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Yet another light-skinned nigger trying to compensate by being a Black Nationalist

Raphael Money McDonald of Detroit, Michigan is one of the most notorious murderers of white people across the globe. (Yes, his actual middle name is Money.) Ralph Midge McDonald was genetically engineered in a lab in Africa, under the supervision of Dr. Obama and Queen Oprah, to wage a holy race war on behalf of the Communist Branch of African Liberation. It was during the O.J. Simpson trial that Raphael was awakened into his destiny to be a Defender of the Welfare Recipients. He donned the moniker “H2O” due to his watered-down skin color and actively sought to reap the glory that the Marxist fabrications of social retribution told him he was to inherit.

Ralph McDonald left an innumerable amount of white baby corpses in his wake. Gallons of Aryan blood surged from the bloated floodgate of White America. Entire communities of Europeans were flattened and reduced to desecrated cinders of nuclear waste. However, even with this incredible track record of white hatred, Raphael McDonald was no where near prepared for what he was to be up against on the Intrabutts.


His actual middle name is Money
  • "i run rapmusic as a whole dog Jeff bows to me before he add a mod he ask me like "aye h20" i be like "what u want old head" he be like " I'm old as hell dog but look though i need to make somebody a mod" I be like "Motherfucker u better ask my permission go ahead dog"...." (source)
  • "difference is i know im racist as fuck towards white ppl and i dont have feelings...." (source)
  • "they try to take up for him like yea u take this internet shit to serious.....the internet makes the real u come out difference is i have beat the shit outta white dudes for less then what dex post on here...i honestly enjoy seeing white people suffer....i'd kill a white person ten times faster then my brothers..." (source)
  • "i swear on everything i wish dex would come to detroit no jokes just a dead cracker.....he type too much racist shit....i just dont post after everyone typing useless shit to a lame...but im glad he hurting i want to kill him fuck your dead homie fuck his kids i hope they become prostitutes and die of aids and his bitch kill herself...fuck everybody who knows u u fucking lame eat a dick" (source)
  • "They all should get medals of honor for fighting and fucking white ppl literally right up the butthole" (source)

Brian Milligan

One white Brian Milligan of Buffalo, NY, was doing his part as unknowing follower of the Leftist mantras of multiculturalism and colorblindness by dating one black Nicola Fletcher. However, neighborhood Obama voters, upset that a white guy was stealing all the black wimmenz, formed a racially-charged mob, and proceeded to put one Mr. Milligan in critical condition. The dichotomy here, to anyone who isn’t a goldfish, Democrat, or a Marxist, is that the Nergo demographic of North America has enjoyed the benefits provided by 45+ years of multicultural policies, propaganda, desegregation, civil rights manipulation, and political favouritism. Therefore, it is outrageously hypocritical that this ignorant pack of hyenas should turn around and do what they have spent 45+ years accusing everyone else of doing.

This action is, indeed, hypocritical to everyone except Raphael "Gimme All Your" Money McDonald. He provided the same appreciation of this hate crime that the KKK had shown, but since he's black, he'll get away with it:

Summoning up all of the online thugged out hardness he’s accumulated over the years, he then proceeds to calls the storm upon himself and says, “Yo Ghet since u can find ppl so good and u have nothing else to do come find me”

The Reveal

Irrefutable proof that Ghet text bombed H20

Within minutes, Mr. McDonald's his entire life history is brought to focus: (With the much appreciated help of fellow traveler, Edwardo River)

  1. In the mean streets of thugged out kill-or-be-killed Detroit, they don’t teach blacks that iPhones embed the GPS information of your location into every single picture you take. Clearly, this lack of awareness is a government plot designed to make the black man buy Apple products. (The picture in question)
  2. TinyPic managed not to strip this particular picture of its EXIF data.
  3. The delicious, reliable, and moist Regex.info delivers yet again (now with GPS-to-Google Map conversion!)

The White Annihilator's reckless behavior revealed his full name as “Raphael Money McDonald

With these two pieces of self-revealed information, it was only a matter of time before H2O’s ravenous consumption of Asian youngsters unleashed the complete publicly-available life data he never suspected to be found.

Knowing that Google had already indexed the post as it was being made, all one had to do was let the immovable forces of mass marketing, bots, the omnipresent Anon, and the spam gods of Eastern Europe do what they do best: crawl public info and hammer fuck you with offers.

As we all know, the blacks are always oppressed 154.7% of the time. Therefore, knowledge that cellphone SMS's utilize Email Gateways was never ever told to them. (Again, this is the result of 500,000 years of slavery and racist institutions) H2O was so shook at the finding that his SMS e-mail was [email protected] that two minutes later, he changed his number before anything could happen. Yet, Mr. McDonald complains that he was "text bombed" and that Ghet was responsible.

The Fall

Quickly, Almost Black Man, to the Snitch Mobile!

With his unmovable swagger crumbling all around him, the vultures of RM.com leaped upon his quickly-rotting carcass. After threatening to kill Ghet and his family, H2O sought to save some face and immediately morphed into 1990 Negro Man and shouted his universal battle cry, "IIIIIIIIIII’LLLLLLLLLL SUUUUUUUUUUUE YOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!" The big, unstoppable, white-slaying African juggernaut of Carnage had finally collapsed by claiming he had become emotionally distraught and will attempt to sue Ghet into poverty.

Immediately afterward, Ghet made this article, clearly not giving a fuck about this kid is going to do next.

Operation: Black Sex

After having realized that the Internet never forgets, Ralphael Money McDonald sought ways to get back at Ghet. He spent about a week threatening to find Ghet and rape him. Outrageous.

If you have seen this tiny rapist in your neighborhood, call Papa Smurf immediately. (white arrow notes his height. red arrow notes the size of a 5'2" car top.) File:Tinyterror.jpg

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