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    File:Merge-arrows.gif It has been suggested that this article should be merged with Hardstylenno. To find out moar, spam the goddamn talk page.

    HNNO A.K.A. Vekk A.K.A Snakey A.K.A ShapeShiftingBox , is an butthurt homosexual drama whore who lurks around on the game service known as Steam. Considering the fact that he goes by so many names, he will be referred to as "Box" or "The Box" for the time being.

    How to spot The Box

    • You might catch the box on one of his many good Team Fortress 2 servers.
    • His massive ego is blatantly obvious with in the first 20 seconds or less of meeting him.
    • He is usually found in his shit hole of a group known as Fur Code Zero.
    • Don't count on him ever being seen in public, He doesn't leave his room.
    • He is known to frequent the Bad Dragon forums looking for a new person to chat with.
    • He spends most of his time these days on Second Life where you might catch him having pixel sex with a random slut.

    I'm not a furry!

    His totally original fursona

    Ever since he was born, box was a complete furfag. He made it his lifelong quest to squeeze the man juice out of every cawk that became available to him, earning the infamous title of "furry cumwhore of Steam".

    After taking a nearly uncountable number of dicks, he tried to find a mate which flat out failed miserably, ending up in his quick internet depression. Soon after, he met a furfag named DarkFolf, who both rode out the last drops of semen out of each other, and soon ended up in what must be one of the most lulz ensuing tirade of shitspewing furfaggotry that Steam has yet seen. Even though he still can't get over DarkFolf not being his, he still tries to pathetically troll DarkFolf in any which way.

    Aside from that, he changes his fursona at least once a day, picking the most stereotypical furfag avatars that he could find, and then flaunting about how he has green fur or is a snake, or some equally dumb shit. Even then, most his fursonas are stolen from someone else. Long story short, furfags with ADHD somehow manage to be even whinier than the rest of the short bus.

    He's also famous for constantly spreading lies about his enemies, befriending others, convincing them that the cool people are fucking lame, and breaks up his own Internet relationships based entirely on furry secks. He once had a total of 19, NINETEEN, mates at a time.

    Meanwhile on YouTube, aside from starting out and getting his account banned for uploading songs from XeRa6's account, he usually makes shitty stop motion Garry's Mod videos which include old memes, sex jokes and shitty techno.

    Why so many names?

    In his desperate attempt to run from his past, he creates a new fursona for every time he changes his name, The most recent name change and more popular on ED is Tetrahegan, he then parades his small cock around on many different adult furry forums and tries to attract furries to Role Play typesex with him so he can get his daily fix to feed his abnormal sex addiction. He tries as hard as he can to make new friends but then utterly fails when he decides to change his name and personality every 20 seconds. His fursona is as unstable as his mental status he will change his fursona as he feels necessary(Every time he gets trolled and rejoins the Internet).

    Internet Rage-quits

    Oh look, He left.... again

    Like all whining faggots do when they've had their e-penis handed to them, Box gave into raeg and posted he was QUITTING THE INTERNETS. Of course, like all tools over the years, he couldn't live without Internet attention whoring; thus, he was back a week later.

    Quitting the Internet has been a monthly ritual for the box, He normally leaves the Internet forever when he gets the slightest insult on his steam profile page. He then proceeds to block everyone that he thinks would bash him and shuts his steam group "Fur Code Zero" down and puts it on Invite Only(As if anyone would want to join out of their own will anyway). He then boasts that he's had enough of drama and makes his steam profile private for a max of 6 - 7 days and trys to pretend like he's not online.

    Drunk Faggot

    Here are some links to him in his recent drama talks, he's faking being drunk like a nerd:


    Realizing he was not wanted on ED, Box and his closest friends set to work on a Wiki called FurDrama. They described it as a small, furry version of ED. That already exists, dipshits. Articles were written about Box's greatest enemies - people who removed him from their friends list him or said something nasty about him. The Wiki was up for about a week or so until it got shut down due to leaking privacy.

    Box's circle jerk thought it was a win, but any outsider will look at posts that he would make on one of his many quality groups and wonder why they think writing large, unclear biographies is lulzy.

    Sad attempts at Internet fame

    Box is known for his ability to create groups on the game service known as STEAM, only to have deleted them in days of starting them due to him giving up on trying to create a successful group. He boasts about how good of a machinima maker he is(n't). The only thing he is really famous for constantly spreading lies about his enemies, befriending others, convincing them that the cool people are fucking lame, breaking up his short lived furry relationships based entirely on furry secks, and quitting the Internet more than 20 times(and counting). He once had a total of 19, NINETEEN, mates at a time.


    The box talking about his alternate personality.

    Where to begin on him being a schizo? Let's start with his constant talking to himself. Not only does he do it to try and throw people off, but he does it poorly across his profiles. Kinda hard to be a separate person when on your main profile you post all the name's you go by, then erase it when someone call's it out in an argument. One of his favorite thing's to do is completely flip out over the smallest reason's ever. Seriously, he'll leave his group and the Internet for a week if someone won't suck him off. He loves to create drama in his relationships, by cheating on all his mates. Oh yes, he can't be happy with one person pounding him in the ass so he needs two or three on the side. Sometimes, he enjoys pretending his other multiple personalities screwing him. To him, sex is the only way to hold up a relationship, not love, just good ol' fucking. Sadly, he blames all his issues on his home life, but the reality is he is just incredibly lazy and pretty damn stupid. He loves being the center of attention for drama, and pretends he's this big bad ass in his typing, but on the side he cries and bitches about being trolled to his close friends (True fact).

    He confides himself into Second Life seeing as how he fails in real life. Second life is his baby, on there he feels no one can touch him because he can walk away from a problem and ignore it. Sadly, he can't do shit in real life and sits in the corner crying when confronted. His dependency issue's are also another tale with how he confides himself in a close friend, then watches them betray him. I wonder why? Because usually he does something fucking stupid to piss all of them off and get mad at him. On the inside, Box is really just a small child stamping his feet all day because he sucks at life and drags others into it. It's just unfortunate that you can't brand a sign on him that says "I create drama for no reason at all" on his steam page, or have him ACTUALLY leave the Internet and do something with his life besides saying he's "looking for a job" and mooching money from the government all day (Dare you to ask him about the money he mooches).


    What the box uses to lure in unsuspecting furries to his sex orgy group.

    After creating a few hundred steam groups and spamming steam group invites to everyone on his friends list, he finally managed to own a group called FurCodeZero He then flaunted his group about using it as a troll shield trying to say he has done something successful with his life, when in fact he has simply created another aids ridden group for furries to typesex in(as if there aren't enough of those already). If threatened the box tends to leave his group and run over to his alt account leaving someone in charge of the group in his absence, that person who is usually left in charge is a cumwhore who sucks the box dry of his cum every day. Knowing that he can get his group back whenever he wants, he then made it a ritual to leave his community to die but then suddenly comes back and everyone applauds him for being the biggest butthurt fag on the Internet sense Chris Chan

    Fcz has been around since 2010 and has not one bit lost hope.


    —Except for all the times he's left the group to die, Then rejoined when all the drama was gone.

    The box leaving his group.. Again.

    Although the box did try to defend his group as hard as he could, he is now closing the group and won't be coming back to it. He claims that the group he spent his life working on is in his own words he had this to say:

    The project itself fell apart once our original staff left and with only a mc server getting some form of traffic ive decided it would be best to kill the group and send the server to a new project based on minecraft and furries.


    He now runs a new group called FurryCraft, It only has 50 or so members and will soon be invite only due to the box's paranoia issue with DarkFolf raiding the group and creating lulz. If someone so much as looks at the group the wrong way, He will remove it and probably run to his alt account to hide. He now keeps his profile on private due to the excessive trolling by DarkFolf and others. Although this does prove the fact that he is obsessed with creating steam groups, besides that point he now has a Minecraft server and a forum made for furries only. However if this new group doesn't work out for the box, he can always run back to the other one due to him having one of his sluts still on the admin list, all he would have to do to get his group back would be to TypeSex with the person.


    HNNO showing his mates what they're gonna get

    After years of searching for boyfriends to suck the cum out of him, he finally stopped getting dumped for a max of 2 weeks to find his "true love", Only to have his "True love" dump his ass a week or so later because of his sex obsession and inability to keep up a relationship. Several hours after the incident he already found yet another(Yes another) boyfriend to suck the cum out of him over a short lived typesex Internet relationship. The pattern he has been following you would think that he would be able to understand what would be smart to do in a relationship. Think again because he has been through about 20, yes 20 boyfriends, and he has not gained one ounce of knowledge on how to hold up a relationship. All of which they had broken up with him leaving the box in the dust.

    For a period of a few months, the box decided he would date an underage loser about 12 years in age. The underage loser hated furfags so the box generally used pictures of anime girls as his profile's avatar during this period. After having hardcore cybersex with his chubby underage boyfriend every night, and sharing pictures, he became disgusted when he "found out" that his underage boyfriend was underage. Subsequently he ended the relationship, citing that he was in his 20s and dating a child and that it was gross. And subsequently they got back together twice and dated for at least another month to a month and a half.

    In his recent search for a new sextoy he wrote a nice long on the Bad Dragon forums to try and attract furfags to it with his amazing writing skills. But after seeing that all he did was give a few furries the chance to jack off to his post, he then decided to move on from the bad dragon post and leave it there for anyone to find, hoping that someone may see it and will be interested in him.

    Box vs. DarkFolf

    File:2011-05-15 1558.png
    Very very sad indeed

    Recently box was dumped from an Internet relationship with a furry named Spencer after he realized how much of a whiny slut the box was. Normally, Box would used to this since most of his relationships only ever lasted a few days.

    This time it was different, a few days before the tragic breakup the box and Spencer attempted to raid DarkFolf's steam page. Which in turn failed tremendously as every one of darkfolf's friends who know the box for the slut cumguzzler he was began to talk Spencer out of the horrible relationship he was in with the box. A few days after the incident right when Spencer was going to go meet the box IRL, Spencer broke up with the box and threw him in the trash (All of the events happened in the timespan of one week) Spencer had this to say:

    I broke up with him.


    —Spency posted on May 16, 2011 @ 1:22pm

    After the events listed above the box struggled to find a way to get DarkFolf back for showing his ex-sex slave the truth about their relationship and about himself. He then remembered that he had a horrible ED article about DarkFolf that he had horribly put together and tried as hard as he could to make DarkFolf look bad. After the article was done he flaunted it around like the pathetic waste of human resources he is. He tried to get as many people as he could to look at it, but after getting a "What-the-fuck-ever" from pretty much everyone he tried even harder to get people to notice it. He spread the article around on:

    ...even though everyone is tired of it already, and not interested in some butthurt furfag. The only reason his article stuck was because of everyone else's contributions (and because he put it on again after it got deleted - twice). He even had the balls to call himself a "badass article writer" after being here for less than a week.

    He now proceeds to stalk DarkFolf on his deviantArt, Steam, FurAffinity, and myspace(which doesn't even exist but he doesn't care, anything to make him feel like he's doing something with his life). He claims that he is getting information for his article, But as anyone with two eyes can plainly see, he's trying oh so hard to try and get back into DarkFolf's pants. He tries to hide his true feelings for DarkFolf by using big words that he can't exactly comprehend how to use, but that doesn't stop him from using them! He'll spice up his TL;DR posts with big words and proper grammar just to hide the fact that he wants DarkFolf back.

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