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    Hai2u is a shock site and one of the members of the illustrious Power 5. It serves to teach the world why the fuck we have a gag reflex.

    Hai2u actually originated from the Totse user MR HAI. He would pop up from time to time spreading the HAIliday spirit to all. He quickly earned the affection of the Totse community and went down into Totse lore. He was finally banned when the Totse forums switched to vB, which allowed a group of renegade mods to b& him and slowly kill the Totse community.

    Rape Allegations

    Some claim that the woman depicted in Hai2u is being raped. This is untrue, given that she was well-compensated for her time by the good people at Max Hardcore, Inc. Furthermore, much like the Holocaust, rape is only a myth.

    Where can I find more of her ?

    The lady in question is Catalina, a Mexican chick who has been in pr0n since 2000. She has played in more than 100 movies but, according to Mr. Little, got tired of it and is now "doing something else". Good for you honey.

    Remember kids: say it, don't spray it!

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