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    Harem Comedy

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    Harem comedy is quite possibly the single largest animu genre ever, right next to Mechanophilia. What makes it popular is that it is the ultimate wapanese nerd wishful fantasy:
    Lots and lots of hot 16 year old virgin schoolgirls with tits the size of basketballs constantly wanting to fuck the shy introverted otaku.

    So yes, from this observation of the genre alone you can see why otaku are such disgusting delusional pedophiles. Some argue that harem keeps a false hope up for these pathetic losers meaning that it is the only thing keeping them from realizing their utter failure of an existence and becoming an hero.


    It isn't as effective when the genders are reversed because women already have it easy. All they have to do is yell "fuck me" in a bar.

    The "comedy" of harem genre animu's are basically a bunch of contrived "awkward" situations and hilarious misunderstandings that the male protagonist gets himself into time and time again, such as how he ACCIDENTALLY put his hands on one of the girls tits from falling down, or how he ACCIDENTALLY walked in on some girls changing, and how he eventually ACCIDENTALLY falls down on a girl and his face just so happens to land in their panty-clad crotch. This leads to the girls screaming "pervert" and punching the guy into orbit...only to later apologize and then return to pine for him. Unlike normal men from every other part of the world who would get a boner when these kinds of things happen, Jap men apparently get nosebleeds instead.

    File:Annie-May Pr0n.gif
    Why do Japs think that maids wear random-ass fucking frills on their heads and always want to have buttsecks with their boss?

    You would think that this stuff would get tiresome after the first few times, but they seem to draw this out as long as it takes to charge a lazor. Did you know that the Love Hina manga did this same thing throughout 14 volumes? This cycle of girls wanting him so badly, and then him screwing it up over and over, makes this genre a gigantic cock-tease. This is why you will find over 9,000 hentai dojinshi's of any given harem anime for those otaku who need to shoot out their sexual frustrations.

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