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    First of all, if you're apt to finding the best (or worst) of HMO's online foibles, SCREENSHOT THE HELL OUT OF THAT SHIT. She is known to delete every trace of her online existence after realizing what an arrogant, blind dumbass she's made of herself with whatever she's just said.

    About HMO

    Photo of HMO.

    Holly Marie Ogburn ("HMO", pronounced "homo") was born April 27, 1984 in Germany. She moved with her parents, Marty W Ogburn and Terri C Ogburn, to the United States when she was only 4 months old, but nevertheless prides herself on her German "ancestry". She has been known to draw illustrations of herself as a male furry wearing Nazi uniforms as an affirmation of this pride.

    Holly lived most of her life in Savannah, GA. She will take large amounts of money (sometimes upwards of $300) from people for art commissions and then never complete the work. She is often slow about returning the money on failed commissions. When she's created so much drama doing this with one identity that she can't out-lie it anymore, she abandons or deletes the ID and moves on to a new persona.

    For a long time, she and File:Deviantart-favicon.png jaxthebat were "e-dating" and claimed that they were both gay men in order to gain attention from yaoi fangirls. Today, she pretends to be a lesbian online.

    HMO Isn't Only a Douche When it Comes to Art

    After she and a girlfriend broke up due to idiocy with money, her addiction to World of Warcraft, and her lack of any redeaming qualities, many belongings were left at her home in Georgia when her ex moved out. One of these items belonged to a friend of her ex. Note the asshattery of HMO under the AIM handle of Kurama when said friend asks for her belonging back.

    Use scrollbar to see the full image

    Known Aliases

    File:Hmo - Puppy Toy.jpg
    Typical HMO furry art.
    • Atrouve
    • Celluloid
    • Chayyot
    • HMO
    • HMOsborn
    • Kahi
    • Kei
    • Othello
    • Othelloh
    • Rotekatze
    • Vongeist
    • Wetherby
    • Opus
    • Ouritsu
    • Kurama (AIM handle)
    • weissner
    • Felix Avenier

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