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    Hep's kids, each from a different dude.

    Hepkitten is a lying, horse-mouthed cunt that would sell her own goblin children to feed her cocaine habit. Her e-fame mostly comes from her proximity to Jameth which is related to her founding of LJDrama. Her personality is best expressed as a combination of that malevolent little boy from 4th grade who would rip the wings off of insects and that frigid, shrill bitch who sucks dick in tech offices because she can't do anything useful. Physically she looks an awful lot like that malevolent little boy from 4th grade if he had been doing liquor and hard drugs for his entire life. Hep's name comes from her Hepatitis and other sexual diseases, which she uses in conjunction with childbirth to trap nerds into a relationship they despise.

    Hep is best friends with fellow fat whore Randi Harper [1].

    Her sister is an FBI contact and NSA field agent. Whenever a targeted organization is destroyed or someone inside it is busted, Hep seems to have a little extra spending money.

    What Hep is turning into lately.
    Hep looking like a little boy and stuffing her face

    Hep has a long record of attempting to destroy organizations in which her influence becomes irrelevant:

    • Hep intentionally provoked fat Latvian packetkids to forge an assault on Insub, leading to its total destruction via gigantic DDoS attacks.
    • Hep once tried to rally people to launch DDoS attacks against Encyclopedia Dramatica.
    • Hep was responsible for the final end of Bantown by being a gigantic fucking narc.
    • Hep was directly responsible for the implosion of Indymedia, first making all sane, sensible hackers flee to Indybay and then cooperating with law enforcement authorities and selling out the people she called friends in every conceivable manner.

    Hep has lots of connections in the San Francisco hacker scene because she has sucked hundreds of dicks there. She has never married but has 3 different kids from 3 different dudes, one of which she claimed was JWZ, but that was only to get money from him. In reality it was c0g. The other two dads Cj and Roger live with her, along with her latest live-in boyfriend Regulate. Regulate is the latest of live-in boyfriends, the last of which include Gweeds and Gek. Check out their pages and see for yourself (Hep sure knows how to pick 'em).

    A couple months before breaking up with Gek, Hep went to Defcon and blew 100 dudes including oclet. Oclet spent the rest of his days trying to get Hep to fuck him again, moving across the country for her, moving into her basement to be despised by her and her entire family, and trying to rape her twice. At Campathon oclet kept trying to stick it in, even after Hep vomited tequila and half-digested hotdogs all over him.

    Hep's blog

    Hep has her LiveJournal which she has posted endless amounts of high-contract angle shots on for ages. She posts less and less these days, as she degenerates further into a hollow-eyed nightmare from a horror movie.


    Trollascii by jesuitx

           _             _   _ _   _
          | |_  ___ _ __| |_(_) |_| |_ ___ _ _
          | ' \/ -_) '_ \ / / |  _|  _/ -_) ' \
          |_||_\___| .__/_\_\_|\__|\__\___|_||_|
                                -------     HEY JESUIT WHERE CAN I SCORE
                              /// ----\\\   SOME YAYO OR E
                             //        \ \
                            //          \ \
                          //|  --    --  \\
                          /|  |o |  |  |  \|
                         / |  |  |  | o|   \\
                        /  |   --    --    | \
                        /  |    //----\\   |  \\
                            |  |        | |
                            \   \\----//  /
                             \           /
                              ----------------               -
             \           -----  -------       -----       ---
              \      ///-                          -\\\ --
               \   //                                  \\
                X//                                      \\\
               //                                          \\
             //                                              \\
           //                                                  \\
          //                                                    \\
         //                                                      \\
        |/   \           /              \           /             \|
       ||     \         /                \         /               ||
       |      --------//                  -------//-                |
      |                                                              |
      |                                                              |
     |                                                                |
     |                                                                |
     |                                                                |
     |                                                                |
     |                                                                |
     |                                                                |
     |                                                                |
      |                                                              |
      |                                                              |
       |                                                            |
       ||                                                          ||
        |\                                                        /|
         \\                                                      //
          \\                                                    //
           \\                                                  //
             \\                                              //
               \\                                          //
                \\\                                      X//
                   \\                                  // \
                     X\\-                          -///   \
                    /    -----                -----        \
                   /          ----------------             \

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