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Were you looking for the video game called Hatred?
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Pyramid of h8. Note that it is justified to hate those in levels above you.

H8 is netspeak for the word "Hate". It is generally used to describe a person who is "hating on" another person for religious, racial, political, or sexual beliefs.

Netspeak such as this can be found in many gay, bisexual and conservative communities on LiveJournal and various other blogging websites. It is also the easy way out of actually taking the time to type an entire word in an on-line chat. God forbid you press four keys when you can press TWO instead.

H8 and YOU

YOU can use hate in your never ending quest for glory:

  • Nothing to do? Hack a YouTube account.
  • Gypsy stole your child? Slit her throat.

Fact of the day

The computer in 2001: A Space Odyssey, HAL 9000, was named after the binary for "H8", "H1000", which would make at least some sense if the computer was named HAL 1000, while Mr. Hat's surname is thought to be an abbreviation of "H8".

The opposite

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