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    Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

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    Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger is probably the only song you've ever heard of (courtesy of a 'cover' by Kanye West) by the French electronica duo Daft Punk because you are a fucking moron and only listen to crap like Justine Bieber (Incidentally, Kanye "The joke" West never gave Daft Punk credit for the song). This, in itself, would not warrant an article on Encyclopedia Dramatica, but because several people have taken it upon themselves to make videos for the 2001 song, it has become a minor meme whose popularity peaked a few years ago because of the fact that the original and official video is about humanoid smurfs in space.


    Daft Punk's Homework was one of their best albums ever, attempting to pay homage to Chicago House music, but in reality sounded like something a group of gay robo-leather fags rushed to market after their keyboard got too much lube on it. The album defined the French House sound for the mid to late 1990s and their other works (Crydamoure and Roule) were outstanding (piles of shit). They later released Discovery, which was just as badass, except it was coupled with a retarded anime film that had a no plot, no words, and made no fucking sense. Afterward, they released Human After All, an "album" consisting of innate buzzing and electronic screaming for 45 minutes, and then after 6 years said "fuck it" to the whole electronic shtick and tried to revive disco with Random Access Memories, to polarizing reception. They haven't been heard from since and are presumed dead.

    At some point GAP stores and film studios realized they could exploit the group for the American market as well. Now, Daft Punk is known for frat-house pop, with a sequencer and a drum machine, and spend their leisure time bragging about how the French are so fucking artsy that their robots get more musical accolades than most human musicians.


    This first video is obviously done by some hipster girl who was either bored out of her mind, or grounded from the mall by her disapproving father. Seriously, how world-weary must a person be to sit through the song over and over again, trying to get the exact hand signals right without fucking up? At 42 million views, it far surpasses the original video by four to one, proving that the rest of the world is just a bunch of uninspired twats too.

    The second video, which has 9 million hits at the time of this writing, is gawked at by teen boys all over the world as it is, for many, their first glimpse of girls dancing around in their underwear. Also, perverts will get off on the fact that they wrote on their own bodies with magic markers. As an extra bonus, the two subjects in the video wear aluminum foil covered boxes on their heads, further objectifying themselves and women in general.

    This next video is of some hipster chick dancing around in what appears to be a Christmas Tree lot. The girl shakes her ass and has some pretty good moves, but that stupid hat has to go. Where the hell did you get that thing? Off a homeless bum you rolled? The gal who dances, who goes by the YouTube nick of “Bandy Toaster” tried to make a dancing career out of the notoriety of the Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger video she has made, but failed miserably.

    In this video we meet Nigel, from Perth. People from Perth are apparently possessed with the superhuman ability to fire rainbow lazer beams from their crotches and nipples when they are activated by the intense beats of this song. The tight spandex gold pants are worn to show off dat sexy ass as Nigel rocks out with his butt crack out. (Nigel is not from Perth. Australians do not pronounce the word 'Australia' as 'Austreelia', or 'dance' as 'dunce'. Nice try, britfag.)

    Yo Daft Punk, I'm real happy for you, and I'mma let you finish, but I had one of the best versions of this song of all time

    Also you may have noticed the visuals and story arc do not seem related to the song in any way

    That's cause I ripped off a famous Animu for the video yo

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