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Hell could refer to several things.

  1. Hell - The dwelling place of Satan.
  2. Hell - A town in Kansas (Correction: It is in Michigan, not Kansas. Get it right!) that used to be funny for always being frozen over because it is in Michigan.
  3. Hell - The proper, designated place to yiff.
  4. Hell - Where your mother refines her fellatio technique.
  5. Heel - A place to see someone in.
  6. Heaven - Like hell, only gayer.
  7. School - A hell you're forced to go to for 10-12 years of your early life.
  8. The state of Arizona.
  9. The city of Detroit.
  10. IsraHell, world capital of Crime and Greed

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yuer_zvPR0o One type of Hell.