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    Guatemala Day

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    Guatemala Day, (also known as Guatamala Day, after the typo), which occurred between April 6th and April 7th. 2006, was a site wide glitch on the popular internet art site DeviantART in which the database holding the deviantART journals maxed out, causing an unsuspecting user's (File:Deviantart-favicon.png Ilovethecasualties) journal to be sent to everyone's inbox. Some people even experience her journal as their own.

    The journal was called "Guatamala" in which the girl said she wanted to have a threesome with two other 16 year old girls during a trip to Guatemala.


    The Journal

    The journal goes as follows:

    "well I'm gunna be in Guatamala for the next couple of days... so I will not be here. I've just been chillin, I'm so bored and I can't wait for after break... caz it's my friends b-day and i got her the best b-day presesnt ever..... a three some, her, another girl, and I woot... sexy. Arg I'm in such a weird mood... i feel lik going over to my firends apartment and jumping on him... caz i wanna fuck him... yes ok im gunna stop rambeling now... peace."

    This journal got posted all over the fucking site.


    The journal number was 8388607, namely it is 223 - 1 (or 11 1111 1111 1111 1111 1111 in binary). This is the highest number of journals that the database could hold before rolling over to a new one; unfortunately it did not do that.

    An alternate theory is that DeviantART is a bunch of complete nubs who like to molest little boys. Nubs cannot use the internets properly and everything breaks itself to get rid of them. This is why Guatemala Day REALLY happened. Don't listen to anyone else.

    The Festivities

    Many users turned this into an occasion of fun and spent time at the Guatemala journal joking around and having laughs. However there were quite a few Douchebags who decided that the owner of the journal was "A HAX0R" and spent their time throwing shit at her. They got their asses banned soon after the admins fixed the bug.

    One particular douche stated:

    "On behalf of the deviant art community WE FUCKING HATE YOU LOL


    This of course reeks of LOL//ATTP.PWN which usually proves to be unfatal.

    When confronted the user replied "LOL I don't think my immaturity is an issue here LOL."

    Just because someone's got a glitch, doesn't give you the right to show your ass douche muffin.

    The Guatemala Girl

    User File:Deviantart-favicon.png Ilovethecasualties was virtually unknown by the deviantART populace. She had roughly 2,000 pageviews before the incident; now she has 84,500. She achieved a state of pseudo-stardom among the community - even Spyed the Ninja added her to his deviantWATCH.

    Girl Whines

    Guatemala Girl goes on whiny rant on this article (see edit log). Retarded bitching moved here for lulz.

    • PS- from ilovethecasualties.... I hated that THAT was the one... of course when I tell my close friends on this site about that... the journal has to glitch over the entire site!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHH!! AND I WASNT 16 BITCHES I WAS 17.... AND THEY WERE 18yr old girls.... and this was after my trip not in guatemala....BITCHES!
    • PS- note from ilovethecasualties..... I hate being remembered for that.... I wish people cared that much about my art. Also there were wayyyyyyy too many assholes being very rude and mean. Thanks to all the people who were nice and tried to help me out!

    Yea, right. Shut up.


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