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File:HBG main.jpg
If your fist doesn't instinctively clench shut at the sight of this ugly fucker's face you're either a cuck or an amputee.
File:HBG Sonic.jpg
Remind you of anyone in particular?
File:HBG avatar.png
His online avatar, alongside several rejected proposals.
File:HBG dog.png
HBomberGuy in a nutshell.

Legends say that when a man accepts feminism into his heart, his hairline begins receding overnight and his hands will clamber for the nearest women and children.



Galileo and Plato, my only intellectual equals, were probably also called smug


ACTUAL HBomberGuy quote (holy shit, how egocentric can one man be?)

HBomberGuy (Real name: Harris "Penis" Brewis; b. September 19, 1992: Age 28) is a self-proclaimed anarcho-communist and yet another example of an SJW JewTubing kneejerk dickjerk counter-reactionary LARPing as an intellectual as if they were the second coming of Plato. However, unlike the majority of said retards, is aware that his kind are rightfully hated by most of the internet and thus can arguably be considered the smartest person within the SJW circlejerk, which, when you come to think of it is like being the smartest child in a daycare for toddlers with Down Syndrome. His "comedy" is somehow more unfunny than the likes of Sargon of Cuckad and Paul Jewseph Watson, who are frequently the target of ire in his videos, simply because were he to go against any opponent with a decent set of balls he'd find himself humiliated in no time at all and fall back to relying on his hordes of loyal soyboys and tumblrinas to do his bidding for him. It goes without saying that he's another "male feminist" AKA "I can't get laid so I pretend to care about women hoping I'll be able to touch a girl" which everyone knows is a futile line of thinking because women don't want to fuck a balding 25 year old omega cuck with a two incher. Shockingly, against all odds, it seems this has got him a Tumblr sheboon of a girlfriend named Gita Jackson, though this may be another realdoll a la Peter Coffin. He is known to spend his spare time on 8chan's /tv/ and /leftypol/ boards, the former to promote his videos, and the latter of which is so notoriously bad that Know Your Meme refuses to acknowledge its "memes" as anything but a collective of horrifically unfunny "jokes" with zero merit.

It's a rare occurrence that anyone calls him out or challenges him, and anyone who does, he responds with the simplest and lowest common denominator of snark, and blocks them before they can swing back, so he never has to hear voices and opinions that aren't his own. He is the living epitome of a human echo chamber, and a testament to the rise of Social Justice in recent years given his huge surge of popularity. Case in point, the lack of an article on this clusterfuck of a human being until August 2018, a full decade after his first lulzworthy acts. Meanwhile, (((RationalWiki))) has been in full praise of this crazed troon for the past several years.

He considers anyone who uses the words "SJW" and "Regressive Left" to be "Reactionaries", so in his eyes, anyone who disagrees with him is on the same political wavelength as Ann Coulter, Pat Buchanan or Ted Cruz. He thinks trigger warnings and safe spaces are a great idea and that you're a "baby" if you're against them and used to use a Twitter blockbot, though he has since abandoned this and chose to move on to YouTube, given that the comments are relatively free from moderation and therefore 'toxic'. He also considers anyone willing to expose him as part of a 'right wing plot' to undermine his credibility. Incidentally "right wing conspiracy" were the words John Money used to discredit anyone who was critical of his abominable experiments on David Reimer and his brother, something which Harry Boy here would defend because asserting the fact that there are only two genders is enough to get you called a "pseudoscientist" by him, and incur his undying wrath as a result.

Early life on the interwebz

File:HBG young.jpg
A younger Harry in his earlier days. According to the Photobucket account with which this image was found, Harry had a thing for traps and desired to become a sissy himself.
File:HBG fedora.jpg
Fedora: Check
File:HBG oc.png
HBomberGuy's own personal OC from way back when. No idea what the fuck its name was.

Originally, HBomberGuy was a member of known troll group METOKUR, a ragtag bunch of no-life fags originating from Gaia and Newgrounds. This was after a storied run as a Goon that spent most of his time in the LP section creeping on the female LPers, because, as we all know, it's a pre-requisite of being a globally-renowned internet shithead to have paid the tenbux and become a member of SomethingAwful at some point in their lives. Harris' role in the operation was running the now long-defunct DeviantArt Coalition for Quality Control, or DCQC for short. Though surprising for the man we'd eventually grow to know and loathe, Harris' motives with regards to the DCQC were uncharacteristically honest and resulted in the exposure of multiple lolcows, including DrMusic2, who later went into a mental breakdown over the antics of Brewis and Co. Which makes things all the more weirder with regards to how he has since reneged on just about every virtue he once held, to the extent that the man now has a fursona. Perhaps it's an extreme bout of troller's remorse? Regardless, the existence of said coalition was superfluous and unnecessary, given that all one had to do to view and mock the absolute worst of DeviantArt in the early 2010s was to look at EDF's own dedicated subforum of digitally drawn autism.

They make articles on users who don't matter and fandoms that was new back in 2006. The only redeeming quality is the comments section full of whiteknights. Good for @Fumo161 to practice some 'trolling' (herp). Yes, Shitbread pooped all over hers and her friend's article that she had to be IP-banned.

The same contributors for that 5-man forum team are the ones who keeps adding to the 'troll-shielding' article. Also, TL;DR and dA needs no quality control, it's too late. dA is fucked up beyond repair. How do you stop a speeding train if your best effort is just putting out your leg on the tracks to trip it?


ge5undhe17, 2012

Eventually, when Habermann shut down METOKUR and came out as gay in the hope that it would deflect criticism away from himself while he continued his failed quest to become e-famous, he took Hbomb and one other faggot along with him and they started a site and youtube channel. However, since Habermann is a talentless attention seeker and the only people who might have wanted to promote him now hated him, just like Ohi, no one cared about his youtube videos and the project died a slow death.

Sadly, while his cohorts did the right thing and quit, Harris just continued to make youtube shit.

Feud with 666theheartless666

Sometime around 2009, an early Let's Player by the name of 666theheartless666 posted a video of Dead Space 2, wherein he jokingly referred to an alien as a "nigger". This resulted in Harris growing incensed that a man dare use racist language to describe a collective of pixels that weren't even reflective of the slur he addressed it as, and let him have it in the comments section to said video. Though such hissy fits were not unheard of, particularly as the world fell ever nearer into the SJW apocalypse it now finds itself in the midst of, HBG's comments were remarkable as the second you attempted to debate him, no matter how neutral and non-antagonizing your reply happened to be, he would write reams crucifying you and his current target like the edgy fuck he was.

For a quick relief of lulz, all one had to do was simply argue with him and within a matter of hours your Youtube inbox would be filled with expletives as HBomb used the likes of the F-Bomb, S-Bomb and C-Bomb to great effect. One can argue that his debating skills have not evolved since then. Though no screenshots remain as Jewgle wiped everyone's inboxes through their relentless updating of Jewtube, his tirades live on in the hearts and minds of those who were there to witness them in person.

One of the few surviving videos documenting this e-drama

As Harris was no different from a typical troll of the era, his escapades went largely unnoticed by the greater internet audience, which goes to show how little of a fuck people gave with regards to his shitfit over a relatively no-name Youtuber. He soon retreated into the shadows, because when a teenage girl manages to destroy your arguments then you really have nothing left going for you.


File:HBG Patreon.png
Reminder this faggot makes more money than jew.
File:HBG destroyed twitter.png
An example of what happens when HBomberGuy ventures outside his echo chamber.

Unfortunately, like a shit that won't go down, Harris resurged later on in the 2010s, in the wake of GamerGate and the rise of the Alt-Right. In the case of Harris, this was more like a shit that crawled back through the U-Bend and jumped out of the toilet bowl. Bored with trolling tartlets and in search of a new drug, Brewis turned to defending that which he had formerly hated.

Catching Sargon of Akkad in a critical fuck-up, this is how he "redeemed" himself. Because the only people that disagreed with Sargon at the time was a slowly-increasing fringe of far-righters who viewed him as a cuck and leftist SJWs who viewed him as a Nazi, decided it was easier to take the more ad-friendly Kosher route and appealed to the latter. It has definitely helped as this fucker now earns $3,000 a month from the pockets of suckers. Though many consider it to be quite the coup and one of the major contributing factors as to why Sargon is reviled by both the left and the right nowadays, the video itself really isn't that impressive. Harry tells us stuff that many critical of Sargon already knew, isn't able to debunk a simple fact and eventually the video devolves into a personal attack over the most frivolous of shit, much like his earlier days. He claims the reason people like Sargon "wanted to disprove" the obviously false 1-in-5 rape statistic was to narrow the definition of rape of sexual assault so they could take sexual advantage of women, which is hilariously ironic when you look at the sort of human excrement this man protects. The great irony here is that, while Hbomb attacked Sargon for factual inaccuracies and not actually reading the research he was citing, Hbomb's own videos are written like ED articles, filled with misleading statistics and intellectually dishonest points, that anyone can refute if they aren't stupid enough to uncritically accept the opinion of some retard on youtube. The peak of absurdity in all of this was the time when Harris attacked Sargon on twitter for misunderstanding a book that he himself never read, only to have Carl respond with a video where he reads from an actual copy of the book which he owns, proving that Harris's amazing "takedowns" are all just a product of doing a google search and hoping whoever it is who's opinions you're stealing actually did the research that he was too lazy to do.

But of course, this wasn't enough. It's a Goon's specialty to latch on to a particular subject and suck it dry until there is absolutely nothing left to discuss. He held off uploading a 15 second video for over four months because he supposedly "cares so little" about Sargon, but then proceeded to upload several takedown response videos for Sargon's videos. It is apparent that his main prerogative is defending Anita Sarkeesian to the death, and one wonders if the Armenian bitch instructed him to chop off his balls, whether or not he'd actually do it. It's likewise clear that Brewis cares about people making jokes one would consider "offensive" to a much further extent than would be healthy for a normal person, but he's so afraid to admit it that he just ends up coming off like a disingenuous coward.

Said latching can be witnessed to a painful extent over his ceaseless attacking of JonTron a couple of years later, including his starting of a rumor that the latter had a cocaine addiction, something that could almost assuredly be the subject of a libel case. (Hint: he probably doesn't care what some self-loathing communist pipsqueak 3000 miles away thinks of him)

<gallery perrow="4"> Image:HBG Jontron 1.png|This. Image:HBG Jontron 2.png|Man. Image:HBG Jontron 3.png|Does. Image:HBG Jontron 4.png|Not. Image:HBG Jontron 5.png|Shut. Image:HBG Jontron 6.png|The. Image:HBG Jontron 7.png|Fuck. Image:HBG Jontron 8.png|Up. </gallery>

File:HBG Jontron 11.jpg
Translation: "I have nothing of substance (heh) and don't want to go to jail for slander."

As of the late 2010s, "anti-SJW" channels such as those previously mentioned are Brewis' ideal target since a single slip in their reasoning will lead Harry to immediately discredit them entirely to his peers even if they technically weren't wrong, and worse still the majority of his videos are loaded with fallacies (including the SJeWs', a term he himself made popular, personal favorite of the No True Scotsman), dubious reasoning, half-assed rhetoric, half-assed rationalization, empty snark devoid of any comedic value whatsoever (so it just looks like the guy is in a constant state of passively aggressively insulting his opponents, and boy does it get annoying) and utterly irredeemable pro-SJW poz. It's just concealed under a pathetically dense layer of 'jokes' that saturate any content into less of a critique and more of a roast, a middle class English accent so godawfully thick that were it an individual, it would screamingly beg for an Asian refugee to rape it and his borderline-competent editing skills that keep his ADHD-addled followers glued to the screen. His style has been noted as similar to Caddicarus in nature, except with the added caveat of political commentary.

One of his main critiques of Anti-SJWs, something which he is sure to repeat ad-nauseum in every single one of his videos, is the usage of skull avatars by prominent Youtubers. This is made ironically pathetic when you realize that his online buttbuddies, Shaun and Jen, themselves use a skull as a logo. This has been apparently "justified" by the pair as an attempt at "reclaiming the skull", much like how The Mary Sue named themselves after one of the nadirs of fiction to "reclaim" the term.

File:HBG Simulator 1987.jpg
All of HBomberGuy's videos featuring his face in a nutshell.
I don't think his Sargon video was that good. He was lucky in that he picked up on a genuine fuck-up Sargon made, but he didn't actually manage to debunk the 1 in 5 statistic and even admitted that it was overblown. And after the first half of the video, he runs out of things to rebut and just ends up ripping on Sargon's avatar which seems desperate.


TheImportantFart, Kiwifarms

One thing to notice during his videos in particular is that the man does not blink. Ever. Watching a HBG video where his face forms a large part of it is like watching a Hulk Hogan promo from the 80s, except with less steroids and more faggotry. Rumor has it the driest place on Earth is the Atacama Desert; this is bullshit. Clearly the driest place on Earth is HBomberGuy's eyeballs.

Another thing to note about his physical makeup is the complete and utter lack of a jawline. It therefore makes it obvious that there is only one kind of food that such a mouth could successfully devour. (Soy)


File:HBG tranny follower.png
An average HBomberGuy "fan".

It is a known fact that HBomberGuy's fans are among the least intelligent examples of human beings you will ever come across, though that is to be expected given these retards are taking advice and developing a cult of personality over someone who spent his formative years being a shitstain on the face of the internet. Reading the comment sections of his videos is an experience comparable to the liquidators of Chernobyl as they slowly melted from inside out due to the fatal levels of radiation that would have otherwise caused a lot more damage without their presence. The only difference is in this case, the radiation is allowed to flow free.

Fallout Analysis and feud with Davis Aurini

File:HBG in FO3.jpg
Pictured: the REAL reason as to why HBomberGuy hates Fallout 3.

The self-proclaimed "Jewel" of the regressive (or should that be recessive?) left, Harry spends well over 20 minutes of his Fallout 3 review complaining about IGN (why would anyone do that?) of all fucking places and the game forcing you to kill people despite the intro to Fallout 3 being a tutorial to re-introduce the series after its extended hiatus and genre shift. This critique in particular was hardly warranted, considering that said genre shift changed the style of play into one that was far less forgiving than previous titles. He also bitches about the forced killing of the guard at the end of said tutorial, because apparently the game didn't make it clear enough he was an asshole that needed to be permanently brought down a peg (the guard, not HBG, though it certainly applies nonetheless).

Oddly, fans and non-fans alike seem to praise this criticism as though it were anywhere near as valid. It was down to this video as to why his present-day popularity exists - he reeled countless swathes of gutless, pro-poz beta males in with well-made apolitical content (in this case a video game review), and having established that he's a rational and measured guy when it comes to those, it softens them up to be more accepting of his political content. It is an effective and almost ingenious tactic, and certainly a good usage of what would almost certainly otherwise be a waste of a film studies degree. One only needs to look at the sheer volume of former fans posting in prime lolcow hideouts regretting that they ever followed him due in part to this review to realize how successful he's been at creating the illusion he's a smart guy. At the core of it, those who used to side with him attempt to downplay his failures at comedic aspirations and how utterly garbage he is at dissecting media.

The popularity of this video was bolstered upon the release of Fallout 4. With most players disillusioned with Bethesda's handling of the IP, they wanted to know why they were disappointed after such a lengthy wait. And all of a sudden, here comes this video in the midst of all this discontent, appearing in the Recommended boxes of many. It turns out that most complaints with FO4 were already prevalent in its predecessor, except to a much less blatant extent. And people bought into it en masse. And thus, through nothing more than reactionary hatred, propped up by websites like NMA and RPG Codex who are glad that the shit they've been saying all this time (although bastardized and tangentially worded for waves of Reddit exceptional individuals) is being said again, now with a ton of traction. The relatively modest (compared to things like Joseph Andersons's videos) but still girthy length, clickbait title, lack of technical analysis (besides the completely bullshit non-point on the compass, the video is mostly "here why the writing is bad D:<" with varying degrees of explanation), and just being in the right time and place all lead to a massive of success of a video that will forever be posted as an argument in Internet forums because "its long therefore its smart", regardless of the content's quality.

The video then gained even further attention when Davis Aurini, a known opponent of HBomberGuy, commented in support of his points. Because Davis was showing critical thinking, evaluating the content outside of the creator, like one would if you found an aluminum ingot wrapped inside a nugget of shit. As a direct result of this, Harry proceeded to grow increasingly butthurt and enticed his fans to derail all of Aurini's livestreams for the next month thereafter. As a matter of fact, some have asserted that the entire reason HBomberGuy started his soy experiment was because Aurini likes to use the modified term 'soyboy' to describe Numales. If this is indeed the case, he may be even sadder than previously thought.

Defending of rapists and trannies

File:HBG forum post.png
The lowdown on this whole controversy.

Par for the course of being a major SJW presence on the internet is having two types of friends in particular; transfreaks and sexual deviants. As has happened in the past, it appears in the event a member of the SJW crowd commits rape, they are immediately forgiven and anyone seeking justice is a threat that needs to be silenced. This was the case when FirstAidKite (powerword: Kara "Klaus" Williams), a trans-man responsible for writing some of Harry's scripts, accidentally raped a girl with its surgically attached dong. Unsurprisingly, this went over resoundingly well with HBG's crowd of SJWs and mouth-breathing retards who soon kicked up a storm on the likes of GamerGhazi and Discord, eating each other alive as to whether or not it should be forgiven (protip: it shouldn't).

I want to be a good ally and stand up for people who have been hurt, and I very clearly still have a lot to learn from others.


Another actual Hbomberguy quote

The whole glorious shitshow summed up in a gallery, along with some pictures that wouldn't fit on the main article. About missing Pics

Harry's lengthy Skype discussion on how to justify a rapist. File:HBG Paperlion 2.png File:HBG Paperlion 3.png File:HBG Paperlion 4.png File:HBG Paperlion 5.png File:HBG Paperlion 6.png </gallery>

[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

And in case you were wondering, Harris was a member of the Nick Nyberg Internet Defense Force. Because of course he was.

Collecting Money for a Child Abuse Cult

In early 2019, Graham Linehan was trying to get a bunch of TERFS to defund a UK tranny charity. Harry, being the tranny cock loving faggot that he is, decided to host a charity stream to raise money for them. He successfully amassed 350k in his donation plate, not realizing that the organization he was panhandling for is a borderline cult that believes all gay children should be forcefully tuned into trannies and is responsible for kidnapping at least one child to force him to wear a dress against his will (possibly two or more) and driving a second one to suicide.


Youtube Censorship Extension

It is well known that part of being a major bitch on a social media platform is implementing some form of mass-blocking. HBomberGuy is no exception. It is strongly recommended that you as a reader join this list for the purpose of creating further lulz.

How to trigger (or should that be detonate?) HBomberGuy

  • Show him this article (of course)
  • Say "nigger" while playing video games
  • Cite statistics that don't appeal to his feefees
  • Call him a cuck
  • Call him a soyboy
  • Make fun of his premature male pattern baldness

Other ventures

Brewis is a published author, and to date has released a single book, titled "Killonator". Unsurprisingly, it is now out of print.

<gallery perrow="2"> Image:HBG Fiction 1.jpg|An example of HBomberGuy's literative merits. Image:HBG Fiction 2.jpg|Yes, that is his actual handwriting. </gallery>


In case you wanted to fuck with Harry and claim some lulz for yourself, here's his dox.

Known Associates

  • Habermann - Founder of METOKUR turned into a cross dressing homo, shut down the site, and started a failed YT channel with Hbomb
  • BadMouseProductions - A fellow "revolutionary of the mind"
  • Bobvids - HBG's homosexual lover, minus any aggressive trait that Harris has
  • Contra Points - Similar to HBG, nowhere near as infamous
  • Dan Olson - Pedo
  • Gita Jackson - HBG's alleged girlfriend
  • Innuendo Studios - Known for a pitiful response to The Sarkeesian Effect
  • Jen - Shaun's gay lover (see below)
  • Klaus Williams - One of HBG's former scriptwriters, used to be known as Kara before shoving a fake cock around its waist. See above for further information.
  • Lindsay Ellis
  • Moviebob - Apparently can't stick the guy (ha!) but refers to him as a "great man" nonetheless
  • PushingUpRoses - Another ex-TGWTG SJW bitch who is a subscriber
  • Retsupurae
  • Shaun - Media "critic" that regularly makes 40+ minute long videos about shit nobody cares about

Social Network Links

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