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    Hack This Site

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    HTS logo.jpg

    HackThisSite.org, the training arena for the underground hacker elite, is a place where h4x0r gurus can meet-up and totally pwn j00 with 1337 Computer Science III skillz!

    The founder, Jeremy Hammond, served a 2 year sentence for haxing Protest Warrior's website.

    L33t Facts

    HTS training.jpg
    • HTS is only full of wannabe h4x0rs, Script kiddies and fucktards.
    • Nearly all of the l33t haxor "Challenges" can be beat by anyone with a room temperature IQ .
    • For those too retarded to solve the challenges, one can be a cheety cheetah by googling a walkthrough.
    • Many users are pedo's trying to break into loli myspaces.
    • PROTIP to people trolling HTS: Pretend to be a 16 year old girl, since all their users will die virgins they are always looking for jailbait to lure and trap over the internetz.

    Typical HTS Activity

    <MrBear> dude at 11:59pm on may 27th i deleted my child porn collection


    — Average pedobear on HTS.

    [01:14] <lochis> guys how do you use exploits? [01:14] <lochis> i mean lets say you have an exploit [01:14] <lochis> were the hell do you coppy paste it?


    Winnar on HTS.

    <HTSUser31746> listen i know with experince, if people think you can hack they will give you alot of respect and girls will like u


    — Will die a Virgin

    We managed to fix Postfix, which has been giving us issues for some time now.


    —HTS site news; postfix befuddles even the most black of hats

    Constant Drama

    Staff on HTS are arranged in a democratic but highly anarchical fashion. This structure appears to fail most times, disputes arise, loyalties become very confusing, everybody goes batshit crazy and attempts to hax each other. Subsequently, HTS has a long history of mods, ops, and devs turning darkside and severely haxing or completely pwning the site. In one of the most lulzy incidents and the last major attack to occur, several blackhat dissidents gained root-level access to the website and proceeded to "rm -rf" the entire site. This led to HTS being down for months. (Because its never randomly down)

    It makes one wonder if HTS is worth trolling. Since like 4chan, it effectively trolls itself and would be similar to pissing into an ocean of piss.

    Current Status

    The current admin of HTS is black person. Kage's continued efforts to better HTS have greatly improved the site, with frequent news posts (the last one being in March 2010) and cool new ideas for the site, such as using LDAP and creating bots that can pass the Turing test. He is most active on the IRC, so if you ever join, be sure to give him a nice shout out.


    Many of the users from HTS often go on their IRC programs to get sekkrit warez and sploits to e-stalk MySpace, swap cp, complain about their lives or compare how big their e-peens are.

    • PROTIP: For lulz join their IRC chat info is irc.hackthissite.org on port +7000, epic moves are to ask how to haek run3scap3 or to ask how to break into my girlfriends/female classmates/12 year old girl next door's myspace or facebook

    Hacking Tips

    If you chose either one of these you have already lost
    FreeBSD 5.2.1 (SPARC)
    21	closed
    22	open (protocol 2.0)
    25	open Postfix
    53	closed
    80	open
    Apache 2.2.4
    PHP/5.2.3 with Suhosin-Patch
    113	closed
    5060	closed
    31337	closed Elite   <--- lol
    44334	closed

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