However, a stunning development occured the next day:File:Deviantart-favicon.png Uveggetis, an IRL friend of one of Crestfrend's previous attackers, decided to step in and say that we went too far. Using information gathered from his journal(left), we can tell you that Uveggetis was planning on trolling the princess, but then switched sides as soon as he made his account.

    With knowledge of the plz accounts’ passwords (which were all created by the same troll), Uveggetits hacked all the accounts and removed their avatars. He also tried to edit this article several times, which was promptly reverted by MysteryBot and resulted with his account getting B& for a year.

    Unfortunately for SaguinousKane (moar like VaginousKane, amirite?), his white knight does not know how to reverse-troll and it seems that he has taken a page out of a certain someone’s book on how to troll(or maybe even the princess himself as he repeatedly says "I win.").

    It should be known that although Uveggetits calls himself "The Anti Troll", he has contributed to a fellow deviant's ED article and this very article in the past.

    Of course, it was only a matter of time before both the Knight and his Anthony were both hacked.

    Well EXCUUUUUSE me, Princess!


    — Uveggetis, on failing to protect Anthony from the Hackers.


    Account after being hacked

    Princess Anthony's new account was hacked on March 15th, 2009. May whoever did its life be filled with win and lulz.

    At this moment, his account has yet to be banned, but it should only be a matter of time, considering what was posted in his gallery... DISREGARD THAT, THE BANHAMMER HAS BEEN BROUGHT DOWN ON HIM.

    Only a few hours before the hacking, Anthony's girlfriend had made an account. Clearly she was not pleased, so she insulted us through poetry.

    To those sick coward bastards

    I write for thee some lines and tunes Lines that wither, rot like you Tunes of betrayel, about to puke

    You can't leave him be That's to much to ask From a society like this Smelling of pink masks

    I've had enough You imbecils did it Make youselves responible In tomorrows hapenning


    —His girlfriend ignoring spell check.

    While Princess's account was being raped, Uveggetis' account was also hacked and a flamewar broke out between Princess's 'friends' and the people of deviantART.

    In fact, Here's a Gallery.

    Back again, are we?

    Who Killed SaginousKane?


    After being hacked and his new account receiving the ban hammer, princess returned on his old account to bitch at us. He demanded that we tell him who hacked him so he could report us.


    It got even more lulzy when he made a list of suspects. (many of which weren't even there at the time)



    — The Dark Prince of Bel-Air on you posting on his journal.

    File:Its on.JPG
    Comment #912 on his journal. It's on!

    The lulz soared to new heights when he bitched in the complaints forum, giving the members who hang there their daily dose of lulz. Princess was definitely not pleased and continued to mark down any tartlet that told him the harsh truth or didn't help him at all as a suspect in the whole hacking crime.

    The icing on the delicious cake was that the Princess' little detective work journal got the dubious distinction of being the most popular journal on the day he made the journal entry, with a staggering amount of 850 comments, with no signs of the lulz dying down any time soon. Scratch that, it's over one fucking thousand comments now!

    One day is all it took for the princess to create a lulz storm.

    If you are on his suspect list, it means you win the internet! And getting on is as easy is posting any form of criticism in his journal!

    Srsly. One person posted a smiley, was asked 'Where were you yesterday?!', and was added to the suspect list!

    Go try it, it's fun!

    Her-dark-prince Vs......Crestfrend?!

    After being flamed, hacked and mocked (via plz accounts), a fake account called File:Deviantart-favicon.png Crestfrend was created. The troll fooled quite a number of tartlets into thinking that it was actually Princess when he posted a journal saying that he was trying to change his ways and his plan would have succeeded...that is, if the real Crestfrend didn't point him out on being a fake.



    —HDP, on discovering the fake account.

    Princess then went on to make a next TL;DR/BAWWWW journal, stating that the troll was fake,but the troll would not go away so easily and made a counter journal, still impersonating HDP, said that HDP is the impostor and said that the HDP account was actually the hacker that hacked his SaguinousKane account.

    The troll continued to keep up the act by making a next journal, which confused pretty much everyone and angering the princess.

    Anthony Gets... A Fan Club?

    The fan clubs kawaii desu journal! ^_^

    Just as the lulz began to die something popped up just in the nick of time to revive them! Thus the File:Deviantart-favicon.png TRFATV-FanClub was born! This club is clearly a troll club. If not, it's run by a six year old. Apparently it was good enough to fool Anthony, Scarlett, and his white knight though! Not that many lulz have seemed to occur from this, except the owner and Anthony discussing how much the love Breaking Dawn. Stay tuned for moar lulz!

    The "Dark Passion Game" Incident

    Princess is fucking pissed
    File:Princess too late.jpg
    He didn't have to tell us; we're always watching.

    One fine Sunday in March, after being ridiculed for making himself a girlfriend account, Princess, in a vain effort to prove that he was not a pathetic fuck, uploaded a story about him doing it for the first time with FadingCrimsonTears. After the tartlets humiliated him once more, his deviation was reported for being blatant pornography, Princess vowed to report the deviations of everyone that was trolling him. This was met with more humiliation and two Complaints threads dedicated to his faggotry.

    Despite being deleted a tartlet in the Complaints Forum reposted the story, which was pasted into the article and collapsed (as seen below).



    AN: Before I start, this is my story of how me and Scarlet did it for the first time. I wrote this to prove others that I AM:

    1) A homosexual (duh) 2) Lying about having a girlfriend

    Laugh all you want, but now you will see.

    Scarlet Eteverech was a beautiful girl of seventeen years old of age. She had smooth short black hair, and gorgeous icy blue eyes that could see what others couldn't see. Her boyfriend and love partner was a man named Kane. He was tall with black spiky hair (only a little spiky though) and piercing blue eyes. They went to school together, and everyone saw them as freaks. Perhaps it was because they saw dark movies and had dark tastes in music. Normal humans fear the dark, no matter what.

    Scarlet's father was a writer, and committed suicide because he went insane. Suprisingly, Kane did not have a father either and that's how their bond started to grow thicker and thicker...But they didn't know that one special night they will release their dark passion more than they thought.

    Scarlet was sleeping in her bed without wearing bra or underwear. She wasn't naked though, she was just wearing a t-shirt that reached to her knees. Her bed was covered in spiderwebs, and it was made of satin.

    All of a sudden, the window's glass crashed. Scarlet woke up in fright, and looked at the shattered pieces. Kane was standing there, bleeding from the glass cuts. He went through the sealed window to see his dark princess. He was only wearing pants as his sweaty chest was soaked in blood. This gave Scarlet a strange urge, an urge she never felt before.

    "Kane...You...are hurt..." she whispered, as Kane sat on her bed still bleeding. Kane looked at her beautiful eyes and smiled a little bit. "I'm only hurt for you..."

    Scarlet smiled back and kissed him on the lips. She inserted her tongue in his throat, and Kane could feel her tongue piercing. "Oh I want you..." she whispered in a purr, laying down and taking off her shirt.

    Kane took off his pants and went on top of her bloody and all. scarlet licked the blood and Kane moaned. Then Kane put his PENIS in her VAGINA and started to move forward and back. He moved so hard that she was bleeding too, but she didn't care, she liked it a lot.

    After they moved for an hour, they were done and they went to sleep...in their crimson puddle of their dark passion.


    As of March 30, 2009, the admins of DA could stand Princess' drama-llama ways no longer and decided to smack him with the B&hammer. Many tartlets and trolls alike rejoiced as Princess would never darken DA again and would probably cry uncontrollably into his ice-cream.

    Goodnight, Sweet Princess.


    Not long after Princess got B&, one of his "friends" File:Deviantart-favicon.png dark-edwen, came forward to say it was apparently all a sham.

    So goodbye. Or how our prince will say it: "Whatever, bye".


    — - The real HDP on being awesome.

    Upon learning that HDP was a fake, Uveggetis (after geting over the sting of humiliation) threw away his status of being a white knight and became a troll, now trolling those who were once like him.

    The mastermind of the operation and his friends have now gone dormant, but they will probably be back to cause moar drama for the lulz.

    Gallery of HDP

    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

    Fan Art

    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

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    NOTICE: Every thread started by him is locked within a three day span after it's created, so be quick with leaving a post in one whenever he creates one.

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