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Gruntchovski aka Gruntchovski Von Veizaton is a semi-prolific anti-brony on DeviantArt. He's known for being a particularly butthurt autist obsessed with his King K. Rool rip-off, "Grunt" and also for hating fandoms of any kind, although bronies and anime fans are his preferred targets.

While Gruntchovski's main OC is his eponymous character, Grunt, he has an entire cavalcade of other characters that are pretty much the same albeit with a different costume and nationality.

Gruntchovski is highly delusional and has aspirations of grandeur not unlike Chris Chan. Namely that he fervently believes that his original character is television material and that his only goal in life career wise is to one day pitch his artwork to the network executives for a show, failing to realize the ins and outs of the animation industry. Gruntchovski has never held a job in his life and still lives with his parents.

Well known anti-brony artist Curtsibling has been known to do commissions for his character, earning the both of them the ire and butthurt of many a Brony.


Gruntchovski's body of work is generally referred to as Transfatylvania (a portmanteau of "transfat" and "Translyvania"). It is intended as a parody of dictators and totalitarian countries with an emphasis on communism. If his DeviantART journal posts and YouTube uploads are anything to go by, Gruntchovski's biggest goal in life is for his drawings to become a full fledged cartoon. Despite this, the majority of his uploads are very shoddily thrown together song parodies and short, heavily motion tweened flash animations barely longer than a minute. For someone who claims to be an animation expert, most of his stuff seems to be the result of a few week's tinkering in Adobe After Effects.

Gruntchovski appears to believe that he needs not create a pilot and pitch it to a network, he merely needs to keep barraging the internet with his drawings in the off chance that an Adult Swim producer will notice his work and pick it up. From people who know him personally, Gruntchovski is actually a 24-year-old man from the US, unemployed, and currently lives off government assistant for his autism. A defining part of his life seems to be his hatred of anime and, more prominently, My Little Pony. Most of his art, however, is generally just violent hate art with little substance or original humor. In other words, Gruntchovski's art has the appeal and humor of a ten year old boy.

He is also known to spend what he receives from the government on commissions, most famously from Curtsibling. Ironically, people recognize Gruntchovski more from Curt's artwork than his own.

Fandoms and drama-bait

The interesting and probably the most defining aspect of Gruntchovski is his utter dislike and disdain for any kind of fandom. While initially claiming to be a fan of cartoons and animation in general, this has not been reflected in his artwork and journal posts. Gruntchovski seems to fully believe he is the living embodiment of his OC, and as such, feels an intense hatred for any kind of fandom over the internet. Not too dissimilar from Chris-Chan, he believes himself to have powers based upon that of his OC, and seems to hold very little interest outside of his character other than the source material. The mental illness continues with denial coverage in his assrammed inability to admit he is not amongst a roleplaying basement dweller when he makes it obvious in one of his not so secret deviantart replies with a trollbaiter pretending to be a brony, right after he spoke to a fan in speech quotes of his oc typed by his very keyboard.

While bronies aren't exactly regarded as some of the most liked communities on the internet, Gruntchovski's basis for his hatred of the fandom stems from a personal "vendetta" and not out of any revulsion to the show. Commentators have suggest that his hatred of fandoms in general stem from a desire to scapegoat other targets so as to not get trolled himself.

His obsession with Curtsibling

Being as unoriginal as ever, Gruntchovski also aspires to be like his hero, Curtsibling. Curtsibling managed to earn the hatred of the entire brony community as well as dA in general, and Gruntchovski aspires no less than to earn equal amounts of hatred. Whenever Curt uploads grotesque imagery of a pony being ripped to shreds or a specific cartoon being mocked, Gruntchovski will surely follow with his own half assed piece of shit art thrown together in photoshop in less than four hours.


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Links His deviantART YouTube channel His counter argument not taking fiction seriously. Read the link right below to laugh at his hypocrisy. Otaku's importantly. His hypocrisy denial as not part of the roleplayers fandom.

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