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    HD Moore

    From Encyclopedia Dramatica
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    For the former owner of IsAnyoneUp.com, see Hunter Moore

    Oh the omnipresent HD Moore, the man with bitch tits and a fake sounding name, yet capable of creaming the pants of every press reporter and blogging faggot across Planet Earth. The bitch tits didn't come as result of using roids like a mad cunt, but of several hours polishing his deadly skills with a keyboard, producing uncountable amounts of crap and fail.


    You know you want it.

    Born last Thursday of 1981, he poses as a security researcher who has been active on Internets mailing lists and pedophile newsgroups since circa 100 years ago. H D Moore works as the Director of Faggotry for BreakingButt Systems, where he focuses on the anal testing features of the RubbingFists product line. Prior to joining BreakingButt, HD co-founded Diarrhea Defense, a managed WC cleaning firm, where he was known to dig snots up his nose and masturbate to company meeting photos of his superiors (that is, the janitors team).

    It is known that during his time as cheap overweight hustler in Austin, Texas, he was raped by a 80 year old Chinese man in panties. It's to believe that this left severe traumatic side effects on H D's mind and further pushed him to an information security career.

    Famous quotes and history

    The good 90s: the beginning of failure

    In 1998-12-24 3:58:09 (Tarzana Eastern Texas Time zone) HD became self aware and decided to start his epic craze for fame and publicity, releasing several crap and no-copyrighted copypasta to the Internets [1]:

    This code is being released under no type of copyright. I only ask that if you are to use this in a commercial product, give me credit for the work I've done.


    —HD Moore "It's fine if you rape me, too"

    It was bound to happen that other inhabitants of the Intarwebs would expose the security holes of Nlog, the tool created by the young HD to solve all Jewish problems for Humanity.

    there is still several security holes in the nlog cgi scripts that allow
    arbitary execution of commands..
    one such vulnerability is here in rpc-nlog.pl:
    $ipaddr = $ENV{'QUERY_STRING'};
    $ipaddr =~ s/\n//g;
    $ipaddr =~ s/\`//g;
    $ipaddr =~ s/\'//g;
    $ipaddr =~ s/\|//g;
    $ipaddr =~ s/\"//g;
    $ipaddr =~ s/\<//g;
    $ipaddr =~ s/\>//g;
    $rpcdata = `$rpcinfo -p $ipaddr`;
    this is insufficient checking as it does not include ; and / for
    example, so a user can put in a command separator and execute commands
    that way..

    In the forthcoming CGI releases from HD Moore, it was indeed proven that using any of his copypasta would get you ridden in hax. Surprisingly, nobody seems to know about this great background nowadays and HD Moore is considered as a security master of faggots.

    In 1999, he resorted to publishing emo sounding messages talking about random crap which no one gave a shit about.

    Anyways, I hope someone found this useful.


    —HD Moore - Am I useless?

    The 2000s: from zero to unhero

    Back in the early 2000s, HD was struggling to write Mein Kampf, and while at it, he was administrator of some loli forums. Thankfully, every time he was owned, he posted to Bugtraq, talking about this new cool shit he found in some random software nobody gave a shit about.

    ----- Original Message -----
    From: H D Moore <[email protected]>
    To: <[email protected]>
    Sent: Monday, February 14, 2000 12:26 PM
    Subject: Re: [BUGTRAQ] perl-cgi hole in UltimateBB by Infopop Corp.
    > Hi,
    > I am the administrator for a site running the commercial version of UBB,
    > the problem exists there as well.  The faulty code is in ubb_library.pl:
    > if ($ThreadFile =~ /\d\d\.[m|n|ubb|cgi]/) {
    > I don't actually know the original line number, as we hacked up our copy
    > to use MD5 password hashes versus clear-text and added many new
    > logging/security features to curb abuse.  Since all of the modifications
    > to the code were paid for by my client, I may not be able to release
    > them to the public...
    > -HD

    He was also known to perform complicated hax on HTML forms and Javascript tricks [2]:

    In this case you need to create a html form with the action set to the 
    fumsg.asp script using POST method. Use the following variables to narrow 
    down the result set:
    DN (Display Name)
    FN (First Name)
    LN (Last Name)
    TL (Title)
    AN (Alias)
    CP (Company)
    DP (Department)
    OF (Office)
    CY (City)
    If you get redirected back to the logon page immediately, it means that you 
    must establish a session with your browser first.  To do that, just browse to:
    H D Moore
    http://www.digitaldefense.net - work
    http://www.digitaloffense.net -  play

    Although you might find the above examples of his wisdom utterly funny, there's one message dating back to 2000 which quickly brings the lulz to fight the antilulz and settle things down:

    I tried PAGERas well as every other environment variable I could tell it
    read, no luck.  The PAGER just gives me "AAAAAAAAA" ... "AA: Command not
    Michal Zalewski wrote:
    > Try setting PAGER instead of MANPAGER - older man version used it.

    Whenever you get AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, you know you are hacking it wrong! But HD can send missiles to Saddam just by sticking a few AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA together. Beware. Later in 2002, HD posted some scary advisories [3] about Microsoft products being flawed as shit.

    H D Moore is known to be a white supremacist.

    I found their unwillingness to release a hotfix absurd.


    —HD Moore - Microsoft is raping me

    While this was no surprise, HD gained further fame for posting entire threads of his conversations with Microsoft, thus violating a handful terms of their legal disclaimers and pissing them off. Honorary Ed Lolington claimed this could lead to subpoenas and legal threats. HD exposed several FTP cock gobbling vulnerabilities afterwards, with elite Perl [4] exploits, even better than SNOSOFT [5].



    —HD Moore - Momma, Im teh jealous

    At some point, HD Moore was hired by Digital Defense (previously known as Diarrhea Defense) to publish and molest random teenagers on security lists [6]. His Perl skills became even more sharp, helping the raise of the future Mongosploit project. In his advisories, we could observe sections named A Fictitious Case Study, which included short tales about rape, child molesting and other of his sexual fantasies.

    At this point, the attacker needs to convince the user to hit enter for the "exploit" to succeed.


    —HD Moore - exploit expert on manual mode

    PROTIP: If you don't want to be hacked by HD Moore, DO NOT press Enter.

    Apogee of the Metasploit

    File:Hd moore trippin.jpg
    The Messiah talks to the populace. A new age is coming, fuck yeah. Free burgers for everyone!

    HD Moore united efforts with several other security faggots to create the infamous script kiddie and whitefat Mongosploit framework, also known as Metasploit [7] (but only among its developers and niggers). The framework provides a whopping 18 exploits which work against targets and softwarez that nobody uses. H D also violated the distribution terms of Cygwin by adding it to his crap installers, plus hidden spyware infecting your freedoms with Ninja sharp blade Stars of David.

    Metasploit, Ruby bug ridden shit, yet still much better than CANVAS.


    —HD Moore - CANVAS vs. Mongosploit

    Spam filter rules

    In order to prevent HD from hacking your freedom like a mad Jewish cunt, feel free to tell whoever is behind these email addresses to shut the fuck up:

    • HD Moore <hdmoore () USA ! NET> (used when he was still a cheap hustler in Texas)
    • H D Moore <[email protected]> (Fat, incapable of running security guard at some Austin mall)
    • H D Moore <*@metasploit.com>

    HD Moore is part of a series on Security Faggots

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